Wanchope ABILA of Cruzeiro scores two more


Wanchope ABILA of Cruzeiro (who we briefly profiled here), has scored two more goals for Cruzeiro.

ABILA scored twice in Cruzeiro’s 4-2 win against Corinthians. The match was a Copa de Brazil match and has now amassed 21 goals for the club.


  1. Gonzalo
    the same things can be said about most of the players you mentioned.
    Just look at the players you endorsed at the Olympics, none of them performed well.
    Ascacibar made mistakes, Lanzini was terrible in the friendlies, Le Celso under performed, etc,…
    Many people attacked you in here because of this.
    they said “these players that can’t beat Honduras will help us?”
    We say the current players playing for the NT team should be dropped.

    It’s nonsense!
    There 2 group of fans created.
    Some want the current players to stay.
    Some want most of them dropped and and only youngster in the team.
    I want to best players in form playing in their position, not out of position.
    I don’t care if they are young, old, play in England or Argentina, etc…
    All I care is they must deserve their place on merit and not because they are old or young or are friends with someone.
    I support Gomez, Tagliafico, Peruzzi because I think they are our best fullbacks not because they are young or play in Argentina.
    I want Higuain, Aguero, Di maria and some others to be dropped not because they are older or whatever, but Because they are not playing well, and need to make room for other so they can try do it better.

    Above all I want a coach who has a clear plan to use a balanced formation that fits us, without losing shape, based on team-play, and plays players on merit in their right position.
    As soon as we have this guy, and not some women’s coach so will our players perform better, youth and senior and then we can choose the best of them, creating the right mixture.

    There was nothing wrong with The Olympic players, they just didn’t have a coach.

    • Ghostdeini,

      Ascacibar had 1-2 mistakes in Olimpic Games but it’s common opinion (not mine) he was the only positive along with Rulli (Gomez) in Olimpic Games. He defended himself. Besides he is playing game by game very good in Primera unlike Paredes. You see the clear difference?

      “Lanzini was terrible in the friendlies”

      I don’t know what are you talking about. Lanzini terible in friedlies? He has played only in first friendly (if I remember rightly) by injury. In the game he was neither good nor bad but not terrible for sure. And in this first game (with Lanzini) Argentina was looking better than later without him. We were lacking someone like Lanzini on the left wing.

      Lo Celso? Some people here can confirm he never was my favourite. I was the one who was ‘advocatus diaboli’ in his case because some people are too optimistic about him IMO. However he has a real talent but I’m afraid he is not enough physical too.

      I’m not Ascacibar or Lanzini fan. If I’m talking about the guys a lot it’s just because I think they are worth to pay attention. If they will go down with their form I will seek for better alternatives that’s for sure.

      • I just want best players in NT too. But my general suggestions is that our coaches must to wide their perspectives, prospect and vision and seek the players all over the world not only among most popular players in Europe what is doing now. If current Brazil coach wants some kind of players to play some special role implicated by his tactic he will take him even form CHina league. First tactic, then – right player to the tactic. In our team it’s conversely: first all popular players than tactic. It’s idiotism. When Bielsa had taken just all his most popular beaten up players from Europe it was catastrophe in WC. Then he had a lot of surprising players from Mexico or Primera and I saw great team on COpa and Olimpic Games in 2004.

        I don’t want to divisions between young/older, Europe/domestic – just best players. IMO we have better players than Paredes on the positions hence my critic. That’s all.

      • The only player who underperformed on Olimpic Games and I was talking about him a lot with trust was Gianetti.

  2. You guys talking about things that never ever will realize. Paredes running? Ball control is not the most important thing that makes you able to be runner. You need stamina. Paredes has not stamina (to run forward or box to box not one time but all the game). You think why he was scoring long range goals in Boca (apart his good far distance shoots)? Because he is not type of runner who will raid penalty box with the ball rather shooting long range. I think it’s also reason of which he was rearange from LM to DM – because as LM he was not enough running. He is player who like just to scamper around a bit.
    It’s problem here when people are cling on their favourite players so much despite fact clearly they are not the players we need (if we need movement in the middle). We need 2 box to box midfielders and Paredes nowhere’s in the kind while keeping half-way line more than any other our midfielder.

    Do you really want to take best/right players to NT or just most popular/your favourite once again? What is shortest way to find box to box midfilder? Bring on now someone who is such player already in fact (from Europe, Mexico or Primera) or bring on Paredes and wait till the time when he miraculously will metamorphoze into box to box midfielder (what is behind his nature and possibilities)? It’s unfair to players which can play the role forthwith. It’s just like waiting till the time when Rojo will atack like Filipe Luis what is not in his nature. It’s unfair to other players.

    Today Paredes was the same non-atacking player as always and without interesting passes. Moreover he was involved on first 2 goals of Austria Vien just by his typical laziness in defence. I saw 90 % of his games since april/may and enough. Do you want to ruin our team more?

    • Gonzalo
      I make you the same deal I made SABELLISTA about Bauza!
      I said I will support him so that he could prove me wrong!
      Sadly he hasn’t proven me wrong.
      The only way Bauza will be successful is by falling into the right formation forcibly like Sabella did after the injuries in the knock out stages.

      I make you the same deal!
      From now on I will never mentioned Paredes!
      We will see years pass by and after their career is over, just maybe we will talk again and see if he will become a great player like I said or not.
      Just wait on the future and see. I am very confident I will win the bet, except for injuries.

      • Ghostdeini,

        I don’t want deal or bet. It’s not rivalry. I have not sympathy nor antipathy players. Just want best players in NT now. Currently Paredes is not enough good neither attack nor defense. We have better. If he will some time then I will call for him. Besides I don’t know what is the definition of great player.

        • No I don’t see it as rivalry. We are friends and we are being honest to each other. In your opinion he is not good enough, or will not be good enough. In my opinion maybe he is not ready yet, but he will be a monster of midfielder when everything is said and done. We can argue on and on but we will never agree on this subject, so I suggest we wait and see what future brings. That is why I will never mentioned him. I support these players: Rulli, Gomez, Peruzzi, Tagliafico, Paredes, Ascacibar, Cervi(if he establishes himself), Lanzini, Perreyra, Icardi. these are all players not on the squad and should be integrated, not necessarily as starters but after the qualifiers.

          • Only time can tell I know. Now we may talk only about presence. Maybe Paredes will be great player some time but just like it’s bad idea to keep still in NT AGuero, DI Maria or Rojo with hoping for their better future so is bad idea to introduce Paredes to NT with the same hope for his better times.

          • IMO Paredes is a future NT player. I see the possibility of Parades playing with Ascacibar. He will be a big player. But at present hes not ready.

  3. Hey guys, latest FIFArankings released. And we still remain the best team in the world! Here are the top 10.


    Funny thing is the best team in the world can’t play without the best player! (SMH)

  4. The reasons why Sabella’s Fantastic four worked so well in the qualifiers were:
    1. teams attacked us
    2. counters
    3. the fantastic four were in form and not injured
    4. GAGO!
    Gago has the ability to make the game faster, he was all over the field, moved without the ball, and as soon as he won the ball he transitioned to attack making the quick pass to one of the fantastic four.
    Gago’s problem has always been injuries, his softness and lack of desire to play football, he was more invested in “LOVE” than football.
    Why am I bringing up Gago?
    Because this kid Ascacibar reminds me a little bit of him.
    Like Gago, he is all over the place, as soon as he wins the ball his first intention is to transition into attack.
    He doesn’t look soft, the contrary, he is a fighter.
    He will never be a playmaker but has potential offensively.

    And so does Paredes!
    Paredes should strive to be Kroos and not Pirlo.
    all they need to do is stay focused and run into a coach that sees their potential in both ends.

    • I think the same. If Messi starts with dribling from midfielders line he is monopolizing the game and our midfielders and the rest are like supernumerary/figureheads or spectators. We need more active players between midfield and forwards line, not only Messi.

      • Yup it’s sad to see messi waste his talent and energy when he actually needs to play so deep ( almost as a defensive midfielder ) just to initiate an attack…in my honest opinion, mascherano’s role as a defensive midfielder should already be critically disputed by bauza by now..ive no doubts about his defensive contributions..his glaring problem is how rigid he becomes when the team is attacking or on counter attacking mode..

        We seriously need an athletic and dynamic box to box player who will be capable of defending and cause threat to the opposition’s goal…one player that comes in my mind is the ever so energetic lanzini..our current crop of central midfielders are practically dead and mute in attack

        Brazil in comparison are completely the opposite of our central midfielders whereby even their defensive players are well capable of threatening the opposition’s goal..this element of surprise is where we’re completely lacking which eventually makes us super predictable..i hope bauza recognizes this conspicuous weakness of ours and rectifies it quickly

        • This is it. I think we even need 2 box to box midfielders. When you see Renato Augusto, Paulinho or Giuliano it’s obvious they are attacking instinctly. It is in their nature. Brazil has Renato Augusto, Paulinho, Germany – Khedira, Kroos and you will find the same modern box to box energetic footballers in France – Pogba, Matuidi.

          This Brazil team play very good, team football without Neymar vs Venezuela. It’s still team.
          So I don’t understand why all about are dreaming some people is Messi comeback. He will back to save our team few times but what then. We need him now but first of all we need team. We need build a team in which Messi will be cherry on top. A team that is able to win without any single player. Only teams which are able to winning even without their best players deserving for win a title.

          Brazil on last WC were disordered without Neymar so they didn’t deserved for a title. Germnay without their best (on paper atleast) player -Reuss- still were playing like team – so they deserved for WC title. Portugal were able to win without Ronaldo -so they deserved… As far as Argentina can’t win without Messi they do not deserves for any title.

          • “this element of surprise is where we’re completely lacking which eventually makes us super predictable”

            exactly. We need versatile players. If you will looking for classic playmaker still + classic DM’s your team will be predictable (1 player to passing, 1 to running, 1 to defending, 1 to shooting). Nah. We need players that can all the things on decent level. I prefer a player who is decent in many elements than a player who is artist in one element but weak on the rest. Such player is Renato AUgusto for example. IMO we need 2 box to box around Masche. 2 of the 6: Enzo, Nacho Fernandez, Augusto, Pereyra, Lanzini, Pizarro.

          • Yup gonzalo, i believe so too..players like matuidi, kante, pogba, khedira, veratti, toure, bousquets are the players that we’re lacking in our current lineup..their athleticism, guile, pace and attacking intelligence is what i yearn for now..unfortunately we’ve tried so few from the host of midfielders that we’ve and are found wanting..i really hope bauza works diligently to revamp this squad

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