Mauro ICARDI and Ever BANEGA goals win it for Inter


Mauro ICARDI and Ever BANEGA both managed to score for Inter in their 3-0 win against Lazio.

Ever BANEGA opened the scoring through a great strike to give the hosts the lead while ICARDI double Inter’s lead with a header from close range. ICARDI added a second, his 14th goal in Serie A this season with a fine strike from inside the area.

Ever BANEGA’s goal:

Mauro ICARDI’s first goal:

Mauro ICARDI’s second goal:


  1. Icardi deserves a call. Quite easily. I will keep Higuain. But also bring in Icardi. Aguero should be completely gone. Start giving Icardi 15-30 mins, lets find out if he gels well in NT or not? May be he is or may be he is not, like many other players. Then we can let him go. Usually teams call 5 strikers, my list would be

    1. Lionel Messi
    2. Gonzalo Higuain
    3. Mauro Icardi
    4. Paolo Dybala
    5. Lucas Alario/Lavezzi

    I am torn on the 5th position. I would like someone like Lavezzi with speed and take the game wide.

    • Debasisa. A player needs a fair chance and 15 mins is not that chance. Sadly to many friendlys over the years have neen wasted by not giving potential new players a real chance and a small cameo is not it.

      Icardi needs a full game and more to see what he can do or cant do .

      • I agree with you. Why one full game a few full games. What I meant is – at least start with something. I missed out the “at least” at the end.

  2. wow brilliant movement from icardi for that 1st goal of his but the n/t does not need a striker who has the poachers instant, is young, a will to win, is fast, great movement on and off the ball and really knows how to score goals of all types….we don’t need him…sigh….please I’m begging call him up and no more “bozo excuses”

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