Ezequiel LAVEZZI arrives to AFA facilities ahead of World Cup Qualifiers!


Hey everyone,

Ezequiel LAVEZZI has already arrived in Argentina and is already practicing at AFA’s training facility in Ezeiza.

“El Pocho’s” inclusion for “la seleccion” is not seen as important as it once was. His inclusion is now challenged and discussed greatly both by the fans and the media. He has not played regularly for his club. As he does not have any matches coming up with his club team, he decided to practice at Ezeiza eight day before the Chile match.

What do you guys think of LAVEZZI on here? Does he still deserve another chance? Or is he done? Should we move on? Or can he still provide something?



  1. I would have had Lavezzi, Alario, Acuna, Pizzaro, Guzman, a local defender or two spend some time in La Paz and train for three to four days with the Argentina physical coach at high altitude. This would have been like six possible starters adopting to the surroundings in La Paz making life easier for the other five possible European players who will have to travel back from Europe to South America to play against Chile and Bolivia in a short period of time.

    This have always been Argentina problem for some time, the thinking is that talent alone will always get us over the top because Argentina for the most part is superior to the likes of Bolivia in terms of talent. Bolivia may not have the talent Argentina possess, but they have the altitude on their side to counter for the lack of the talent gap between themselves and the Argentina national team players. This is where the coach and the AFA should step in and take away any advantage Bolivia will have in the game. The problem is, Argentina doesn’t think this way, this type of strategy and preparation is something you would see from the likes of Germany, Holland or any other develop football nation, even the USA would be doing this kind of preparation. The matter is not urgent though because Argentina is safely at the top of the CONMEBOL table, the team will just fly right into Bolivia a day before and pretend like they will be playing in the city of Madrid or Manchester. Will the AFA even have the money to buy the players oxygen mask with tanks?

    • The USA always have problems playing away in Honduras because of its geographical location so the coach and the players would travel to Honduras days before the game in order to adopt to the surroundings. Same thing when they have to play Mexico at altitude in the Azteca.

      Until Argentina and the AFA grow up and realize that football nowadays is more than just a player with dribbling and juggling skills they will forever fall behind the likes of the strong European football nations.

  2. Lavezzi is the kind of player that was very useful for us in the past unlike Kun. Right now though, it’s probably his personality and locker room value that made Bauza include him in the squad. I am not sure if it’s the right thing to do but who knows…Gaitan was not called up but perhaps should have been instead of Lavezzi IMO.

  3. He’s not expected to play in any of the two matches Argentina has. Nor is he expected to carry team on his shoulders. Every team needs veteran presence and lavezzi doesn’t hurt that cause. All eyes once again will be on Messi and how bauza will explore him

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