Alejandro GOMEZ: “It’s (the National Team) all very strange”


Alejandro GOMEZ, currently with Atalanta in Italy has stated that the the National Team for him seems very strange.

“Papu” GOMEZ has been gaining popularity in the media for his form in Italy but has still not played for the National Team. Here’s what he had to say about the matter:

“It’s all very strange. You could get called-up a thousand times to the National Team but if you don’t play, it’s not any good. There are great Argentine players in Italy who are not called-up.”

Regarding Mauro ICARDI not getting called to the team:
“The only reason that makes me think that ICARDI is not part of the National Team are for reasons beyond football. Although they have to start thinking about the future.”

“They wanted me on the Italian National Team but it wasn’t possible because I played at the U20 World Cup in Canada with Argentina. It brings me great pride that they did notice me.”


  1. Bauza himself is coming out of retirement to play for NT as a player coach thus fulfilling his dream of playing in a world cup. (if at all we qualify). hmmm… now what??
    Bauza also informed Kempes later in the day that he is in his plans for the world cup but not Icardi.
    btw guys, i want icardi to play but what if he manages to get in the 11s and nobody passes him the ball??
    Icardi and Enzo Perez will be passing to each other bcoz Masche and gang will pass to the opposition but not to these 2. Here goes another world cup if these all dont repent.

  2. I feel like we will get some changes for the match against Chile. Some new faces. I hope Bauza was just afraid to go with new faces so early on and does so now. If not (and if we make the World Cup), I have a feeling we will crash out like in 2002.

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