Edgardo BAUZA visits Mauro ICARDI, Inter


Argentina coach Edgardo BAUZA met with Inter’s Argentine players.

Edgardo BAUZA, who attended Roma’s match a few days ago visited the Inter team and was present at their training session. The coacg also met with the Argentine players as well as Javier ZANETTI and Walter SAMUEL. Most precisely, BAUZA spoke to Mauro ICARDI.

It remains to be seen what was said between the two but there was a talk which took place.


  1. wise words of riquelme ‘parades is my successor’ but foolish AFA is sleeping.
    Argentina is slowly fading into football oblivion… if AFA goes on like this… in 20 years time… Argentina will be a Hungary and Poland of football.

    • Very true. No one can ignore the similarity. Tottnham, Arsenel, and Liverpool are chasing him for a reason. Liverpool may sign him for next season.

    • TBF Paredes has nothing in common with Riquelme to be his successor. His passing is not that crisp nor he is able to control the tempo of the midfield. But he also doesn’t need to do all those things.

      He is a cultured Central Midfielder that we don’t have plenty of. In fact we have just a handful of those central midfielders. Note: I’m referring to central midfielders, not attacking mids nor defensive mids – both of which we have plenty of. To the point where our coach Mr. Pinhead uses two of them at the same time.

      Paredes excels at keeping things simple, by playing simple and effective short passes. He is able to hold on to the ball when pressed which is pretty rare for an Argentine midfielder. The bottom line is he is not a world beater, but he is what we need. Not another freegin’ defensive midfielder.

  2. Bauza is flying to China to meet Tevez. And then is scheduled to to convince Demechellis and Veron to play in the starting squad – 11.
    Bauza can well convince Mario Kempes for a forward role, Daniel Passeralla for a defender role and Maradona to play in the middle.

  3. Bauza has already made it clear that his first and second choice strikers are Higuain and Prato. Icardi is only the third choice! Messi, Aguero, and Dybala will also fly to Russia. Even if he selects a sixth forward, it will be Alario.

  4. Perotti can be the surprising inclusion and will perform much like Lavezzi was doing,well known for nullfying our expectations, thx to the overwhelming perormancces he maade when ever he is needed.

    Parades? The issue in mid field is beyond him. What the coach needs is to move on from the idea of employing 2 slow Defensive mids. May be one of them only and another two average but energitic with good ablity of aerial coverage. yet am sure he is an asset and could do less damage than Biglia/Krane/Maschie bonds.

  5. These meetings are not fruitful, the coach and the AFA should be using this time to organize a friendly game or two in Europe given that majority of the players are base there. At the end of the day the coach can just call up 23/24 players for the March WCQ games not 100 players. Buaza should be using his time to get a couple of international friendlies, you can’t just assume a player can fill a void without actually seeing that player in action with the NT in a more less competitive setting. The Peru game already made a young player like Kranevitter anonymous for the national team at this moment in time. Traveling all the way to Europe in an attempt to meet with players is a waste of everybody time. And even if Buaza call up a few new faces he will play it safe and stick with his core base starting XI. How many games did Pizarro start in?

    • Kid Dear, these clowns of coaches visit all over and then go back to the drawing board to select historians such as Tevez, Gago, Demechellis etc.
      Coaches spend precious money on tours not to visit players with reason but to visit touristspots and have good time… all the while fooling fans and public tax money.

      • “Kid Dear, these clowns of coaches visit all over and then go back to the drawing board to select historians such as Tevez, Gago, Demechellis etc.”

        This is it

  6. many of them have question about pastore but he will link midfield and attack he was awesome against rennes.. when he come back he played left side also… he can drop with midfield… hope he will not get injured… but no dimaria… he is aweful

    • Pastore, Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Lavezzi are history. Now we need to think in terms of Lanzini, Paredes, Dybala, Icardi, Correa, Kranevitter, Ascasibar.
      Messi and Mascherano can be the link between the present and the future of Argentina.

  7. he also watched parades and perroti but he was injured roma vs cesena.. now he went inter team training centre.. hope he has eye .. and finally take icardi ansaldi parades and perroti.. and he will going to watch inter vs juventus.. so he has the chance to watch higuain dybala icardi banega ansaldi… hope this will be our lineup against chille





    but dimaria asusual


    this is minimum change as a fan we expect.. future gomez ascazibar taglifico lanzini in wc expected.. come on bauza…

  8. Team building is more than selection of super stars in every spot. Bouza is not doing a favour atleast in selecting a desrving players for every position and worst of all, nor he is building a reliable team since he got the job. I don’t think having every star in every position would guarante achievement. If a coach couldn’t do that- atleast he should select a desrving players basing on their current form. That is why we funs are shouting for selection of Perotti,Icardi,Lanzini,Vazquez and Parades. We also know that they might not change things overnight but can do better especially if more chances are given like the way Maria ‘n Aguero/Biglia ve been given.

    So,pls Mr. Bauza don’t stop by Milan or Rome for z sake of visit;you also need to decide to give them real chance than simply talking with the legends and players. After all,the players ve talked enough on the pitch w/c i believe was also meant to you.

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