Leandro PAREDES scores half volley goal for Roma in win


Leandro PAREDES continues to impress for Roma.

One of the goals of the weekend, if not the goal of the weekend, was scored by Roma’s Leandro PAREDES in their 4-1 win against Torino. After having come back from his European trip, Edgardo BAUZA stated that Mauro ICARDI would not be called-up. With his team already 2-0 up, PAREDES decided to hit the ball on the half volley and in the process he scored his third goal in the league this season.

Leandro Paredes celebrating a goal
Leandro Paredes celebrating a goal

PAREDES and the National Team:

We hope that BAUZA was watching this match as there’s nothing much more PAREDES can do to earn a call-up.


  1. “My admiration for Marcelo Bielsa is huge because he makes the players much, much better,” said Guardiola.
    “Still, I didn’t meet one guy, a former player from Marcelo Biesla who speaks no good about him.
    “They are grateful about his influence on their careers in football.
    “He helped me a lot with his advice. Whenever I speak with him I always feel like he wants to help me.” Guardiola hails bielsa as the best coach.

  2. Why a player like Kranevitter got his chances until he proves that everyone who counted on him was wrong but not Predes? I think the NT is like a group own business… very bad.

    • What Kranevitter proves? How many chances he got? Are you serious? If you really want to test in this way new players better do not test anyone new.

      • Moreover, Kranevitter should not be coupled with Mascherano and/or Biglia, it seems to me he is a pure defensive midfielder with very little attacking qualities. Bauza plays him alongside Mascherano and expects some sort of positive, attacking display.

        • Of course he is pure defensive midfielder, No.5. He never will be attacking one but his passing is decent as for No.5 He never showed this in Europe so far but I saw him many times with good, quick, sharp passing in River. Also in Copa Libertadores. He is talented no doubt. Don’t forget he won Copa Libertadores with River. And also youth Copa Libertadores in 2012. Now Kranevitter is in darkest moment of his carrer but I know the potentiall is there. We must wait – for some youngsters even to their 28-29. We can see how many our players – once in their youth called talented – is emerging now, at his 28-30 – after years on bottom. And years after they were stricken from the list of the talented.

          Remember the excitement and transport of joy after his debut against weak Bolivia when he had assist. People were talking about that he is the one who will connect our midfield with attack finally. I’ve said: take it easy, it’s just weak Bolivia, Kranevitter is not type of playmaker. I think the same people are talking now he is not talented at all.

          • Of course in this form Kranevitter is not player for qualifiers. But our coach and AFA doesn’t need friendlies to try new players and give more chances such as Kranevitter. We only need stupid friendlies in Asia just for cash and to show our biggest stars.

          • EnganChe,

            I know you don’t underestimate him. I agree with you, he is not players of this kind but still classic No.5 MAY BE usefull. WHo knows? We see Fernandinho in Brazil third CMs midfield still plays the role No.5 without attacking contribution. And it works.
            What I’ve said above was not against you.

          • No worries Gonzalo, just over a month left until Chile game. I’ve watched Bauza’s interview on Fox Argentina the other day and so far it looks like Romero will almost certainly start in goal (especially after his rare start in FA Cup ), Di Maria and Higuain as well. Bauza was a little unclear on Dybala but I think he will start him too. He said he is monitoring Fazio. He was asked about Tagliafico and gave an evasive answer, basically saying he is not close to any possibilities for any player. Bottom line, no change…

  3. I really hope Paredes grows as a player. Right now it’s hard to compete with the likes of Nainggolan, Strootman and De Rossi who are older, more accomplished midfielders. He is not the fastest guy around but we desperately need some one to link our defence and attack. If Paredes grows to resemble a better version of Gago it could be good for us. I remember Gago had a decent spell with the NT in his better days under Sabella (when he was not injured) and his passing helped us.

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