Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Lucas BIGLIA score goals for Juventus, Lazio


To add to the previous goals scored Lionel MESSI, Angel DI MARIA and others, Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Lucas BIGLIA put their names on the list of Argentine’s who scored this past weekend.

Juventus, with Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN both starting, travelled away to Cagliari and managed to pick up a 2-0 victory. The goalscorer? Last season’s Serie A top goalscorer, Gonzalo HIGUAIN. The first goal saw HIGUAIN beat the offside trap and chip the goalkeeper (similar to what he tried to do in the final of the 2016 Copa America). The second goal was assisted by fellow Argentine Paulo DYBALA.

Lucas BIGLIA scored for Lazio in their 1-1 draw against Milan. BIGLIA, captain of Lazio, stepped up and scored a penalty (unlike in the 2015 Copa America against Colombia and the final of the 2016 Copa America) to give Lazio the lead. However, Milan drew level with minutes left in the match.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s goals:

Lucas BIGLIA’s goal:


      • He has lots of potential, in the future he will hopefully show it. He needs to play regularly to make a real assessment, or to be considered.It is not going to happen at Roma it seems. Needs to move somewhere else and he needs a coach that shows him “he can be more than a deep lying midfielder”.

        • The only things may convince me is Paredes doing good things for NT. Despite my critic I can’t to prove he is not right man for NT. But after what I see (till now) on clubs level I think he is not or we have few better.

          • At the end of the day, the future will tell what will happen. As mentioned I am saying he should play regularly first if he ever wants to be part of the team, just like every player. It would make me a hypocrite if I thought Paredes should be called but say certain player shouldn’t because he isn’t playing regularly. I sometimes find your close mindedness as far as Paredes goes strange. Sometimes you talk in certain terms just like “kid” talks against the youngsters. He doesn’t want them to be tested at all, he knows for certain they suck. More open mindedness on this matter would be great saying “I think Paredes is not good enough or the type of player we need but I am open for everything for the good of the team so let’s try him out like any other player and see what he can do”. I think you should think this way on this matter and not like “kid” saying “They suck without trying or giving them a chance first”.
            I like your last comment, I respect that fully, you clearly state that it is your opinion and you may be right but without trying you never know.
            Someone mentioned Lanzini’s lack of assists a few days ago. He has 2. I wanted to write something in defense of Lanzini, but didn’t feel the need because you defended him perfectly. He doesn’t have many direct assist but he has many indirect assists and his involvement is way bigger than direct assist. But then I just find it strange that you come with numbers when Paredes is concerned.. I wanted to show you in that clip that Paredes doesn’t have many assists but he is involved indirectly. SO Paredes being called up is not the end of the world(he isn’t being called up, so don’t worry). No player can save us anyway. We lack cohesiveness, we aren’t a team and don’t have a strategy whatsoever. Player don’t give their all. it’s a recurring act from the seniors to the youth teams. We need to change the way of thinking first and foremost, then the way we play, tactics, and players should be hold accountable and there must be competition in the team and balance..
            There lie our problems.

          • good points of prad and laz,
            every team needs a “water carrier” and they just do the job of reading the game, getting the ball, securing it and moving it to other players, they do a lot of work but as is pointed out dont get a lot of “direct assists” but are involved in the play and this is also essential to have these type of players and their is nothing wrong with that at all.

          • Ghostdeini

            apparently you didn’t understood me.
            Why compare me to KidultHood. He is sure that some young players are weak without testing them in NT while I’m not sure about but:

            – I didn’t said Paredes is not worth to gets trial in NT but only there are players which more deserved for a chance IMO. Fact is to every position in NT we have long queue and while I would like to see Paredes to the test in my personal rank there is few players ahead of him in the queue. So that’s why I’m vote for other players before him. For example: is not Pizarro who is stall around NT ahead of Paredes? Pizarro still hadn’t a chance. We don’t want call up players one by one just to sit them on the bench. And I think also Augusto and Enzo hadn’t enouch chances in NT. Especially of late. Then I have in mind Alexis Castro and Nacho Fernandez. And in my list also ahead of Paredes. So As you see I have a reasons to claim: call up for Nacho and not Paredes. But it doesn’t mean I think Paredes is not worth of test at all. I think it’s clear.

            “Despite my critic I can’t to prove he is not right man for NT” – this is quite different approach than talking still some young players are not on NT level and I don’t need to see them even getting a chance what is typical attitude of KidultHood.

          • What’s problem with Lanzini? He has not many assists but he has 5 goals. So 5 goals 2 assists it’s good stats and not reason to comapre him to Paredes.

    • Gonzalo
      I don’t know maybe you don’t see this but as soon as someone mentions the possibility of Paredes being part of the team. In your comment you come over as being bothered just like “kid” of his fear that his heroes get canned.
      In my opinion Enzo, Augusto, and Pizarro as role players…they do a lot of things but nothing great. While the so called “Stars” either can attack or defend but not do both.
      No “team” is build around players that can do only one thing, so this is where those role players mentioned above come in, they make the team balanced.
      In my opinion, Lanzini can do a better job than all 3. He is more of a threat than all those 3, because just look at the the World cup, we had a hardworking midfield but we lacked scoring.
      If people see in Lanzini the Alpha dog, the playmaker in the sense of a 10 then they will be disappointed because he is a role player, a damn good one, who can do a lot of things on an above average rate.
      You need variety in the team, for example Manchester United had Giggs on the left(dribbler) and Beckham on the right (crosser). Just look at Arsenal, most of their players, especially the midfielders are of the same prototype, and it is boring, stagnant and predicable.
      If it is not going their way then they don’t have anything to change the outcome.
      Anyway, I hope the players you mentioned will do as you say and we will win. When you win nobody cares about NAMES.

      • “In my opinion, Lanzini can do a better job than all 3. He is more of a threat than all those 3, because just look at the the World cup, we had a hardworking midfield but we lacked scoring”. It’s also my opinion. Just opinion. No guarantees it will realize anytime. But problem is: even if our coach will call him up I doubt will use him as deeper lying midfielder – DM or CM. They will rather place him as standard AM or LF,LM. IMO he may give best if play deeper and may work many sides and with longer distance to goal he may use his long shoots.

        What about Enzo and Augusto I still have not satisfaction when we are talking about their number of minutes in NT. Let alone Pizarro case. I’m not sure Augusto or Enzo are not too old for WC but Pizarro is not too old for sure. Now we don’t know what he may add.

        When I’m watching World CUp 2014 finals and semifinals I see Enzo (and Lavezzi) as player which makes crucial difference. They were like 2 engines, motors. Argentina didn’t scored but they have lot of chances so it’s not a good idea to judge all team after goals. Both Enzo and Lavezzi are role players for me. So now I would rather looking for more the kind for NT.

        For some reasons I really like the Brazilian model of 3 midfielders. One No.5 – Fernandinho and two sided box to box – Renato Augusto, Paulinho. I know there’s no one way to build winning team but it seems to be one of the easiest path to follow.

        • yes, players are misused by our coaches. they don’t look at strategy, fit, balance, chemistry,shape,momentum and form. All they do is put players out there by names, be it in the senior or youth squads.

          • Some attacking players may be interestingly adapted to CM/box to box role. So why I’m not fan of Lamela on his normal position it’s interesting the idea proposed here by someone to use him as box to box. While both with Lanzini have potentiall to imagine hardworking try to imagine:


            Who knows

          • Hey Gonzalo, thats a very good idea in principle! We don’t have any natural fullbacks, so practically no width at all. Lamela and Lanzini are both fantastic players at holding on to the baall, so the hybrid CM-LM/RM thing could really work for us.

  1. Guys, it’s all good. I like mostly your line ups but Paredes. Still Paredes.

    We have to face it. Paredes is not good playmaker at all. It’s myth.
    How he is good playmaker? How is it possible that in all his European Career he has 1 (!!!!!) assist. Sic! It seems to be impossible actually but it’s fact. I think even centerbacks have more assists than Paredes. Yet people considering him as good playmaker. And people may make up reasons why he has only 1 assist since play in Europe. Things like: he is deep-lying playmaker, he controll the game rather than assisting – but it’s just nonsense. 1 assist?! He has 1 assist while freekicker and cornerkicker in Roma. Yet he has this tall Dzeko in penalty box. And 1 assist? Where is another playmaker who takes freekicks and corner kicks and has 1 assist?

    No one hype about Strootman who plays on the same position as Paredes. No one. Yet still this guy has more goals and assist (cause he is moving forward at all). Another in this position De Rossi as well. Let alone to compare him to Kroos. How many assist has Kroos?

    How many goals has Paredes? He scored 3 goals in last 2 seasons. And check them all. All with big dose of luck, rather funny. 2 by ricochets (Empoli) and by goalkeepers funny mistake (the one of current season). So how he is attack contributing player? I see him with some attempts of shots. But almost all the shoots are off the goal. Sometimes far off. A lot of his long passes are too fast to be controlled well by forwards or aren’t enough precise.

    The only thing he is really impressive is ball control but it’s too little. It’s catchy but better for street football or to circus.

    So Argentina deserves for better CM. If you don’t trust me that domestic players Alexis Castro (new Enzo Perez) and Nacho Fernandez are better than Paredes then vote for Pizarro, Enzo, Pereyra, Augusto or anyone from Europe but not Paredes. He is too weak, too static for NT. We need active player in the middle.

    • I don’t think he is on Bauza’s radar, so don’t worry. Bauza is more likely to call up Belluschi, Acuña and Pizarro (and keep them on the bench) than Paredes.

      • Everytime, when I’m just going to say we have better than Paredes, I’m still talking about Paredes minuses again. Damn

    • Gonzalo,

      Why Paredes?

      It is more ideal than practical!

      Up front we have: Messi+dybala+icardi
      +one AM (Gaitan or Lanzini).
      Then we need a CDM.
      Then we are forced to say that the remaining midfielder should be:
      a player who can hold the ball, control the midfield, supply the ball, etc.
      We want someone to occupy the midfield space.
      Paredes can be this one who plays close to the centre line and feed the front line (I say so because i dont trust Banega)
      Yep, we cannot expect too much from Paredes. I may be ambitious to think that he will be a midfielder general like Riquelme. The statistics you mentioned above clearly show this. But if you have the idea of playing such a player which i mentioned above, Paredes comes close. All other players including Perez represent a different idea.
      The role Paredes will have in Argentina will be different from any club.
      Let him get a chance and if he doesnt shine or if he doesnt fulfill his role, drop him. This is my idea.

      • “Let him get a chance and if he doesnt shine or if he doesnt fulfill his role, drop him. This is my idea”.

        I don’t mind but why not first to give a chance some players who are there. Still around NT but without a chance. Pizarro? Pereyra IMO also hadn’t enough minutes. Personally I doubt he is the one we need but we need some order. If he was called up already we need test him better than give one game in starting line up. We need order. It’s wrong if we drop Pizarro (without a minute in NT) just to give a chance for Paredes. While I see people want such confusion. I think good trial is at least 3 games in starting line up.

    • You know I will disagree with you regarding Paredes. But still –

      – Paredes is a CM with better passing and vision than Biglia
      -He can resist Press

      And Paredes is not an attacking midfielder, so why you are counting assists? He is slow, but he dictates play from the back…a bit like Gomes in Barcelona. People will always tell you they don’t like Gomes, but modern coaches like these players. You need a little pause in the game, which he will be able to provide.

      O, and he should never be paired with Mascherano though. That will be just overkill. I think a Paredes-Augusto-Enzo midfield is quite good. Our best in terms of holding possession and keeping a structure.

      • He is not attacking midfielder but as playmaker, even the “deep-lying” should have more. Every midfielder. Let alone who is freekicker and cornerkicker.
        1 assist by few years it’s just astonishingly little. I mean anoalogical players on his position have more goals and assists. At the same time he is not perfect in defence. I’m sure we have somewhere else CMs players who may offer more to attack.

        • How many assists does Busquets has? Why you need assists from a central midfielder who plays deep? Is the final pass supposed to arrive from behind the half way line? …And I am not even comparing him with Busquets, because he’s not that. He is another midfielder to be played besides Busquets may be.

          And no..analogical players on his position is not supposed to have assists. Key passes yes, assists pretty rare. Paredes is pretty damn good at holding on to the ball, and playing simple metronomic passes.

          Whatever man, you are not going to agree. So just leave it.

          • Busquets is not freekicker or cornerkicker. Whatever you say I don’t understand why he has not assists while takes the role.

            You are still making up new comparing for Paredes everytime when he is not able to bear comparisons to some player. First it was Pirlo. But people realized Pirlo was something more. Than Ballack. But Ballack had galore of goals. Then Kroos but Kroos has a lot of assists. Now Busquets but I think Busquets is still more dutiful in defence. Looks like he is not even able to bear comparisons to Strootman.

            But what is most crucial: you don’t see how your own expectations to Paredes are gradually stepping down. From players who was supposed to be box to box to player who is only adapted to Busquets role. It’s not the same. I think there’s more people here who may tell you: if I have to choose player who is only good in defence I’ll take rather Mascherano still or Ascacibar in future or maybe Kranevitter who is far more talented in this point than Paredes.

            But Paredes was supposed to be someone more than only next Masche.

          • Istiaque

            If I have midfield with 3 CMs with one only to defence I’ll take:

            ………….. Mascherano/Ascacibar

            it’s more Brazil NT model. IMO both Mascherano and Ascaciabar/Kranevitter are better on No.5 in this defensive tasks than Paredes. On the other hand if we are considering Paredes to LCM or RCM still IMO each of Enzo, Augusto, Nacho, Pizarro, Castro gives you more in attack. More goals assists or just more movement what is crucial with non-atacking player as Masche.

            If you have midfield with 2 central along each other the more you need along static Masche someone who is running to and fro. Otherwise your midfield will be dead.

            Of course you may take Paredes on Mascherano position but he is not near to Mache in defensive abilities and is that was the original idea with Paredes as player with contribution to attack? I dont think so.

          • I forgot here about Pereyra and Lanzini which also are in pool to cast midfield roles. And dare I say both gives you more in attack.

    • Paredes plays DM not ZM, a Busquets-type DM, and definitely not a pure destroyer like Ascacibar.
      OK now see what Ascacibar can and cannot. Cannot pass, or controll the game tempo, dictate the rythm, or make some playmakin, below average in every passing skills. He made his first assist in his career after an easy ball and some praised him like Pirlo. Cannot dribble, and cannot shoot. 0 goals in his career if i remember well. Against hard pressing he’s dead, neither his passing, or quick thinking, neither his close control, retention dribbling skills can save him. Imagine a match with Ascacibar type players against Germany (Kroos-Gündogan or vs every other powerhouse) guaranteed 75-80% possession. Not for us.
      Defending? So far overrated too, maybe he played good against in PD, but on one level higher on Olympics or even on U20 he was usually lost. How many goals we conceeded? 2 goals per match in average? And yes he was one of the main reason, most of the opponents ran accros our midfield easily.
      His only good attributum is his fantastic stamina, but this is very few, and always be for NT.

      • Hahahahaha

        as always Casablanca makes his little personal war, non business. Completely off theme. But why Ascacibar here? This is your problem man: you want to promote your favourite players and not the best. Just like KidultHood. And you think other members here are acting alike. I just want best players IMO. My opinions are not fixed.
        Every Hungarian is such a revengeful man? You must be descendant of Huns.

        But if you ask me, somehow Ascacibar is prospering better and at his 19 learn still a lot especially in attack (I think you don’t see beacause the NT games are the only one of him you saw). I don’t see Paredes progress in attack. Somehow Ascacibar one of our 3 best players on Olimpic Games and now the U-20 team finally qualified. So how it is possible this player without advantages was good on Olimpic Games? And the substantial difference is that while both have 1 assist no one is creating Ascacibar for playmaker as it is with Paredes (ascacibar is not freekicker or cornerkicker). I don’t know who was describing Ascacibar as Pirlo. Not me.

        my “favourite” on Paredes position is Alexis Castro not Ascacibar. Ascacibar different role.

        You like pure statistics so much so why it makes you so angry when someone is just talking about facts. I didn’t notice also till now that Paredes has only one assist in Europe. I’m also shocked;) But while in this shock still I may keep some balance of mind and not act like hound with a crooked back and to bite blindly.

        • So facts=someones imaginery thoughts and wishful thinkings? I know why you don’t like stats(facts), with them not so hard to query the wannabe prophets’s illusions. (like yours lot of the times). Btw Paredes gave average the most key passes in this season between the DM’s in EU. So please don’t kick another own goal. And now will you behave again and again just like a cry baby? Stop my vituperation and grow up!

          • I see after your Whoscored only in Roma Strootman has better average keypasses than Paredes (Let alone assists and goals). I see even this horrible Biglia (without attack contribution) is better in key passes, assists, goals. And other DMs in league. So what are you talking about?

            “So please don’t kick another own goal”.

            It’s your and KidultHood speciality. Always. As it was with U-20 team. Only you and KidultHood give up on them yet after first game second round. @Jack was writing about this more than one time.

          • Average per 90 minutes, to be fair…i didnt find better than him between the DMs, 2,5 key passes per 90, 1,7 from short passes (far from corner kicks and free kicks), more than 3X as much, than Busquets from action

        • Ascacibar is here, because he’s the other DM who may be Mascherano’s successor. Parades plays the last midfielders role in the last 2 years, Strootman the ZM. Not so hard to make a character assassination for anyone, this is one of your main profil. (Messi lot of the times, Di Maria, Paredes, and all the players you dont like). Then everybody who disagrees with you is stupid, and you start to proselytize over and over and over again with you long posts and your facts. (haha)

          • And now i make one about Ascacibar. Whats the problem with it? Paredes role model is Busquets, Ascacibars? Makelele or Kante? Not surprising Paredes wanted to attacking teams, Ascacibar rather a destroying team Atletico. And Argentina among the attacking team, so for me Ascacibar will be never the ideal DM. Mascherano is at least a solid passer, and a big leader.

          • Don’t be ridiculous. Come on. We both know that Ascacibar is here because of your personal motivations, you think he is my favourite on this position hence Paredes rival ergo your rival. If it is about DMs only so why don’t you talk also about Kranevitter? He is already in NT.

            Oh, how many times you want to discern by force Paredes with other DMs like Strootman just to justify reasons why he has not assists and goals like the other DMs. I see Strootman and Paredes on the same line. Paredes more RCM while Strootman LCM. But both are DMs.

            And even don’t see you are stuck still in the same terms: favourite player. When I’m criticizing Messi because of his shitty game in COpa America final it’s not about favourite, like or dislike.
            Paredes is just not enough good for me. And yes I don’t like Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain because of one reason. They are absent honor because despite they were talking about left NT after last Copa they are still there and occupy places which should take younger players. They had enough chances.
            And take a look around. Looks like only KidultHood and you are the the one who still like DI Maria and want him in NT. People dont wat him even when he is playing like it was against Barcelona.

          • “Mascherano is at least a solid passer, and a big leader”

            Oh, I see you forgot that Ascacibar was captain of U-20 team. He was captain on every level Estudiantes youth teams. Within few months he will have on his account (at his 20) 3 international tournaments with NT (Olimpic Games, Sudamericano and World Cup) and one on club level U-18 Frenz Cup where Estudiantes participated among strong clubs with much talented youngsters like as Liverpool, Tottenham, Valencia, Porto, Feyenoord. And he was named best player of that tournament what is very hard for DM. He is pure talent and just need grind.

            Passes? Was not he the one who have realesad by both goals 2 crucial passes against Colombia? It’s still better than Mascherano I think and comparatively to Paredes.

          • And why I don’t like statistics? Simple: if you want to know soemthing about football you need to watch full games. As I said before: how is it if only a coach is interesting aboud player he is always going to stadium to watch full game and not into statistics? My cup of tea is watchig matches your cup of tea is watching statistics (apart some most popular clubs like Barcelona, City or PSG) and sites likes talents hunter id est… statistics.

          • But you see the game soo wrong lot of the times, so i read your posts and i know probably the opposite is true. Ascacibar, Lanzini, Nacho Fernandez maybe on Albania’s level right now, maybe. We all now they never ever will be called up in NT without a key player status in a good european club, and this is 100% right. They got the chances in U20 and Olympics, have to step up.

          • Ok, now I just record your comment: Ascacibar, Lanzini, Nacho will never gets call up. Let’s see what happens.

            “maybe on Albania’s level right now” – haha, it’s very simile to your absurdal statemant about Ascacibar on Olimpic Games “he is worst player ever performed for Argentina”. It was just before he was named in common opinion as our best (along Rulli) player on that tournament.

            You and Kidulthood – 2 specialists about ironical predictions

        • Sounds underhand. I havo no time for this sophisticated mathematic. I see he has every season the same 1,2 key passes no matter how many minutes. So it’s mere speculation he would have more with more minutes. Probably all this counting of Key Passes is unreliable, on the naked eye. But If he is so good why Spaletti prefer other DMs? Answer is simple: because he know they gives you more: goals, direct assists or runs, more activity at all.
          Looks like all Roma want from Paredes is sell him at a good price. Hence all this hype in YouTube. It’s normal, when a club want to sell a player they will take specialists of making hype in internet to drive up the price. I’m not sure this happens in this case but it looks like that.

          He has some talent when with the ball but usually coaches are preferring more active players.

  2. ____________________________Rulli____________________________

    Pruzzi————-Mussachio————-Garray————Ansaldi/ Tagliafico

    ——————————-Perez/ Ascacibar





    I prefer Ansaldi to Tagliafico in this formation as he is better in moving forward.
    Messi and Dybala will exchange their positions throughout the game.

    • No No NoNoNo—–
      It can be like that….



  3. So Kidulthood is on his usual rants again, I see nothing’s changed!

    Look I love pipita, kun, Macherano and Romero and I like Dimaria, Biglia and Banega but the sad fact is they all need to go!
    Icardi, piatti, perotti, lanzini, paredes, cervi, perez, pizzaro, peruzzi, tagliafico and Rulli all deserve atleast a chance to prove themselves because the ‘messi generation’ is well past it’s expiration date.

    I used to be of the belief that major changes during WCQ is a big mistake but the sad fact is Argentina is struggling due in part to Bauza’s incompetence but one must also accept the fact that the current team isn’t cutting it. Those guys have lost 3 finals in a row and their mental prowess is damaged without repair sadly.

    I would like to see this team tried:





    Now let me explain my choices:

    Romero is a fantastic GK when he puts on the NT kit but his lack of playing time is alarming and if something isn’t done about it very soon then Rulli needs to take over.

    Mercado is a reliable RB but Gino Peruzzi deserves a chance because he’s been amazing in the primera and he’s played for the NT before.
    Garay is must, nuff said!
    “Tagliafico isn’t world class” according to Bauza and that maybe so but maybe not! All I know is that Tagliafico is an excellent LB who has became almost as dangerous going forward as he is tenacious at defending and thus deserves a chance especially since Argentina’s current options (Rojo and Mas) aren’t exactly world class either and to top it off they haven’t lit the world on fire despite of the numerous opportunities they’ve bee afforded.

    I disagree with Kid on perez, he is a very capable CM/DM with a solid passing range and immense defensive tenacity and I would try him over Masch for now. His current struggles and accumulation of cards has alot more to do with Valencia’s massive struggles than his personal playing style.
    Paredes would make an excellent deeplying playmaker that Argentina’s been lacking since Gago lost his form and Banega being unable to find and semblance of consistency. Nacho Fernandez is a similar type of player but is considerably more dynamic that Paredes but is yet to prove himself outside of Argentina while paredes has so paredes gets the nod for now atleast.
    Vasquez is a superb passer and very defensively disciplined not to mention his established partnership with dybala. Acuna was superb last season in the primera and he has all the attributes that Vasquez has with the added advantage of being younger.

    I know you’re wondering why I put dybala as a 9 and had him fight it out with Icardi instead of having both of em beside messi but to be honest a forward line of messi, dybala and Icardi might frighten any defense but non of these players has shown any indication of wanting to track back and help out the midfield and the defense and I believe that every team should have atleast 8 players willing to defend at any time.
    Piatti and perotti have shown impressive stats going forward in addition to their willingness to put in the defensive work.

    Brazil hit rock bottom and had to make drastic changes and now their at their best since 2002 and so I see no reason why Argentina can’t do the same.

    • Sir, I like your line-up very much. If Bauza at leat try half of the above mentioned players with right position, Argentina could go much further in Russia WC than the path we are expecting currently!

  4. Football is always in development and it looks like the speed of development is increasing. Some club teams in Europe are advancing so rapidly in team and system dynamics that individual talented players hardly matter anymore. PSG crushed Barcelona in a frightening way. Like Kid pointed out, Argentina’s NT has many parallels to Barca. We rely way too much on our stars upfront to decide matches. PSG’s young defence easily stood up against the world’s most renowned attacking line. It proves again that age is no factor. Bayern Munich set another example yesterday. If Bayern would play against Argentina we would lose maybe even with double digit numbers.

    On club level this is very visible. I cannot see a Copa Libertadores winner beat the CL winner in the foreseeable future. Technically South America may still be ahead of Europe, in terms of tactics and team dynamics they are way behind. If Bauza succeeds in getting us to the WC (which remains to be seen), we need to improve so many aspects of our game to stand a chance against top European sides. Due to games like PSG-Barca players will not be intimidated by big name players. Messi and Neymar were nobodies compared to Rabiot, Verratti and Matuidi on Tuesday. Hopefully this game will trigger the alarm bells in AFA offices.

    • Totally agree with you.

      At this moment Europe is way ahead in terms of Tactics and team dynamics. South American teams lacks in discipline, shape, tactics etc. Almost nobody knows how to apply a high line, and when they do its just like playing the defense a further 10 meter ahead. Nothing changes.

      I could argue with you that if a Copa Libertadores winning team plays in a top European league with the existing structure and tactical knowhow, they would be relegated.

  5. Knowing Bauza’s priorities I think the most probable line-up vs Chile is this:




    Messi———–Dybala————-Di Maria


    Bauza said he would call up Maidana for suspended Funes Mori. What’s so special about Maidana? Why not Pezzella or Fazio for example? I can only see two positives from this line-up, Messi – Dybala and Dybala-Higuain combos. Other than that, business as usual. Bauza also gave hints that he is not happy about Romero’s lack of playing time, so will we see another keeper?

    • EnganChe: why are you doing this to me? in posting this team above, no coach with any tactical nuance, no coach who actually watches the game, no coach that actually studies the game to see what players are in form or out of form, no coach would play players not in their correct and best positions on a regular basis, no coach who is actually watching those in form would pick those out of form, no coach who is watching any one of a number of exciting and possible young players would field some of this lot as their are so many mistakes in this selection.

  6. Once again midfield is everything. Matudi Veratti and Rabiot Dimaria. Almost all of Argie’s CAM need three dynamic and strong mid players behind their back in order them to focus on their attacking and creativity roles. Dimaria, Pastore,Lanzini, Dybala,Messi, Vazquez, all need three mids to protect them and give them good passes. They should focus on creating oportunities not like how Leo was trying to do yesterday.

    Biglia,Augusto,Perez,Banega,Pizarro? I am not sure how they will function.

    Strong and reliable full backs can assist and share the burden of the mid fields,though. In our case Rojo and Mercado.

    • Perez has been horrible for Valencia, he is either breaking a player leg, accumulating yellows that suspend him for Valencia next game or getting himself a red card. Neither Augusto or Perez are technically good with the ball so they being in the starting XI will make the other mids suffer. Biglia is a fine midfielder, just don’t play him alongside Mascherano, one CDM in the starting XI especially playing at home is good enough. If you look at the Spanish, German, French and Croatian midfield players they’re all technically good with the ball especially in tight pressure situation unlike Argentina mids who panic and turn over possession as soon as the opposition start pressing and closing down in the middle of the park. Argentina is like Barcelona yesterday; they content themselves with useless slow build up possession from defense to mid with walking pace then by the time they get into attack the opposition close down all the avenues for a through pass on goal. And this is why Argentina most of the time has to rely on individual brilliance. Under Sabella Argentina use to have countless of team effort goals now this is not the case. Buaza doesn’t have any ideas of his own, he is either copying what Tata and Sabella did in the past with Argentina. Still trying to figure out what Buaza is trying to do, at least with Sabella you know his team counter attack and Tata team try to play possession football while holding a high line. But for the love of the game what is Buaza trying to accomplish?

  7. As good as Suarez has been at the #9 position for Barcelona, Messi is a better #9. That said, the strength of Barcelona through the years was ALWAYS its midfield. Barcelona should have kept fabergas with iniesta in midfield with neymar and Pedro on the wings up front and Messi up top in the #9. Barcelona now has so many goal scorers and not enough midfield passers to set up goals! Messi is going to waste in Enrique’s system with players that combine with him. Xavi, Danny alves, Pedro…. these were all players that fed Messi the ball in scoring positions. Now… Messi looks to make up for the deficiency in midfield and drops back and looks for assists… shame really

  8. Zabaleta is way superior to Sergi Roberto. No right back currently (do they even have one?) at Barcelona is even close to Zabaleta caliber. As I can recall, Man City did beat Barcelona with Zabaleta at RB. Rojo is easily a superior defender to Haha Alba who can’t defend to save himself. Biglia is a superior midfielder compare to Rakitic and Gomes. Even though I don’t like Masche and Biglia together, no way Matuidi and Veratti would have owned Masche and Biglia the way how they owned both Busquet and Gomes. Barcelona has been scraping along all season hoping Messi will bail them out on every turn. Mercado is still in the UCL and he is not being embarrass like what PSG did to Barcelona yesterday..

    • Sergi Roberto is not a right-back, so you are comparing apples and oranges. Biglia is a DM, Rakitic is CMF, again invalid comparison. Rojo is a centre-back, Jordi Alba is a wingback/left-back, you see the pattern. Apples and oranges. Besides, Man City and Barcelona played 6 times in the last two years and Barcelona won 5 times and lost 1. And guess what, Zabaleta played in every single game and was on the losing side 5 times.

      • It’s not apples to oranges, we are talking about yesterday game against PSG. Like for like and players for players. Enrique has deployed Rakitic countless time as DM for Barcelona. Rojo would not have gotten destroyed like what PSG did to Haha Alba yesterday, that’s the point I’m making. Considering how Barcelona was humiliated yesterday, they needed defenders instead of hapless wingbacks like Alba and Sergi Roberto who doesn’t have a clue about defending. Again, we are talking about the recent game Man City and Barcelona played in, like their recent beat down they got by the hands on PSG yesterday. Here you’re stretching to defend clueless Barcelona on what was a pathetic display. Barcelona vs PSG reminds me of Spain vs Netherlands at the 2014 world cup, the same poor display from the likes of Alba, Pique and, Iniesta. And Yes, Umtti is overrated!! This guy is no upgrade on Bartra.

        • I don’t care, you can bash Barcelona all you want, that’s besides the point. The issue here is that you time and time again advocate for the status quo in the national team to be maintained, i.e. Zabaleta, Rojo. Like, what’s wrong with calling up Peruzzi and/or J.L. Gomez for example? Zabaleta was great in his prime (26-28 years old), probably one of the best right-backs in the world at that time but we can’t cling to the same old players especially in such demanding positions as fullback where you are supposed to run back and forth all the time. At 32 how much longer can Zabaleta do that?

          • Rojo was rightfully drop from the side by Buaza and worked himself back into form with Manchester United under Mourinho. Rojo has every right to be on the Argentina national team given his current form and is history with the team especially the world cup. Zabaleta was always a second choice under Tata Martino at RB. The players you guys are talking about are not good enough to compete with the best from the other nations, that is another fact! Send them off to an U23 or U20 tournament and see how it goes first before we can have a discussion about the national team. Do you see Diego Maradona graving for any of these overrated Mundo wannabe top players?

          • Sorry but Jose Luis Gomez is more talented RB than Zabaleta. Probably one day you will see him in NT doing good things. I wonder what would you say then.

            He should’ve play for NT when he was 20 yet. If he was German I’m sure he would have.

            Somehow Peruzzi did well in his games in NT…

      • OK, how many games did Rojo play as a left-back under Mourinho? Look, if you said that Rojo is a better centre-back than Funes Mori and we should play him alongside Otamendi or whoever, you would have had a much stronger argument but Rojo as a left-back is not a solution at all

        .Ok the alternative to Zabaleta is Mercado, another centre-back. Great, just great.

        • But Argentina does not have any complete top class all round LB or RB so I would rather keep the players who are strong defensively rather than playing wannabe Roberto Carlos who will get expose defensively in La Paz and against Chile during the March qualifiers. If Argentina had top quality LB and RB option like the Brazilian NT then your argument would be valid,but as of now, the players being mention here are not good enough to represent Argentina.

          • Your answer should be: “I don’t know anything about alternative for Zabaleta, Mercado, Rojo Argentina fullbacks “so I would rather keep the players who are strong defensive…”.

            It’s always easy to say about a player he is not enough good before he even gets a call up. But it’s just empty words.

  9. I think Barcelona needs world class players like rojo as left back, Zabaleta or Mercado on the right. Demichelis in the middle. Biglia and Mascherano midfield and romero in goal.

  10. Dimaria had an awesome game. However, I cannot see him playing like this for Argentina. I can easily think of 5 instances where he passes or slipped the ball to a teammate. I can bet in all these occasions he would be dribbling mindlessly till he loses the ball or paint himself in a corner from where he can do nothing. His decision making is horrible when he puts on the national team shirt. We will see in March, I guess. Hope he plays a few like this for us.

    Same for Higuain.

    • Di Maria has scored two goals against Chile in his last three games against them. But lets just act like Messi didn’t have an awful game yesterday and pretend it never happened. The game against PSG prove Messi has no business playing as a CM, he doesn’t press or track back to help his team mates, he rather stand and expect everyone to pass the ball to him. Again, Higuain have one of the best goal per game ratio for Argentina, but lets ignore the facts and act like Messi walks on water. If this will be Messi behavior in Russia, I don’t see Argentina winning the world cup.

      • Well, good morning (or any other time of the day) Status Quo! Are Chile our only opponent? More often than not Di Maria is running around like crazy and tries to dribble for no reason. More often than not Di Maria is not making impact for Argentina. He is very inconsistent. As for Higuain, yeah, let’s ignore the fact that when it matters most he misses the target.

        Nobody is saying Messi is untouchable, if he does not play well, it has to be pointed out.

        Kid, apparently you are the only one who can see things clearly. You have the monopoly on reality.

        • Well, I would rather have Di Maria running around at altitude in La Paz and Quito than him walking around all game like someone who doesn’t care. Di Maria not making an impact for Argentina? lol Take off your blinders and listen to the expert who write and commentate on football as a professional. During the game yesterday the commentator said Di Maria was important for Argentina. Di Maria is the best in his position and what he does on the pitch. No need to carry on about this. Not hating on Messi, I’m of the Messi generation and I love him like a brother, just stating facts here. until Messi stop trying to please Suarez and Neymar at Barcelona, like he is their assist on goal insurance, Barcelona will continue to struggle against top teams. Messi doesn’t need to be Xavessi, he needs to be Messi.

          • Let’s focus on Argentina, shall we? How many Argentina games did that commentator watch? A commentator said so then it must be true, lol. Why would I and countless other people on this blog criticize Di Maria if he did not give us ample reasons to do so? We ain’t’ hating for no reason.

    • Talented playmaker, but a difficult person, a total asshole without work ethic, just like Riquelme, but Roman was so godly talented (best passer i’ve ever seen with M. Laudrup) that he had to play with all his idiocy.

  11. This match also shows that Ronaldo might end up scoring the first cenrury in UCL. Messi lost it so badly tonight. Barca have no hope for me. Psg have a simple plan for 2nd leg, put 11 men behind and counter.

    • Messi? He was more interested in Suarez and the other players scoring except for himself. Messi tend to stay behind the ball when his team is going forward then expect to get the ball play back to him, this kills a lot of Barcelona momentum going forward and his midfield didn’t help him either. Messi is the greatest goal scorer and how many shot did he had against PSG?

      Argentina will never win the world cup because with Messi on the team it’s either pass to him or no other option. Brazil shut down Messi and Argentina lost the game. Chile shut down Messi in both finals and Argentina lost on penalties. Buaza or any other Argentina coach need a Messi plan B; like, what if the other team decided to put three players on Messi, does that mean he still have to get the football? Our coaches don’t think or have a forward looking approach. And no amount of new player changes anything because they will be program to pass to Messi like everybody else. Pass to Messi and hope the team win is not a strategy to win the world cup.

      • Yup they just cant accept that Messi can be utilized when hes not on the ball also. Barca kept too much hope on messi to create something. Such young PSG backline shut down MSN tonight

        • Barcelona team was slow all over the pitch. At least with Mascherano he always has a burst of pace coming out of the defense/midfield going forward which both Busquet and Iniesta are lacking. And I don’t see Barcelona pulling off another AC Milan comeback at the Nou Camp, in that game Xavi, Busquet, Iniesta and Alves were at their peak which Argentina will be lacking in the second leg against PSG. People tend to forget that Messi scored most of his goals through Dani Alves over the years at Barcelona.

  12. Argentina National Team according to Kid




    Messi———–Banega————-Di Maria


    Wow, we have a revolution. Hasta la victoria siempre!

    • What’s the point of your comment? When have I said Demichelis should be in the team? I have never advocate for both Masche and Biglia to be in the starting XI for Argentina but that does not mean both players shouldn’t be on the roster..The mediocre players you folks want on the team are not even better than the Peruvian or Venezuelan players.

  13. Hopefully Messi puts some energy into the second half and get a goal or two. Messi always seems he is more interested in making sure is new best friend Luis Suarez score than him ever having a shot at goal.

  14. Lets see Lanzini single handily decimate a top team like the way Di Maria has against Barcelona in this first half. Wait, Lanzini did, against European giants Hull and QPR..

    • Why did not wrote this everytime when Lanzini is scoring? Instead you are very quiet then.

      If you think Argentina fans (or at least most of them) will believe in Di Maria once again you’re wrong. Who cares what’s doing Di Maria, Higuain or Aguero for their clubs.

  15. How did Gomes end up in a team like Barcelona? This guy is so average it’s not even funny. Sergi Roberto at RB playing against a top team? lol Barcelona is way too ignorant for me.

    • Well when he played for Valencia he played pretty well….Kinda miss him playing for Valencia right now.

      Does look out of sorts in this Barca team. Looks positionally confused.

  16. Messi walks around all game and Barcelona has no midfield. This has been the conclusion of the Barcelona first half in a nutshell…Neymar seems to be the only one trying. Suarez and Messi are anonymous while Busquet and Iniesta are playing like snails. Messi wants every ball cut back for him instead of going forward in order to get a chance at goal, this type of play is why teams shut Argentina attack down. Mascherano is the leader of this Barcelona team, without him they’re lifeless.

  17. Anyone watching the champions league ??
    I havent seen barca struggle as much as they are tonight.
    Di maria is tormenting the barca defence and scored a scorching freekick.
    Messi gave the ball away for the 2nd goal for PSG

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