Argentina look for win against Chile


Argentina host Chile in South America’s CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 23, 2017 at the Monumental.

The Albiceleste won the first encounter in Santiago, Chile in 2016 but a lot has happened since that last match. A 2-1 win with goals from Gabriel MERCADO and Angel DI MARIA ensured Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO’s men picked up the vital three points. However, both teams have faced each other twice since that night in Santiago. The first was in the group stages of the 2016 Copa America and once more, Argentina picked up the victory with the same score line. Angel DI MARIA was on the score sheet with Ever BANEGA adding the second.

However, Chile got their revenge when it mattered most in what is now an infamous match for Argentina. At the final of that very same tournament, the match was score less and it went to penalty kicks and with both Lionel MESSI and Lucas BIGLIA missing, Chile lifted their second consecutive Copa America in less than a year.

Argentina’s line-up:

Argentina Lineup
Argentina’s line-up


  1. Only the winning saves all the team, the three points will make the team happy. That’s it. But the entire team was so poor, no strategy, no spirit, no plan filled with the high profile players. Bauza looks just like a fool with no idea. How is Albiceleste playing like this ?? for how long it could survive. Need to restore the team, bring the fresh new young guns although it would be impossible to make it happened under Bauza and key players influential. All the best life goes on

  2. Messi is silent so we stay silent… he wants his old friends… we cannot help it…
    Praying that Dybala’s generation is better off than this ‘worst ever generation’
    We were never a ‘team’ during messi’s generation… all individuals… some clowns some cloonies some buffalos some donkeys… can’t write more.
    Did u guys see the clown coach chewing gum standing on the sides as if he was the best ever?

  3. Shit pitch. Shit performance. Lucky result. Here’s hoping they were just saving gas for Bolivia after they took the lead and that the pitch made them look very bad. Very very bad.

  4. Pathetic. Miserable to watch. No chance created in the whole 2nd half. And we must support the coach? NO fuck that. Dracula Bauza out. Don’t care even it’s in the middle of qualifiers. This is unacceptable performance.
    And where is the patriotism from the pitch handlers? Prparing such a shitty pitch for the NT is should be treason.

  5. From my zero knowledge of football, it is time to build team not Messi-centered anymore. I am still big fan of Messi but really it gives negative effect either externally. or internally. What the opponents do now is stopping Messi and Argentina shuts down. For our player, they think “Oh we have Messi. He will do anything”. Messi is Argentina but Argentina is not “only” Messi.

  6. Plus from the game: Pressing. Including Messi…!
    Negetive: Romero and as has to go. Mascherano past his prime. Aguero and Higuain cant play together. Dimaria wont change.

    Best players: Messi, Mercado & Biglia.

  7. Well, this was pathetic. Everything about this game, from the pitch to the way we played. Can’t control the ball, can’t create anything, we might get destroyed in La Paz. Feel bad for Mercado, he was one of the few who had a solid performance.

  8. A very poor game from our team. We did not deserve the win, but happy with the three points. Judging from today’s performance a WC win is very, very far away.

  9. and I thought the 2nd half could not be worse,I was so very wrong as it was awful.
    their are far to many of our players who do not deserve to wear the shirt and ill write about them later as I’m off to work.

    I’m very thank full for 3 points but again very angry by what we are seeing in front of our eyes-a team in massive decline and going backwards under bozo..

  10. to start with the pitch is shit…
    ok half time and my notes.
    kun is working hard for the team
    messi is messi and looks great
    d/m apart from the pen on him is doing what he usually does-nothing constructive despite more then enough ball that hes either lost of a bad cross/blind ally.
    rojo does not seem able to pass the ball and has to kick it long and hard far to ofturn.
    bil-is he playing
    mach solid today
    hig-same as bil is he actually playing
    rom 2 bad moments were a corner and he crashes into his own defence and the offside goal he should have done better with the rebound-apart from that not troubled by chil.
    mec looks really up for this game and solid
    mas scares me
    otm-looks off the pace and out of sorts, the miss was a typical defender and these things happen when you are a defender.

    lets hope for more in the 2nd hald from every one.

  11. What a terrible pitch. Are they growing potatoes there? The Argentine season just started and the pitch is already bad. They should choose a different stadium with a better pitch. Playing a passing game is almost impossible on this piece of agriculture.

    It’s a poor game so far from both sides. Oud midfield is creating nothing, everything comes from Messi. If it stays this way we move up to 3rd position!

  12. Scrappy first half. IMO best players in the first half: Messi and Mercado. Pipa almost invisible or bad service, Fideo his old self, endless dribbling and losing the ball, Kun not sure where he is supposed to be but when he has the ball he looks dangerous. Defence mostly solid, we had flashes of good play and then nothing. The quality of pitch is far from world class to say the least.

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