Argentina’s upcoming Itinerary


Hey everyone,

Here’s Argentina’s itinerary for their upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

Sunday October 2nd: Coach Edgardo BAUZA and players Lucas PRATTO, Ramiro FUNES MORI, Ángel DI MARIA, Nahuel GUZMAN and Guido PIZARRO arrive Sunday in Lima, Peru.

Monday October 3rd: Marcos ROJO, Sergio ROMERO, Nicolás OTAMENDI and Pablo ZABALETA arrive first. Later on in the day, Ever BANEGA, Erik LAMELA, Paulo DYBALA, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Sergio AGUERO, Mateo MUSACCHIO, Facundo RONCAGLIA, Matías KRANEVITTER, Gabriel MERCADO, Nicolás GAITAN, Ángel CORREA, Martín DEMICHELIS, and Javier MASCHERANO all arrive.

On October 3rd and 4th the team will train at the Alberto Gallardo stadium which is the home of Sporting Cristal of Lima.

October 3rd:

  • 16:00 LOCAL TIME: 1st Training session.

October 4th:

  • 1st training session at 10:00 LOCAL TIME
  • 2nd training session at 16:00 LOCAL TIME

On Wednesday October 5th:  The team will train at 18:00 LOCAL time at the Estadio Nacional of Peru and there will also be a post training press conference held by coach Edgardo BAUZA.

October 6: Match is at 21:15 LOCAL TIME


    • Exactly so frustrated to see him play..hope he fulfills his potential soon

      Im with you gonzalo on your opinion on paredes…watched the full astra game the other day…his passes were mostly between 5-10 meter distance thus makes up the overly embelished record….nothing impressive

  1. I never see any player like paredes..his is like pirlo…if he work hard continue he will be the best ever central midfielder in argentine football history…truly he is a stylish midfielder janarel like Andre pirlo or next rondon

    • Mafioso,

      Why people still talking about stats instead watching matches? Why every coach who want to call up some players always is going to the stadium and see the player in real game instead going to stats.

      he is very static player. Morre than Biglia, Mascherano, Banega, Kranevitter or anyone of our central midfielders. No one want to watch just game to see what he does. So I may put the video one more time here. Someone must show me the moments when he did somethig noteworthy. 5-10 m passes to nearest teammate without risk?All the things he is doing can do also his partner Strootman and almost every decent player. All the things and even more.


      Look at Germany duo. Kroos, Khedira. Both are players that you may see near to penalty box or in penalty box of rivals, especially Khedira (real runner). Kroos has 11 goals in NT where he is more attacking player than in Real. So if we have already one player who is not running toward opponents penalty box (Mascherano) you can’t pair with him another one who will do not this as well (Paredes) because your central midfield will be numbed. For that reason I even don’t see Bauza is going to call up Paredes. I don’t think so. Maybe I’m wrong.

      Besides, I think Masche is not worse passer than Paredes but in though games it’s not so easy

    • “Football is not all about running like a mad dog”.

      That is right, but IMO modern football is based on passing and running, alternation of positions and multiplication possible pass choices what requires running/mobile players. Germany success of last WC based on the things. Khedira, Kroos, Muller – it’s are modern, versatile players who are doing all the things. Who is Muller? Decent player who is not outstanding in any element of football but he is decent in many. It’s the key. he may be in one game striker, winger, midfielder or anyone and still in different positions. Khedira as well. Kroos show the style od modern football especially in WC (4 asists, 2 goals). I don’t know how to describe this in ENglish but “alternation” of positions is much importnant in modern football IMO. Players are not as tethered to positions as in past.

  2. There is no excuse to not integrate players. just stop making excuses, it makes us look weak to feel sorry for ourselves.
    every body has problems and so do we, success depends on how you deal with them.
    Anyway hopefully everything falls in place 2018 and we finally win the world cup.

  3. i agree we have it really bad from the long travel, to the very hard deaw vs every other sth american team, add the crappy and 2nd rate playing surfaces as well as the shitty refs.

    most of europe has it nice and easy to say the least.

  4. I’m stating the obvious here but most European teams have it easy in terms of traveling. Almost none of their national team players have to travel long distances and play at hostile environments (like altitude of La Paz and Quito). That’s a huge advantage for them. That’s the reality Europe based South American players have to deal with.

      • 5 of the top 10 teams in the world are conmenbol .. That’s 50% of the teams are top 10 caliber. In Europe 5 teams are top 10 in FIFA out of 52 countries! Quality over quantity

        • In Europe there are nine groups with six teams each. Just imagine if Argentina had a group like this:

          1. Argentina
          2. Sweden
          3. Lithuania
          4. Moldova
          5. Andorra
          6. Bulgaria

          How hard would it be for Argentina to qualify for the world cup if they should be place in a group like this? Instead Argentina has to travel to Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, and Chile for WCQ games, and then play against them at home for a second time or first depending on the fixtures. Then play against hard tough stubborn teams like Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador (at altitude), Bolivia (at Altitude. I’ll say Venezuela is the least intimidating team to play against away from home yet they can be tricky opponent.

          • South America is the toughest place on Earth to qualify from bar none, not only almost every game is like a derby but also most of the our players are based in Europe and have to travel long distances.

          • i agree we have it really bad from the long travel, to the very hard deaw vs every other sth american team, add the crappy and 2nd rate playing surfaces as well as the shitty refs.
            most of europe has it nice and easy to say the least.

          • Also a team like Germany has more room to integrate new players unlike Argentina while playing in qualifying games. European teams take part in two separate qualification tournament, the world cup qualifying group stage and the UEFA Championship qualifying group stage. Germany has the luxury of playing against a team like Rock of Gibraltar or Cyprus which makes it easier for them to put 7 or 8 new players in their starting XI. It’ wouldn’t be hard for Germany to get by a team like Rock of Gibraltar or Moldova at home or away from home with an experimenting lineup. A team like Argentina does not have the same luxury as a Germany or Spain or France. In CONMEBOL, the margin of error is way too small to take such risk. Let’s say Argentina qualify comfortably for the 2018 world cup with a game in hand to play against Ecuador in Quito, do you guys think it would be a good idea to bring in a completely new starting XI to play against an Ecuadorian team that probably would be fighting for a spot in Russia? I think Argentina would lose by 5-6 goals in Quito at Altitude, and this would break the entire vibes of all the new players who got a chance to play, some maybe getting their first cap for the NT. This is just an example to show the gap between Argentina playing against Ecuador in what would be a meaningless WCQ game away from home, and Germany playing away against San Marino in a meaningless WCQ game. CONMEBOL has little room to maneuver its players unless you’re Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia who will not qualify for the world cup, they have more room to shovel things around.

    • thats obvious and has been the case like forever your also forgetting that the cannonball (spelling) is a league not a group

      and argentina win it more than anyone germany england spain would never win it or qol for the wc first like argentia do IT WOULDNT HAPPEN





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