Sergio AGUERO and Robero PEREYRA sent off in England on Saturday


It was an uneventful day for Sergio AGUERO and Roberto PEREYRA and for all the wrong reasons.

During Manchester City’s English Premier League match against Chelsea, Sergio AGUERO got a straight red card (his second of the season) for a horrific kick out on David LUIZ. With the score at 3-1 for the visitors, AGUERO and David LUIZ went in for the same ball with AGUERO instead lashing out and tackling him resulting in a straight red card.

AGUERO could face disciplinary action with a 4 game ban (as opposed to a 3 game ban) as it is his second red card of the season.

Sergio AGUERO wasn’t the only Argentine getting red carded in England on Saturday as Roberto PEREYRA saw red for Watford in their 3-1 loss to West Brom. Claudio YACOB played the full 90 minutes for the winners.

Sergio AGUERO’s red card:

Roberto PEREYRA’s red card:


  1. Aguero ,though is my favourite player..must be seen permanent red card from Argentina team.

    F.Fazio changes his game a lot…playing good….
    Next time he should be called along with Paredes..

    I need badly that Icardi must be sold in the winter transfer to a big team…
    Inter is no longer a big team

  2. Good tackle from Rojo

    At least not so wise tackle as in last copa final….
    Bad luck in copa
    Good luck in epl
    Referee matters

    • Carrillo has 7 goals this season. Looks like good stats, but they can be deceiving. His first brace came in a 5-0 win, when came on as a late sub and scored 4th n 5th. Next 2 in a 6-0 win again 2 late goals. Next was the 4th goal in a 4-0 win. Again as a late sub. His only goal as a starter was in a 1-1 draw in the last round. Now yesterday again a late sub n a late goal when the scoreline was already 4-0. So almost all his goals were like beating up an already dead snake.
      Having said that Argentines featured in important high profiles matches in major leagues in Europe and all of them were poor. Never had a disastrous weekend as this in the last 5 or 6 years. But that is the real state of the quality of our players at the highest level bar Messi. The NT need to seriously start paying more attention to the players from the Primers. Son of wh***s Aguero, Higuain, Masche, Biglia, Zaba,Romero n a few others should be axed without mercy. Most of these guys started their careers as teens and so already been burned out. There is no more room for improvement in their play. We’ve seen the best of them and sadly it’s not good enough to win anything for the NT.

  3. Sad week for Argentine players in Europe. Do you why Di Maria didn’t play for PSG, and I’ve never seen Pastore recently as well, Lamela too.

    What’s going on?

  4. I saw this match & El Classico both, but enjoy City vs Chelsea more as a fan. I never saw mock from Pep to referee. He mocked when City was 1-2 & going to lose the game as home side! Aguero did to City something he always has been doing for Argentina, a bullshit performance! His frustration went on by fouling poor David Luiz. Oh… didn’t Aguero foul him some years ago like this!? Otamendi was shit too. Always lose the battle with Costa. Worst day for all city Argentines.

    In El Classico, Real were the better side. I don’t like to watch Barca’s match nowadays. Masche becomes his shadow.

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