Paulo DYBALA’s Argentina message


The kid from Córdoba will be playing his first match in his hometown of Córdoba while playing for the Argentina National Team on Tuesday night and he’s posted a message on Instagram.

DYBALA took to Instagram to post a picture and write a message to everyone about his dreams and what the match on Tuesday means to him. Here’s the translated version of what he wrote:


Paulo Dybala's Instagram Message
Paulo Dybala’s Instagram Message

“When a kid starts his adventure in the youth teams, he’s full of dreams: The first is to play at the biggest stadium in the city he’s from, with the shirt of his favorite team. The second is to play at the same stadium but this time with the shirt of the National Team. Tomorrow’s going to be difficult to say hi to everyone in the stands but I know everyone’s going to remember the kid who played for Instituto. Córdoba, my third dream is to win and be able to score a goal at the Kempes stadium with the shirt of the National Team. Tomorrow, I want everyone together cheering for me and my team mates.”

Paulo DYBALA will start the match on the bench for Argentina but we all do sure hope he gets to play and score in an Argentina victory on Tuesday night!


  1. Under his ex father-in-law and Batista, Aguero never got any useful playing time. Tevez was always given full time or 70-80 minutes and then Aguero used to come as a sub for Tevez. Aguero was like a second fiddle to Tevez then. In copa 2011, in the opening match against Venezuela, Tevez was playing the worst football a player can and Aguero came as a sub. He not only scored an equalizer, but nearly scored a winner. Aguero’s prime years for the NT was up to 2011 or 12 during which period his ex father-in-law and Batista didnt do any justice to him. Then he got established in the team and his performance became very ordinary for the NT. I think the forwards must be given chance when they are very young and they can be ignored when they become big shots in club football and useless for the NT. Unfortunately it is the other way around for Argentina: thanks to Maradona, Batista, Sabella, Tata,and now Bauza!

  2. Stats are misleading.
    Aguero was mostly used as a sub until Sabella came, playing 15 minutes is not the same as playing 75 minutes.
    The problems I have with Aguero are these:
    – injuries which make him unfit.
    I don’t blame a player for getting injured, it happens without consent. it makes him unfit so cant be trusted.
    – movements.
    for me he is static, especially without the ball.
    – slipping on the field.
    use some shoes that don’t slip man.
    – heart
    most of our players are mentally weak.

  3. the idea of playing Aguero and Higuain together seems very bad especially when the first is not even fit i think Dybala should start instead of Aguero.he does a much better job as a supporting forward like creating plays and his work rate.whith Messi missing it would make some sense he starts

  4. I will share you some facts about Argentina NT players:

    Aguero 33 goals in 77 matches and 3 or 4 assists. (.47 goal/assist per match)
    Higuain 31 goals in 66 matches and 10 or 11 assists. (.62 goal/assist per match)
    Messi 56 goals in 114 matches and 26 assists. (.72 goals/assist per match)

    Di maria has 17 goals in 77 matches and 18 assists (.46 goal/assist per match).

    This shows clearly how bad Aguero is for NT. Hes not producing anything better than a midfielder Di maria.

    Liability number 1 is not Dimaria….Its Aguero. Hes selfish(reluctant to pass and just 3 or 4 assists in 77 matches),very lazy and injury prone.

    We know Di maria is a lottery and cant forget what Higuain has done in 3 finals. But how on earth Aguero still playing for Argentina.

    • This is completely false, from where the hell are these stats ?

      Aguero 33 goals in 77 matches (4181 minutes) and 12 assists: 126 minutes per goal, only Neymar better than this in NT (cause he scored 9 penalty goals), Kun has better minutes/goal ratio than any other forward in the world, easily better than CR, Benzema, Lewandowski, Luis Suarez, Ibrahimovic etc.

      Higuain 31 goals in 64 matches (4446 minutes) and 14 assists
      Messi 56 goals 114 matches (8926 minutes) and 40 assists
      Di Maria 17 goals in 79 matches (5849 minutes) and 23 assists

      1. Aguero 92,9 minutes/goal or assist
      2. Messi 93,0 minutes/goal or assist (as our penalty taker)
      3. Higuain 98,8 minutes/goal or assist
      4. Di Maria 146,3 mintes/goal or assist.

  5. There’s an interview with Aguero in Ole from Sunday. It’s a very, very long read but I’ll try translating it after the Paraguay match if I have time.

    He talks about “Messi’s friends” with Argentina, the demands by fans, losing 3 finals and more. He comes off as very mature and no “joker” Aguero in any way. Very good read.

    • Actually Aguero did well in Sabella qualifier,also did well in the Copa’15.His problem has been constant fitness issue.During WC he was unfit,so was during last Copa.And now if u play a half fit striker as playmaker,it is not going to work.

      • Problem with Aguero is he always take over a chance of overwhelming players. I can’t forget how he costed the team in 2014 when he subed the incredible Lavezzi,though he knew he was far from his best. Here again he doesn’t seem to learn from that selfish attitude of him. Aparently that WC 14 final incident is not good enough to thought him a lesson. If he mentioned that he has a groin problem and unfit why is he awaiting the stupidity of the coaches to pick him up over the performing players like Dybala. Take your sh**t groin or calf injuries to your club w/c i also believe you are doing too much damage there too, than u
        Bringing it here to your NT with an abundance of talents avilable.

        • Problem with Aguero in that he is not player who goes after ball, who seek a ball. He is too lazy in that point. Just really weak without ball and for that reason I would like even Pratto. Higuain also is more movable player.

          • what we see with players like kun (just like crybaby7) is they at club level they don’t have to go after the ball as they are surrounded by top class players that give kun and co all the space in the world at club level to look like a machine but up the game to champs lge and we see vs the bigger teams players like kun are easy to cut of the game but it gets worse at n/t level when the class of football is higher players like kun really get closed down to easy as they are not use to hard work and a lot of trying to find the ball as well as the quicker speed of the game and players.

            out of todays modern players (world wide) their is only messi who is world class and would fit in any generation the rest are over hyped by playing in their top teams surrounded by the best players to make them look far better then they actually are.

            n.b before some one says messi is surrounded by the best just look how average both barca and arg are with out him,.

  6. It would be a smarter way to use Dybala & Higuain together as they are from same club & use them in their common position.
    Dybala is very exciting player.
    But Bauza thinks his own way.
    Lets introduce Dybala around 45-55 min

  7. Masyallah and why the f*** is rojo even starting?? i really cant brain this..a close honorary mention to this f**ked up lineup is di maria….come on lah bauza

  8. currently, the best forward in this squad is dybala, and he didn’t get to start.

    kun aguero is unfit and not on his best condition but will start. whose decision is this? bauza or some other player in the team?
    is there any older player in this team whose against younger player in the squad? none of the youngest starts tomorrow. even when they’re most fit.

    mascherano and rojo should be bench already.

    • This is the problem of Argentina. When Bauza select Higuain as CF, Aguero wont be happy to be benched. Especially when Dybala plays ahead of Aguero. No player should have a guaranteed spot in starting X1.

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