Argentina to play friendly match against Brazil in Australia


Argentina will play a friendly match against Brazil in Australia next year.

According to the media in Australia, the match will take place in June of 2017. For the first time ever, the clasico will take place in that part of the world and would be at at the MGC (Melbourne Cricket Ground) which has a capacity of over 100,000 fans. Also, it appears as though one of the two teams will remain in Australia to play a match against the Australians.

The last time Argentina played a match in Australia was against Australia in September of 2007, a match which ended 1-0 for Argentina following a goal by Martin DEMICHELIS.


  1. Boca simply outshine the Primera, Tevez in great form, best player in the league, Gago played a tremendous game too, fantastic vision, a healthy and in from Gago was the perfect and the only player on ZM pos, who made Argentina well balanced, and the passing game fluid (maybe Paredes wil be the next)

    • They have more experience than the other teams. But Tevez or Gago or not future players unlike some of River, Estudiantes and few other teams. Maybe it was the last game of Tevez in Boca.

      I don’t know who will be kind of Gago but not Paredes for sure. He has not the movement of Gago. Gago is not only good passer he was also run forward player always, well connecting with forwards. In league I see here rather players like Alexis Castro or Eric Remedi. Of course as interesting prospects.

    • On the other they have also Pavon, Centurion, Peruzzi and other youngsters. And Dario Benedetto. Injured striker who is better than Tevez.

  2. Good platform to see new faces.Also it w’d really be great if new formation is tried especially the back 3 with Mercado Otamendi and Rojo.

    • Hey Pablo, I was there too in 07, what an experience to see Messi!!! I’m going to try and get tickets too. We should definitely catch up in Melbourne and go have Asado, a Choripan and a quilmes 😉

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