Roberto AYALA: “I want to win and qualify for the World Cup”


Argentina legend Roberto AYALA has commented about the Argentina National Team’s current situation.

Roberto AYALA, who was capped 115 times for Argentina, has spoken about the team’s current situation, the change of coaches, Gabriel BATISTUTA and more. Speaking in an interview with Super Deportivo Radio, here’s what he had to say:

About Argentina and the World Cup:

“I don’t want to play beautifully, I want to win and qualify for the World Cup. In these four matches, I don’t want to play nice, I want to win and qualify. We have to prepare to win. We can’t allow ourselves to watch a World Cup on television. With the players we have, we aren’t Venezuela or Bolivia. Here, a coach has a lot of options when it comes to putting together a team. There could be changes right before the World Cup because there are players who are playing and raising their form.”

About Edgardo BAUZA and the coaches:

“I’ve always said that coaches have to be supported. BAUZA had guarantees to be there and stay on with Argentina until the World Cup. I don’t like it when projects are cut off. For me, during hard times, I like to support. I hope that the change of leaders will be a restart and a new foundation at the AFA and our football.”

“These coaches have the responsibility to show us that we could go back and believe in Argentine football.”

“I want my National Team to be present at the World Cup. I won’t judge or analyze SAMPAOLI in advance. Either way, I like him. He’s young and has taken advantage of his teams.”

About the players not shaking Gabriel BATISTUTA’s hand:

“It sounds strange about BATISTUTA. I’m completely out of it. The truth is I don’t know what happened. BATI’s a large figure, he was the top goalscorer of our National Team. It’s a shame to know what we all know about it. I won’t dare say anything more because the truth is I don’t know the players and they surely have something to say about it.”


  1. “Sounds as though Independiente will not allow Ezequiel Barco go with Argentina under-20s to the World Cup next month” From Golazo Argentino

  2. Gerónimo Rulli is Argentina’s best goalkeeper at the moment.

    Please give me a chance for the Argentina’s next World Cup qualifying against Uruguay whoever becomes the next coach of Argentina Football Association.Please recall Paulo Dybala of Juventus as well.

    Please reshuffle & mould this beautiful team again & take them to World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    Who know’s maybe this time around,the luck will shine on Lionel Messi & Co to lift the coveted trophy for the third time in their history after 32 years.

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