Lionel MESSI pays Argentina’s security team


Apparently, there are still some people within the AFA who are not getting paid.

According to Juan Pablo VARSKY, the Argentina National Team’s security had not been paid for 6 months. per the report, while in Brazil, a few men who are part of the security and approached MESSI asking to speak to him.

They informed him that the AFA had not paid them for 6 months. MESSI reportedly called his father (who is also his agent) and paid them himself.

Things are still far from being great within the AFA.


  1. If you are interested in watching a new intelligent, athletic Argentine midfielder, watch the West Ham Vs Tottenham game. Lanzini is playing as a central midfielder in a 3-4-3 system. He’s been chasing down midfielders, pressing hard and playing forward passes as soon as he can.

    On the other hand, we have Biglia to play in our central midfield. SMH!

    • Bauza don’t call talented players who can make a team better… He should be called up…he is my favourite to… His dribbling and passing accuracy Argentina midfield lacks…

    • Agreed, Lanzini is one of those players who should be called up into the senior team along with the likes of paredes, pereyra and vasquez all of who can offer something that Argentina’s current midfield is sorely missing i.e. creativity and versatility.
      On the positive side though Enzo is been called back into the team and Acuna and pizarro have been called up (even though the latter is yet to play a game), so things are moving ahead very,very, VERY slowly.

    • I agree, Kranevitter has been very poor lately, whether for Sevilla or for Argentina. I think he was a much better player in River Plate where he did show a lot of potential. Not sure what’s happening to him, some people take a lot longer than others to adapt to a different league, country, etc. Regardless, at this point Ascacibar looks more like Mascherano’s heir than Kranevitter.

  2. Hi Guys

    Im new here and have been following for ages

    Now if things dont change with AFA forget about the world cup as much as it hurts me !!

  3. Good gesture from leo who is doing every thing in his power to save the national team the man deserves nothing but praise.
    This means also bauza and his stuff aren’t getting paid.
    George weah used to pay Liberian fa from his own pocket but liberia was in civil war what is the excuse here.

  4. “We lose valuable ingredients in that process that are necessary to win so we aren’t ever at our full strengths but around 70%”.

    Ghostdeini, i honestly couldn’t say it better. This is exactly how i see it as well and it is a big shame indeed. The irony is that Brazil celebrated a 3-0 win against the worst Argentina i have ever seen throughout all these years i support this team. I feel that our beloved team has lost it’s identity nowadays, an identity well known all over the world as a combination of unique talent, technique, flair, grit and a die hard-never give up character. Nowadays the talent and technique are still there, but no flair because we fail to play as a team and especially no grit at all sadly, as we play without heart at times or without half of our players due to injuries.

    It is so frustrating, it is like putting an amateur driver behind an extreme supercar’s steering wheel which means that he will either drive it at half speed or crash it on to a wall.

  5. That is what i am talking about! Coaches are not the main problem. They are still quite a problem and they always were (Passarella, Batista, Maradona, Tata and now Bauza) but the main problem are the ones who are picking them, the ones who are rensponsible of running one of tradidionally best football teams of all time and arguably the most favourite team of most people from all over the world.

    I believe that Argentina would have won much more without those people who have been being rensponsible for it’s future for all these years.
    One of the greatest teams and the team of most people hearts, deserves people who care and try the best for it!

    The most important step is the resignation of senior members of afa and then we would probably see a better coach as well.

    • TRUE!
      Incompetent people select incompetent people and they also select incompetent people.
      We lose valuable ingredients in that process that are necessary to win so we aren’t ever at our full strengths but around 70%.
      What a shame.

  6. OMG………its not like its the maid, the delivery boy, the daily newspaper that nobody reads anyway……meehh its only the security detail that keeps the players safe and we know there are plenty of lunatics out there.

    Bunch of thieves and what an EMBARRASSMENT if this ever gets out and it will.

    The Flea saves their sorry asses on and off the field.

  7. Kudos to messi but more shame on the afa who are just so corrupt.

    I thought fifa were in charge of the afa oh of course its the blind leading the blind or should i say the corrupt leading the corrupt .

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