Argentina to face Timnas Indonesia?


The other day it was Singapore and now the latest news is that Argentina could be heading to Indonesia for a friendly match against the National Team side (known as Timnas Indonesia) on the 13th of July.

Though nothing official, the Director of International Relation, officer Hanif THAMRIN has confirmed that there are talks with promoters of trying to get the Albiceleste to come this July to play a friendly match. As always when it comes these kind of things, we will wait for the official announcement from the AFA but there is no doubt that the Argentina fan base in Indonesia is massive. All I can think of is what a crazy atmosphere its going to be!

Not only does Argentina have a huge following in Indonesia but for anyone who follows Indonesian football will know that the football supporters are as mental as those from Argentina,

Here’s just a short clip for you on what you expect from the Indonesia’s futbol fanaticos!