Diego Maradona: “I think SAMPAOLI is the best”


Diego MARADONA had his say on who he thinks the best Argentina coach is in La Liga.

While Mauricio PELLEGRINO managed to get his side to their first Copa del Rey final, for MARADONA, it was between Diego SIMEONE and Jorge SAMPAOLI as to who the best Argentine manager is in La Liga. MARADONA (who has officially announced that he now works for FIFA), had this to say:

“SIMEONE would be the best coach in Argentina, but he left River Plate in last place. Today, I think SAMPAOLI is the best coach.”

Who do you think is the best Argentine coach in La Liga? Or even in Europe? Let us know!


  1. for me at the moment it would be sim as id like to see how samp goes when he gets to manage a big team with massive expectations every game as the rumor he is he is one of the front runners for the barca job, samp has been impressive so far and he could be brilliant or another tata when given the keys to the “Farrari” (being the Argentine job or the barca job)

    • Samp don’t need the keys you mentioned. He is doing decently with every challenge todate unlike Simeone who utterly failed wiz Liverplate.

      • you do need the keys as in this modern game the pressure is immense from dealing with “stars” who are as big as clubs to must win every time and as tata found out is completely different from para to barca to the n/t and on paper tata seemed perfect for the job.

        High pressure jobs are far different from jobs with average expectations.

        look I’m very impressed with samp and what he is doing and he could be a fantastic manager but only time will tell how far he will go.

        as for samp winning the copa, we could say we lost it as to many of our “star” players simply did not turn up again and in both finals could have snatched it but woeful finishing let us down.

        in both copa’s we were the best team at the tournament and both copa finals we blew-big time and also chil won it without samp in charge.

        both have very close records and id have either of them in charge of the n/t instantly.
        and http://www.transfermarkt.com/diego-simeone/profil/trainer/2868

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