Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO score to end season on high note


Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGUERO both scored on Sunday as their team’s failed to win their respective leagues.

Heading into the last La Liga match day of the weekend, Barcelona knew that even with a win, they could still lose La Liga and that’s what happened. Lionel MESSI scored twice (missed a penalty and a clear cut chance) in Barcelona’s 4-2 win against Eibar. MESSI’s first goal was a penalty kick which was nearly saved (it would have been the second of the night) and his second goal was nothing short of genius. Running through ever Eibar player in his way, MESSI wiggled his way around them all and slotted the ball into the back of the net.

Just like Lionel MESSI’s FC Barcelona, Sergio AGUERO’s Manchester City did not lift their league trophy but did manage to score twice in a 4-0 win against Watford. AGUERO, who did not make the Argentina squad, is the 5th player to score 20+ goals in three consecutive Premier League seasons, SHEARER, HENRY, Van NISTELROOY and KANE being the other four players. AGUERO ended the season on 33 goals, a personal best in a Manchester City shir.

Lionel MESSI’s goals:

Sergio AGUERO’s goals:


  1. Messi does what only Messi can do. Kun will of course score a gazillion goals for his club but for some mysterious reason cannot replicate the same form for the national team.

    Back to Mascherano, the guy had been playing too many games in recent years, the World Cup, two Copa Americas in a row, La Ligas, Champions Leagues, Copas Del Rey, he must have been exhausted at his age which may partially explain his decline. But to deny that he is in fact declining would be empirically false. No wonder Luis Enrique has not been playing him that much. We can’t cling to players for sentimental reasons or for something they did years ago. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

    I think Sampaoli called up Mascherano for his leadership qualities and experience but not his current form, whether or not he will play him remains to be seen.

    • Kun is 2nd top scoorer after messi for Argentina NT in currently and 5th in all time list just 5goals away to make it in top 3, Argentina won 2007 u20 wc only for kun and 2008 Olympic gold, Argentina never lost a match when kun scored, if you believe Argentina lost last 3 tournament because of poor coach not messi then for not replicating club form in NT isn’t aguero fault

      • kuns stats for you to pontificate over

        82 caps for 33 goals, ok its an ok return you say.
        lets break it down again.
        the world cup quifs-9,
        the copa America-6,
        the copa cent-1
        and friendlies-17.
        over half of his goals are friendlies oh guess how many world cup goals he has at the world cups hes been to? …..0

        kun is very over rated at n/t level and his stunning club form sadly is rarely seen at n/t level

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