Lucas PRATTO suffers broken nose, gets operated


Lucas PRATTO suffered a broken nose and had to be operated on.

The Argentina and Sao Paulo forward was operated on Saturday due to a broken nose he suffered in his last match. PRATTO, one of the forwards called-up by Edgardo BAUZA for Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifiers against Chile and Bolivia, broke his nose after colliding with a defender in his team’s 3-0 loss away from home to Palmeiras.

PRATTO, who has scored 4 goals in 5 matches since joining his new club, is a doubt for Sao Paulo’s Copa de Brasil match on Wednesday but it is possible that he uses a protective mask to play. However, according to La Nacion, they will also evaluate whether or not PRATTO would be ready to play the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

Lucas Pratto Sao Paulo
Lucas Pratto suffered a broken nose while playing for Sao Paulo.

Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA has already stated that if something were to happen to one of Gonzalo HIGUAIN or Lucas PRATTO that Mauro ICARDI would be called-up to the Argentina National Team.


  1. It is difficult to breathe at attitude, let alone with a mask. Pratto out, Icardi in.
    This is a no brainer.

    But then again, we have a no brainer for a coach.

  2. few idiots think neymar single handily win PSG match just wanted to remind if messi wasn’t the pitch this historical come back not even possible in dream stats says everything barca success before messi era and messi era and after messi barca will not be successful post xavi inesta era barca already struggling messi changed his position to recover damage

  3. That YouTube video on Di Maria having a press conference does not have the correct subtitles; this is the Internet, do some research before posting a video or an article about a story that was unrelated to the game. This was just another YouTuber with a click bait video looking for likes and subscribers. 😄

  4. No use in discussing with “NoHateOnlyLove”. When Neymars experienced a slump, Barcelona team helped him and He won with the team. Neymar thinks Barcelona is the world’s best team and this belief makes him never give up. I would not blame Messi if he lost winning mentality a bit after losing three finals consecutively with Argentine national team. Do the right things and do it quick. Change the manager to Sampaoli and change the squad this year. The 2018 World Cup is next summer.

  5. Bauza on a call with Masche and Messi… on how to mess up and finally declare that Mauro not required at the moment as Aguero and Lavezzi will stand up to Pratto’s loss.
    History shows how our coaches are hell bent on not bringing the cup home…
    Where can you see such coaches?? Or an Association which does not want a Cup? …. its all part of a country called Argentina.

    • Aguero’s problem is physical fitness. But Higuain and Di Maria have a mental problem. Di Maria must admit that PSG lost to FCB because of his greed. He is unlikely to pass a ball to a teammate in the penalty area. Higuian miss 1 on 1 again and again. We can’t rely on #9 who miss the easiest chance in important games. Bauza said he will call Icardi up if Higuain and Pratto get injured. I hope Higuain will have very serious food poisoning one day before he board a plane to Argentina and Di Maria will just buzz off. I bet Argentines want to trade Higuin and Di Maria off for Suarez if possible.

  6. Hi CrazyArg, how is going man?

    Ok, you can’t use one game to define Messi entire career, it’s just not fair to say Messi does not have a strong winning mentality. I’ll come back to Messi and Neymar in a bit.

    It’s not like Neymar was the only one fighting against PSG, what I saw was this, Barcelona was up 3-0, the team and the home fans were flying high because they all see a fourth goal coming in quick time to even the two leg tie at 4 goal apiece and then in the blink of an eye Cavani scored and gave PSG a 5-3 lead, immediately all the Barcelona players (including Neymar) heads drop and the whole of the Camp Nou went silent, if you drop a pin inside the stadium you would have heard it! Yes, Neymar scored a brilliant free kick and gave Barcelona a 4-1 goal lead afterwards, but it was Messi pass to Suarez that led to a pk (whether it’s a pk or not is up for discussion) which Messi could have taken himself and get the glory but instead he gave it to Neymar! For me, Ter Stegen played one of the most crucial role during the game when he denied Cavani a one v one chance to score which would have given PSG two away goals, an aggregate of 3-6 goals over two legs in their favor, but this didn’t happen, it was soon after Neymar scored the freekick to make it 4-1. So a neutral German fan could say it was Ter Stegen who motivated the Barcelona comeback after denying Cavani shot in what should have been a goal especially from a player who is currently scoring for fun.

    You have to also realize that Messi was playing behind Suarez, Neymar and Rafinha, he was constantly mark by 3-4 PSG players in the middle of the park creating tons of space for both Neymar and Rafinha on the flanks. And if you notice, Neymar is always in a one v one or a one v two take on of the PSG defenders compare to Messi who was in the middle of the park with 3-4 PSG players marking him. The PSG players were more interested in keeping Messi away from the ball for the entire game which open up the door for Neymar to exploit the PSG defenders. A perfect example, go look back at Sergi Roberto goal, there were like five PSG players marking Messi, two very close to him and the other three were set up to intercept any pass coming Messi way, this leave only two PSG defenders marking Sergi Roberto, Suarez and Arda Turan. Suarez was left unmark in the 18 yard box the whole time because PSG was more focus on keeping Neymar pass away from Messi and then this was where Sergi Roberto made himself an option for Neymar pass because the two defenders close to him turn their focus towards Messi making a total of like seven PSG defenders marking Messi or either was pull in his direction.

    As for Neymar and Messi, you got to understand that Messi have already won everything at Barcelona, a total of 29 titles and counting. At this stage of Messi career, he won’t be running at defender’s every time he touches the ball because he is not in his mid-20’s anymore. Neymar is more youthful and energetic than Messi that’s why he will always come off as doing more over all on the pitch than Messi who nowadays pick his moments on when to shoot, dribble and pass. Every time Neymar gets the ball he almost always tries to take on defenders, that’s why if you check the ‘’stats’’ Neymar has more take on than any other attacking player across Europe. Like two season ago, Messi single handily won the game for Barcelona against Bayern at the Camp Nou leaving Boateng on his behind on one of his two goals. Messi also have personal issue pertaining to his contract going on with the Barcelona board, that’s why he made the call me phone sign gesture the other day when he scored in La Liga. The UCL is a tournament like the world cup, you will have different players getting the spotlight as the tournament progresses, be it mids, defenders or the strikers, but what Messi does for Barcelona, nobody else can do it as consistent as him that’s why he has 11 goals in the UCL and 23 goals in La Liga, top goal scorer in both competition across Europe. Neymar still has to proves himself, Messi doesn’t. When Messi was Neymar age he already had three consecutive BDOR going on to four consecutive BDOR. Remember that Messi at 17 scored a hat trick against Barcelona biggest rival Real Madrid. So it’s really disingenuous to say Messi does not have a winning mentality but Neymar does. There are more UCL games to come, the PSG game is just a series of two games out of a very long UCL season, the PSG game was just the game that gave Neymar the platform to put himself in the UCL illustrious history books, Messi has plenty of those moments in the UCL against Man United, Bayern, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Arsenal etc.

    As for Lanzini, that’s your opinion, I just don’t think he is that good to be playing for Argentina right now, I wouldn’t be mad if he made the team sometime in the future because at the end of the day he is an Argentinean player, and I will definitely support anyone who puts on the Argentina jersey. For me I’m open minded about having new/young players on the team just not in the current settings of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers. Trying out new/young players in friendly games or unimportant competitive games are fine with me.

    Sampaoli experimented with Kranevitter and Walter Montoya in midfield along with Correa and Vasquez against Leganes (17th place in the La Liga table) yet this was one of the most disjointed incoherent midfield performance I have seen from Sevilla all season. This goes to show being young and new/fresh does not automatically makes your team better.

    It would be crazy for Argentina to experiment with a bunch of new guys against an experience Chilean team and away in La Paz playing at altitude against a motivated Bolivian team who will be playing for pride more than anything else given that they’re already out of the world cup in Russia.


    • About the PSG game you are spot on dude, I always respected your view, not necessarily agree with you all the time, but the thing made me uncomfortable always, why messi not been the main man in the final and crucial games, my frustration came from that.
      To me, Lanzini worth a try, he may not come up to the standard, but an experiment should make everyone clear he deserve it or not

      • TBh, I never have seen Barca in such deaparate come back games with full ‘n fit messi around.As against PSG he was the source of the two final goals. His key pass for fofth’n fouled first before Terstegen for the sixth goal. It is not like he was overwhelmed by Neymar,Neymar was just sharing the burden as Iniesta,Suarez would do as much the latter in so many important games.

        But am sure Dybala ‘n Icardi have sth different in their blood ‘n won’t easily give up either like most strikers.

  7. And he will state…pratto play football with his leg not his nose…and he will keep in the team..we still hv higoaran and gazero and dybala can still work with 9…hahahaha…i already know it…thats too easy to read

  8. I think he will call icardi because if he loses the games he will have to change his name and address and Messi won’t be there to vouch for him.

  9. Here I am writing something that I observed for recent years, and that’s only my opinion. I am not trying to establishing something, just sharing my thoughts with you guys.
    Mentality, to me one of the most important attribute in football. Undying mentality brings impossible to possible. Attitude is another criteria that make a player invincible. But I think both the criteria are make messi incomplete. He does not have the undying mentality or the attitude to show the world what he made of. Just look at PSG game, he seems to be lose all hope in the dying minutes. But Neymer has stood up and show the guts to carry the team. Many said messi single handedly won Argentina and Barcelona a lot of match. So why he don’t he do the same last three finals. We all know he had the ability to do so, so why is not in the final or some game like the PSG one. To me he don’t have the mentality to stay strong in this situations.
    The player who have all those abilities and lead the team, Dybala and Icardi. Dybala is a born leader, know the game and his position very well, most importantly, he is stubborn, which we need most. He is the man can lead us to glory. And is you seen the last inter game, you can realize what is Icardi made of. He earn the penalty, two free kicks, involved with all the goals, he was everywhere, that’s how a number nine should play.
    And finally, I have no problem with KID, but I have to say that, Lanzini should be in the team, at least your thoughts about Lanzini is wrong, and I think I understand football way better than BOZO 

  10. Pratto is fine, by the time the world cup qualifiers comes around all he need is a face protective mask like what Rafinha was wearing for Barcelona.

    • it not to do with a mask its to do with breathing and that really suks after a broken nose for quite a while as I know, yep I suffered a back header that really hurt via a corner goal mouth scramble, we scored but it was not me having the honours.

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