Full translation of Sergio AGÜERO interview: Talks MESSI’s friends, finals, more


Earlier on Monday, Ole in Argentina published a very lengthy interview with Sergio AGÜERO and we have the full translation here on Mundo Albiceleste.

As mentioned, it was a very long interview and frankly, one we thought was worth translating. Sergio AGÜERO discusses the idea of “MESSI’s friends” being in the National Team. The three finals lost, the psychological impact that has and much, much more.

Full translation was done by myself and by Juli of the Mundo Albiceleste staff. We hope you enjoy the translation.

When you hear that people are tired of all of MESSI’s friends playing on the National Team, how do you feel?
I don’t have any problem. I don’t read much, but I do receive the commentaries…as a consequence the environment suffers, the ones you have at your side. In my case, what’s left is to demonstrate on the field. Everyone has their own opinion, and can say what they want, I can’t change that.”

But the senior team has earned respect. When you guys are undervalued by them saying those things, doesn’t it bother you guys?
“Let’s see… It hurts because one always wants to give their best. Even more for the National Team. But, yes, what was said did hurt, but I can’t do anything about that. I would never confront that because I’m not like that.”

You wouldn’t come out and answer to that.
“Never. Of my private life for example, they’ve spoken about everything. And I have never come out and confronted someone because it’s not my style. I also understand that top coaches or journalists can say whatever they want. They are in their rights to give their opinions about football. Only when they go outside of sports matters it bothers us. You guys are giving your opinions all day, I’m playing all day. It’s kinda similar, every person has their job.”

Does nonconformity exist? MESSI is the maximum goal scorer for the National Team, you and HIGUAIN are also up there in the ranking. Nevertheless, you guys are always judged. Why?
“One does not know why… I speak about it with my friends: the people here are fanatics, but they aren’t so much for the National Team, but they are for their local clubs. So if I am a River supporter and I go to the stadium to see the National Team, the River players If they play well or poorly, I will always back them…This happens with every club team and it happens in other countries like in Chile or Colombia.”

In your case, a Racing fan will not support you that much, for example…
“Exactly. The fan that goes to see the senior team with a player from their club team is a plus for them to support them.  That is what happens. For example Pipa (HIGUAIN) that has a past history with River, 80% of Boca fans probably insult him.  And the opposite would happen with a Boca player and the River fanatics… The National Team fan perhaps is seen more during competitions like the World Cup or the Copa America.”

And when you lose…
“When we lose, bye bye…you can see that, it’s reality. I see it with my friends in anything, it’s the way it is… Look at Germany: they went for so long without reaching a final, they would always make it to the quarter finals, semi-finals, and we would get very minimal respect here. They don’t have that constant pressure over there, they play freely, and of all the times they tried to reach a goal, they became champions.”

Gerardo MARTINO once said that what happened with Germany cannot be repeated in Argentina…
“I feel like we’re in a similar process. We got to a final and then another one… With this, we’ll keep climbing and going up a bit more. The Argentinian wants to win, obviously, and now we’re thinking about the qualification for the World Cup. We’ll try our best. We only have a few years left with the National Team, after that, other players come in. We’re leaving for better players that are younger and fighting for your position. One day we’ll be thinking “Look at you, I was once there”. But as the saying goes, “I tried”.

Do you feel in debt?
“I’ll obviously have the World Cup… Because it’s a World Cup. At the time, I wasn’t in good shape. I was coming back from four injuries that year and at the end, I ended up getting injured in the third match (of the World Cup against Nigeria). Obviously I was happy because we had reached a final but I wasn’t at the level I wanted to be at as a footballer: I always wanted to prove it, and even more so in a World Cup. I’ll always say that I am indebted for that.”

And after that came the Copa America’s:
“Of course, the first one was the following year. In Chile, I don’t think my performances were “uhhh” but the team just like myself, were at a far better level. We were very upset when we missed the chance and after that we still had that chip for the next Copa… And that’s that. We have to have in mind the new project BAUZA has, I played my first match against Peru and now we have to do things right against Paraguay. Whether the goal comes or not, the idea is to give your best. Obviously I’m there to also get into the top goalscorers chart. One day my name will be there. It’s the time, just like to enjoy the time I have left with the National Team.”

You’re left with the feeling of having lost the last Copa America which was very tough, maybe even more so due to the amount of losses. MESSI said he didn’t know if he would come back, HIGUAIN said something similar, DI MARIA spoke about going to a psychologist…
“I remember that night. I saw Leo in very bad shape in the locker room. And after that, there were a few who thought about whether they were going to come back…  Just that it was MESSI who said what he said. I never thought he would be the one to say that. Obviously I had said it in a better way and Leo took it. After that, he said “What, what did you say?”

What did you think in that moment, listening to Leo after the final?
“What I was thinking after the match was: “Now new players will come in, fresh, young players and that’s it.” But after that I said “As I still think about the National Team, I have to continue.” All of that was going through my mind, but I believe the best psychologist is to remember what you wanted when you were a kid.”

Today, do you play with the pressure of having lost those finals? Does that still weigh in your mind? Some say that the National Team needs some new names because you guys are carrying that burden.
“Yes and I think “Why do they want that?” We found ourselves in three finals… And they want new faces? Let’s be realistic: Had we won one or two of those finals, no one would be questioning anything. And since it didn’t happen… They think about rotating and bringing in new players.”

Do you understand that?
“We did our best and we got to three finals but the fans want us to lift something. But think about it: Since 1993, millions of world class players have passed through the National Team and they didn’t get to a final. Many tried and I don’t even think they reached semi-finals. Not many can reach three consecutive finals. But at times, no one knows why, but the pressure is there and we felt it more than ever in the last two Copa America finals.”

Last time you mentioned that something happened. Were you talking about the pressure?
“Yes. You feel like you have to do your best because it’s a final and it makes you do something else. We were playing very well and then in the finals, we played a different way, differently than what we were playing before. I think that happened to us because we think we have to do everything well because we absolutely have to win and that makes us do everything badly.”

And how do you fix that?
“I don’t know. It’s fucked up because you try not to think about it but you do… You don’t think about it until you get to the pitch. There you start to see the people and you start to fail: “It’s a final, you have to do your best…” “It’s messed up because after those three finals, we didn’t even score a goal. And that’s rare because we always score goals. Obviously who’s to blame? The ones who play. And no one was able to score. There’s four or five forwards in every tournament. No one was able to score. No one.”

The player that was most blamed for that was HIGUAIN?
“Yes. They were key moments because had we won, we wouldn’t be here talking about this. But just as much, again in the United States the chance fell to him and the truth is that people don’t forget those things. And it will always be like that, with him, with that… They’ll also say that the other guy couldn’t either and maybe the other guy could have scored… But we’re like that, very demanding. I’ll go watch Independiente and the people want to win…”

Do you feel that people are cruel in that regard? As an example, all the memes which surfaced.
“It’s what I’ve said. At the time, it hurts. Do they not know that we want to do our best? They don’t understand that. And me, on my part, I can’t go one by one and answer everyone individually and tell them that they are wrong because the fans are the first ones to call you a wimp or a “pecho frio” (someone who doesn’t “feel” the shirt of the National Team). It’s how they are because Argentine’s are like that, they want to win.”

It hurts?
“It upsets me. But the best thing to do is to win. It’s for that reason that we are here, it’s for that reason that BAUZA still believes in this group and in us, for our part in all of this, that we can still achieve and win something with the National Team. Although some say that I’m a dog, that I’m horrible, no one will take away my dream of wanting to win something.”

And if that doesn’t happen? Do you think with time people will value you more?
“I think so. I think that as the years pass by and we’re not here anymore, people will look back and remember the moments. But the reality of today is they’ll say “Change it all”. Others want the opposite. But when the majority of us aren’t here anymore, they’ll remember us, just like we remember ZANETTI or CRESPO or SAVIOLA or RIQUELME or TEVEZ… When we’re not here, they’ll notice it. They’ll miss us once we’re gone.”

In your case or also in DI MARIA’s case, there’s also the situation of injuries. Or that they can’t show their form with the National Team as they do with their clubs.
“But it’s not easy. One is used to playing at his club where he knows his team mates and you’re with them everyday. At City, I play 60 games a year and when I come to the National Team, I play two or three. It’s also a reason that people who don’t watch the 60 games with City, they don’t realize that I don’t play well in all of them. It’s tough to analyze it all.”

“Because here we have new team mates. One always wants to do his best but the truth is that if you get continuity (of the same team mates), which was the case at the Copa America or the World Cup, it’s different.”

And now in the middle of the qualifiers, there’s a change of coach
“BAUZA has a different system, which was the case with SABELLA, with BATISTA, with Tata.. They all had different ideas and you have to adapt. It’s a question of time but the qualifiers, at times, you have to win playing any way. The goal is to qualify for the World Cup in Russia.”

And you, how do you see yourself in all of this?
“I have good matches, bad matches. But I also dream that things will go well, for the team and for myself. Imagine that I’m not doing well yet I’m fourth all time in the goal scoring list of the National Team… You always want more. For now, I have time and I have to continue to do my best, whether it’s scoring goals or not. Argentina asks a lot and obviously I understand that. And we all want to do well.”

When was the last time you played a match with the National Team and you said “Physically, I’m 100%”?
*Thinks a little bit* The best, when I was good good, I think was the Copa America in Chile. There, I felt very good and Tata backed me because I played from the start against Paraguay and luckily I did well. The team was doing well too. Until we reached the final…”

And what happened?
“In a final, you always want to do your best and after the 60′ or 70’th minute, the coach made the change (and took him off). At that Copa, I was really good, I wanted to win but it just didn’t happen. Yes, we reached a final. And after that in the United States I wanted to play but Tata backed HIGUAIN. There, not only for me but for anyone, it’s not easy to always get substituted in the second half when a team is physically used to the rhythm of the match. Obviously in the first match it didn’t show but after the third or fourth, you feel it because you play 20 minutes and you feel like physically you’re not up to it yet.”

But you played enough in the final and still weren’t able to impose yourself
“I played the last 30 minutes plus the 30 minutes of extra time. Physically, I was well but obviously the tiredness is felt more in a final… The match against the United States, I didn’t get any minutes because of the injuries to LAVEZZI and ROJO and listen, that week, I didn’t play and that weighs on you. I’m used to playing every three days and physically, I’m better like that.”

Now, once again you have a muscle problem. Is it the same one which kept you out of the two qualifiers last time?
“No, no. This injury hit me while I was at City in the match against Celtic in the Champions League. It was hard, it rained a lot, the grass was long and muddy and then it hit me. I recovered pretty well in two days and after that I played against Tottenham and then traveled to join the National Team.”

What happened?
“Sometimes travelling a lot doesn’t help. The layovers, the changing of schedules and time… But I’m doing really well. I played against Peru and I’m available and I’m there to give my best. When it comes to the National Team, I always want to be there but last time, I was injured for the match against Ecuador. Sometimes you think “Why don’t I stop?” Because after that I’ll be out for a month and a half and I lose six or seven matches at City. But when you’re called-up to the National Team, you always want to play. It’s the way it is.”

You’re ready for the match against Paraguay?
“I’m much better. After the match against Peru, I had two days to recover and today I played some football. I’m doing really well. The pain I had prior to the match against Peru is luckily gone.”

ROMERO told Ole that he’s adapting to BAUZA’s style. How do you see it?
“Good, good. I first spoke to him last month, said we would get to know each other here, I had a knock on my ankle and obviously City didn’t let me come. I always want to be here.”

And how was the face to face meeting with him?
“We spoke, it went well.’

A lot has changed?
“With Tata I played as a number 9 and he told me that it didn’t matter how many touches of the ball I get, that he wants me up front, that the key was to take advantage of the chances when I would get them. But now with the National Team, I’m not the number 9 anymore.”

You play different than at City
“You know what happened? That at City, I’m now a 9! Haha! At Independiente, I always played with a forward, at City, prior to GUARDIOLA coming in, I played with a forward as well.”

And what does Pep ask of you as a center forward?
“He wants me as a 9 but for now, he’s given me a lot of freedom as well. He asks that I move around everywhere in the attack. In contrast, Tata (MARTINO) wanted me between the two central defenders to generate more space for Leo (MESSI), DI MARIA and to PASTORE or BANEGA. With Pep, it’s different.”

And what about Pep?
“He’s very demanding in everything. Which is good. The good thing is that I’m used to it and now, intuitively, I go and pressure the central defender because that’s what he asks of me. Here with the National Team, I did that against Peru and I realized that I left the middle unprotected. I’m used to doing that and in that case, HIGUAIN had to do it. At times on the pitch, I’ll go to pressure and I forget that! Haha!

And who reminds you of that?
“Luckily I have MASCHERANO, who’s crazy and always screaming. We’re still adapting.”

Do you like to play behind the number 9?
“Yes, yes. Against Peru for example, we played a 4-1-4-1 and the only winger they had tried to make sure that I wouldn’t receive the ball much. In the first half, I got a few touches of the ball. But in the second half, I had to be substituted off due to muscle discomfort. Obviously we want to win but in the qualifiers, you also have to remember not to lose.

As stated at the very start, AGÜERO discussed a lot. For me, he comes off as more mature in this interview compared to some of the previous ones he has done throughout the years.

We hope you enjoyed the translation!


      • interesting…. I’m a long-time fan of Argentine football… I’m Canadian, so our team is absolute shit… my brother-in-law is Argentine from Mendoza, so I learned about the game from him… have always cheered for the Albiceleste from the 78 World Cup, through Maradona’s Hand of God in 86, and the arrival of Messi etc. I know there is no lack of fantastic Argentine coaches such as Simeone, Bielsa, etc, but none seem to want the job or are too busy…. do you not think Pep could bring a fresh approach and get all those great strikers working in harmony? If not Guardiola, who would you pick?

  1. Roy we dont want to read this useless augairo interview plz tell us that what is the latest news about argentina after losing to paruguay.and can bauza make any changes in up coming qualifying matches or not.plz

  2. Hard times…I am speechless.
    Do you remember when I almost went crazy in the summer of the possibility that Bauza will be selected?
    I just had this feeling.
    and the same I feeling I had about Bielsa and Russo.
    Was not convinced about Sampaoli.
    I wanted Berizzo or Cocca, knowing that Siemone(also have doubts because he doesn’t mesh with our players) and Pochettino(who would be my first choice) are impossible.
    We don’t need a A**kisser, we need a Sheriff.
    Perez the one who chose Bauza looks like a drunk, he even forgot his name once. The other member the woman is a barra brava who said she likes to fight police. They selected a coach who has won by being the underdog and never coached stars. He is not a bad coach but this team for him is like a fish out of water. It doesn’t suit him.
    Many people said that he adapts to the opponent, no he is a defensive coach, that is his bread and butter.
    he is powerless.
    Hopefully he realizes in what bad situation we are and adjust but knowing our coaches they are ride or die so don’t change.
    I doubt he resigns.
    hopefully he adjusts.

    • Exactly I think he is not a bad coach.A bad coach can’t win Copa Lib twice…but he certainly having discomfort managing “big stars”…barking at Mercier is one thing,Aguero another unless u have an experience of barking at Lewandowski.bauza here just trying to put our biggest names in one single formation…and it looks like a circus 😛

      Berizzo turned down.He was approached,he told AFA to contact the club.The matter ended there!

    • Bauza can adjust. As you mentioned hes a defensive coach but hes powerless to implement his game for many reason. I believe he will do better against top teams. May be i am wrong.

    • I agree he is powerless.
      We can’t afford Simeone or Pochetino.
      They are big names who would demand total power and would not conform to the players.
      Most of the other coaches are just yes man.
      Bauza is trying to be something he is not.
      be yourself.

      I will take his pic from my profile, maybe he does then better.

      • sadly bauze is powerless because he allowed him self to be, i and few select others on here said before the 1st set of games he needed to stamp his mark immediately and cull some names and why? its simply just to prove he is the boss and no one is safe but instead he took the cowards way out and did nothing-game over for bauza at this point.

        he is now left with only one option and as the Argentine media has finally joined the party and is now also beating the drum finally to axe some of these so called stars..

        it makes me sick in my stomach but if bauza does not make those changes in november then we could actually miss out on the w/c and its fast becoming a reality.

        as much as i dont trust him i feel bielsea needs to take over today, money is not a big issue as he has made it clear he will do it for free.

        as most are saying bauza is out of him depth big time and to manage a big club or country you need to have a big cv as you are dealing with some players who actually believe they are bigger then the game and some who believe bigger then their countries.

  3. We need a coach who is not only tactful but also who can get under player’s skin to make them over achieve. From players perspective, playing for Argentina is just unbearable pressure and unfortunately it got the worst out of them. Physiologically current NT is fu**** up as football in south america is just not a game its much much more. Russia 2018 with out Argentina is scary to imagine.
    Messi not winning anything with senior Argentina NT is a football tragedy.

  4. WHen I see Bauza’s face I see scared guy who didn’t want to be worse to his predecessors and also make some final. But he forget cuting coupons of Sabella’s success must to have end some day. No progress = regress.

  5. * Feel this is not the time to think emotionally. After all we have witnessed the worst pain in three consecutive years. In case if we fail to qualify then that would complete the pain cycle completely. After that we may live in peace without real hope as hope is the cause for all pains.

    * We don’t have players like Aimar ( never given the chance by our great coaches ) or Riquelme or Veron or Ortega any more. Even if they exist they will never get a call. Bauza says 60 players in the list. But all our lives just we are going to suffocate with the same players. It won’t be a surprise for anyone if the same team and same formation used against Paraguay will be tried again against Brasil n Colombia.

    * Bauza not only bad technically but seems never got the courage n charecter to lift the team spirit if we were down mentally n physically. Just Imagine how Simeone will be shouting as his lungs is coming out. But reality is we are never going to get coaches like him.

    * The first one to be expelled must be Rojo. Mercado tried something in the right. Left was totally static. Every team attack is much contributed n initiated by the wing backs but our left is the weakest. Mas tried reasonably n combined well with Maria but we all know what our coaches will do for the next match.

    * The man we need at the moment is Bielsa. He may be a ultimate success or ultimate failure. But at least he will be leaving us some template and clear some or many or all old names including Messi n make the team not dependent on anyone even if we fail to qualify.

    * But the only positive thing in this match is Dybala. He tried with the spirit. He should be played from the start. But we are used to these things. Won’t be a surprise even if he is not included in the list itself for next qualifiers.

    * Dybala came all the way to the middle or even deeper n tried to make things. This is what we are missing very badly. Bauza should be blamed for such a poor tactics for missing midfield but why not our single attacking players tried like Dybala in the final stages. Both Messi n Dybala don’t lose the ball easily n they can rotate in the middle and we can combine Biglia n Enzo Perez.

    * One thing positive about Biglia is he plays his defensive midfield role clearly. Biglia is consistent compared to Mascherano. But really hope is fading. Finally..


  6. International sport journalists began to write “We may not be able to see Lionel Messi in the 2018 Russia World Cup due to underperforming Argentina Natonal Football Team.”

    Many Foreign fans watched Argentina WCQ yesterday and cheered for the national team. The fans always want to believe Argentines’ saying that Argentina NT without Messi is still strong. Everyone knows a one-man team can’t be a champion in international football. Now, they say Messi will end his football career without World Cup and he will be placed below Pele because of that.

    Every football fans including Ronaldo and Realmadrid fans has a concern for the Argentina NT because the best player of the present generation is involved in the team.

    People except Ronaldo fans wish Argentina NT remains competitive with its rivals.

    I feel a few Argentines here are not different with NT players who show a bornhead play.

    Argentina can’t win the world cup with all local league players and all inexperienced young players.

    Judge players objectively and arouse public opinion.

    Higuain and Di Maria must retire from international football. Aguero and Mascherano on the bench for a while.

    I think the press and media in Argentina is lazier than the AFA. They don’t use the power of the public opinion to solve the NT’s basic problems.

  7. Bielsa is a good coach (but stubborn). Give him one year he will throw out almost all in this team and build a new team. We need to build a new team as soon as possible. This team will be humiliated in WC even if we qualified.

      • I’m sure if Bielsa was a coach the team would be very new now. Not all new but enough reformed. He has guts. He is not puppet. With him lazy players like Higuain or Aguero would be first to kick out.

    • aslam: the sad thing is so many have been saying this since the end of the 2014 w/c and if only tata and now bauza has integrated a few new players each time we would not be playing the “shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic” game.

  8. Firstly I don’t want Bauza again bcoz he is not a coach. . .
    Rather a fantasy game player with all big name in same 11…
    Pathetic. …
    This is the time to inject young blood positively. ..really
    If not then we will lose everything
    Need badly
    At least players with will-power & coach with well tactics ..

    As we all are discussing about throwing out Aguero Higuain Dimaria Rojo Demichelis. …..

    Please do it AFA ,otherwise we will miss world cup .

    If there is no midfield then tactically we can’t blame our Attackers. ..

    But blaming players like kun pipita dimaria rojo Masche Demi is not incorrect bcoz these are those players who are playing for many days.

    Looking at other big National Team, we have seen their coach left out big names for not performing well…

    Can’t we do same

    Pereyra Lanzini Paredes

    Against Paraguay we thought Bauza may sub Aguero Dimaria or Higuain with Dybala Lamela or Peruzzi maybe but the dinosaurs coach don’t know how to use sub….

    Zero midfield mentality is unbelievable. …

    Its now or never

    Change this BAUZA DINOSAUR
    Otherwise we will see same result with new players also….

    Remedies is coach change

    This coach is worst than tata sabella batista or maradona

    I am upset and very angry with utter despair . ..

  9. Argentine newspapers are finally agreeing what most people here are saying. Out with most players, fresh blood, changes are a must. LaNacion gave most players a 3 out of 10.

    Romero, Rojo and Demichelis out forever. No more benchsitters in the squad.
    Mascherano and Gaitan went from starters to the bench. Out for now.

    If these 5 return in November Bauza is just plain stupid.

    From now on players should be selected on form, fitness and suitability for team role (no different positions). I don’t care about reputation or past achievements. Get rid of big names for the sake of the team and country.

    • I am pleased to hear that the Argentine press realized the reality of Argentina Football. I always thought Argentina National Football Team suffered because the press doesn’t work properly.

  10. “I’m trying to adapt to the new tactics. I must continue to think that this will change” __Aguero my ass just leave and dont come back
    “Paraguay defended well and we couldn’t find a way through.” __ Aguero No they didnt just defend you moron ..u were lucky not to concede 2 or 3 more goals!!

    Bauza’s comment even more annoying about both matches he lied like hell!! According to this 3rd grade coach we played grate just the result was bad…fak u!!!

  11. My pecking order in the current squad –

    1. Messi (remains in the team)
    2. Mascherano – demotes to the bench. He was a good leader, probably still is but his form is dipping way too fast and he will be too old in 2018.
    3. Higuain – Bench
    4. Aguero – Out
    5. Di Maria – Out
    6. Romero – Bench
    7. Banega – Bench
    8. Zabaleta – Out
    9. Rojo – Out
    10. Otamendi – Remains in the team
    11. Mori – Bench

    I honestly believe, these changes are absolutely a necessity now. If we fail to achieve at least 4 points out of the next 6, we will be in huge troubles as we are yet to play in Quito and Lapaz.

  12. Mascherano after the game said this:

    “When you play poorly, you don’t see the light. We have been losing points and that complicates our chances at qualifying,” said Mascherano.

    “We played a very poor game. We were disorganised. We played under pressure, we made pressured decisions, we didn’t have a plan and [we can get away with it] once, maybe twice but not all the time. We played two bad games,” Mascherano said.

    “We were outplayed by Paraguay. The score is correct. We didn’t do enough to merit a tie nor to beat them. The mistakes at goal were individual but well, we didn’t just lose because of our lack of scoring but also because the team never found answers.

    “And we haven’t found any in either of these two matches. And the footballing mistakes [on the pitch] have affected our mood. I am extremely worried [about our form]. We played poorly in both matches.”

    Bauza after the game said this:
    “It is tough to talk about justice in football. Obviously we are bitter because I feel we played a good game,” Bauza said.

    So the captain is saying we played very poorly with no plan. The coach says we played very well. This team is a JOKE!

  13. Club de amigos… some Argentine newspaper wrote something about Messi’s friends.. can we have that article instead this lazy selfish imbecile moron, injury pron Aguero’s interview

  14. Now tell me how many players of Paraguay that beat us from Europe? Gomez from Milan (but he was Lanus of Primera player in first half of the year yet) and Gonzalez from Dynamo Kiev. The rest are from domestic league, Argentine Primera, Mexico, Brazil… But they have will to win.

    That’s for those who are thinking that Argentina NT player must be famous one from strone European club.

    • Does not mean that we should not take the young guys who are playing well in Europe! It’s not about Europe or Argentina, it’s about who we need and wherever the F they play. Period.

    • Yeah but a totaly B-category team with B-category players, i bet they will not qualify in the WC. 90%. We want to be Paraguay ? Fckin no, we want to play for the WC-title, and with Ascacibars and corporation it’s impossible. We will fall back to Paraguay’s level. Why Janson ? No impact in this season even in a shit team of a mediocre league, 0 goal, 0 assist.
      Btw Bauza shows how low level is the south-american club football nowadays, he was one of the best coach there. Rather Perotti instead of funny names like Janson. 2-3 changes maximum, one is Rulli, other an LB (maybe Tagliafico) and a ZM. More are overkill, will be even more disorganised with inexperienced players at these levels.

      • Oh, your Di Maria and Aguero are A-category players and they are worse than this B-category Paraguay. So what are you talking about actually? There’s some category of people who always tell you no matter how poor are our current players we have not better. Bullshit. Just give a chance some new blood and then we will see.

        We both know that – all what you know about Janson are his stats. Just don’t forget to go and check his rating on PES. I’m still sure Janson would give this team more fresh energy than Di Maria or Aguero. No matter he is player of Tigre. He is not RIver player just because Tigre reject Tigre offer this summer. If he was I think he would be on Bauza radar.

        • B-category: when Argentina is on his day (with these burn out players) annihilate them with 6:1 like in Copa semi-finals. When Argentina shows 30% of his quality, and Paraguay 100% than they play a draw with us, like in Asuncion and like yesterday (with the penalty) and of course without one of the most influental player ever and with a clown on the bench.
          And we all know our domestic players are not better than these paraguayians.

          • Ok. So let’s play still with the same names. We will end as Spain in last WC.

            “And we all know…”? Who is all?

          • Not with these players only, but now this coach cannot make a good and balanced team with players who play for centuries together, can you imagine what would happen if Bauza start to risk with 5-6 youngsters altogether ? Catastrophe, only if Messi will be injured continuously we can send bye bye to WC. And he should make wonders yet after these results. Against Bolivia and Ecuador away 2 or 3 points maximum, Brazil maybe 1 in this form, have to beat Columbia, Chile, Peru and Venezuela at home and Uruguay away. Btw this nation deserves that Messi be injured alongside, and Argentina fall out (Gonzalo, definitely you too) just Messi don’t deserve this.

          • My team would be against Brazil and Columbia:

            Rulli—???—Otamendi-Garay-Zabaleta—Enzo Perez-Mascherano-Pastore or Pereyra (only because his hardworking style)—Dybala-Icardi-Messi, but i don”t know maybe Dybala cannot play on the left side, so…remain Di Maria or Perotti a good option too…or 4-3-1-2 with Dybala…

          • Big fetish now after hard working players, but don’t forget we make fools of these agressive, physical teams under Sabella with balerinas like Gago and with Fab4 or with Gago and Jose Sosa (balerina too) and 3 strikers.

        • Messi deserves, Messi didn’t desrved… What is this? As far as people will think about Messi AND THE REST only this TEAM DOES NOT DESERVES FOR A TITLE it’s team play.

          Not 5-6 youngsters but with 3-4. Try to find in Europe better Argentina fullbacks than GOmez or Peruzzi and Tagliafico? And they are not so young .

  15. Higuain consistent in missing simple chances.
    Aguero as usual lazy careless and selfish.
    Dimaria will never change. Run run run, cross like a school boy, shoot when pass is the better option and pass when shoot is better option.
    Mascherano once a beast…now he is finished. Because of him we lost points in the last 2 matches.
    Demichelis never again.
    Musachio as sub OK
    Zaba he passed his prime
    Rojo useless like Dimaria.
    Banega not a fast player still we can utilize as number 10 but as sub.
    Biglia if he has spirit left he can take Mascherano’s place.
    Gaitan OK as sub.
    Romero…no comments…RULLI has to be there.

    I believe this is not coach selecting players. It is players them self get selected and blocking others. WE NEED WHOLESALE CHANGES.

    MESSI, DYBALA, OTAMENDI Only these 3 worth.

  16. WTF, after last night scandelous display by fucking childish aguero you seriously want us to read this. When he came forward to take the penaltiy i closed my eyes as i knew he would fuck it up but i said he can be that bad, well he is. I am super disappoitned by him and the rest of talenless team. No i know we are at same level 3rd string team.

    • He can’t and won’t call icardi or any other player that can help the team.
      It is clear to any one who knew him before that this is not him.
      Bauza teams are defensive and more organized we have none if that so far.
      The locker room(goons) have his balls in a jar he wouldn’t even dare say they played bad.
      People can blame the AFA(brazil fa are bigger crooks) & yet they are doing good.
      The problem with argentina is the locker room goons who influence the selection.

  17. …………Rulli
    …Nacho Fernandez..Ascacibar

  18. It’s over with this generation. Finito. I just cannot imagine to see Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Rojo, Banega in next qualifiers. It’s over. If Bauza will call up them still it must goes to self-destruction. It’s possible now we will pay the highest price (to be out of Russia) for cowardice of our coaches who don’t want to call up new, young players. WHat Bauza thinks? That the current generation will take him to another final? Hahaha. Myopia, cowardice, procrastination, narrow, blinkered outlook.

    • If anyone did some good work in those 2 miserable matches,it was Banega.However I agree with the rest.Rest are done,offers nothing!And the fault is all Bauza’s…how this guy won 2 Copa Lib?

      I hope it is rather his wrong decision of sticking with big name old guards than tactical ineptness.Because first problem can be solved,2nd one not.

    • I don’t think he will call any new midfielders or fullbacks like we are saying. What he might do is play a bit of politics and call somebody who is a public demand – like Icardi.

      Without a completely new midfield and a fresh new approach to his philosophy, nothing good will come.

  19. Useless waste of space.

    I have been watching the match this morning here in England having the day off from work. When I saw the ball being give to Kun I groaned. Even more so when I saw that stupid shuffle. And surprise surprise he didn’t score.

    The guy is always injured. Apparently once again he was carrying an injury but still got in ahead of Dybala. Probably because Paulo still hasn’t got his platinum card to the members club.

    When players like Vasquez are left kicking their heels but this waste of space is given the role of attacking creative midfielder in that golden shirt of 10 you have to wonder what Mr.Bozo is up to. He is not a ten and never was. And for the seleccion he has never been much of a striker.

    In actual point of fact there is one letter missing from his nickname. A capital T.

  20. after every reality check statement, he shows a laughter (hahaha)….such a useless cunt. This bunch of players are like mafia, they want to play together by force and prevent new faces from taking the spotlight. Losers all I can say. Messi needs to go too…..the problem is right there….Messi and his buddies. I wish he retired for real.

  21. The first person who needs to be kicked out is Sergio Romero and then Bauza!! The guy Romero is very overrated and has no sense of positioning.
    the next two games will be against Brazil and Colombia, it is likely that not only Paraguay but also Chile takes over arg, which means arg could be 7th placed just 5 games away from the end of the qualification!!! How Bauza still can smile and giggle

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