Jorge VALDANO: “They played without soul”


World Cup winner Jorge VALDANO spoke about Argentina, Lionel MESSI and more.

Speaking to the media, VALDANO commented on Argentina’s fragility and missing the World Cup. Here’s what he had to say:

“There isn’t much time to recover but the more difficult it is, the closer the solution. I believe the players will stick together and unite to turn things around. A World cup without MESSI would be less of a World Cup.”

“This result leaves Argentina in a very difficult position. There are still seven games left and the game against Colombia will also be challenging. It’s not easy to compete when the atmosphere is not the right one. There is a lot of pressure to deliver.”

“Once COUTINHO scored Brazil’s opener, Argentina collapsed. They played without soul.”

“We need to reflect on how difficult it is to reach three consecutive finals. Argentina showed fragility as if they still haven’t recovered from the defeats of three consecutive finals. Perhaps missing out on qualification for the World Cup would be a punishment for us.”

About BAUZA:
“BAUZA faces the demand of 40 million football crazy Argentines.”


  1. Let’s see what “40 million football crazy Argentines” will do after tomorrow’s game. The fact is that they did “virtually nothing” up to now.

  2. Really hurts to see the current situation of the team, it’s like falling apart after the departure of Sabella and Tata. Appointing Bauza is the biggest mistake, but who are to be blamed ? AFA is in bad shape and have no other option, just follow their own mafioso standard and leave all to the best players. Media did not raise their voices and so all the pundits of Argentina’s football. Thanks to Menotti and Valdano for their concern and voices. Bauza did not not know what to do and have no clue. Bringing the situation from bad to worst.

    Messi intention to resigned said it all the situation. But for the sake of his country – he come back and keep silent.

    Its all up to the players now, to go to Russia or stay home next summer. Enjoy the game and stay blessed

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