Juan FOYTH of Estudiantes to join PSG in France


Juan FOYTH of Estudiantes will likely join PSG.

According to reports, the Estudiantes de La Plata youngster will join Paris Saint-Germain and not Tottenham Hotspur. FOYTH was strongly being linked to the London club but reports are now emerging that PSG have taken over the transfer and will be signing him instead. The reported fee is of €9.5 million.


  1. And the third Argentinos prone club is Genoa. Centurion transfer to the Italy team is almost done. Moreover Genoa finalised transfer with Thomas Rodriguez of Banfield (not the Tomas of River academy who represented Argentina U-20 2 years ago). The same category as Cecchini who join the club few weeks ago. And he will be another Banfield player who go there (after Gio Simeone and Cecchini). So they may have in next season: Gentiletti, Burdisso, Munoz, Spolli, Simeone, Cecchini (loan from Inter), Centurion, Rodriguez.

    • Thomas Rodriguez has not played a lot in Banfield but everytime when I saw him he impressed me. Yet in 2015/16 season. There’s a lot of rumour of transfers and possible transfers players like Driussi or Alario but IMO Thomas Rodriguez is more talented one than the two. Like Argentina Schweinsteiger? Banfield always had prolific academy.


      • Imo Jesus will start the season with Fabio Coentrao as LB Silva as sub, with William Carvalho-Adrien Silva midfield (Portugal nationals), definitely Battaglia as sub, Alan Ruiz is not his favourite type of player so also sub, maybe Acuna will be a starter, maybe, a lot of good players in his position (Bruno Cesar, Gelson Martins, Bryan Ruiz, Bruno Fernandes), but the door is open

        • Everytime when you are so pessimistic I’m strongly convinced it will be better with them than you suggest. Just like at the beginning of last season when you was claiming Salvio and Cervi benchwarmers in Benfica while things didn’t happen so. This is rather not binding but as far on preaseson I see Silva will bear No.3 and Ruiz No.10 so I expect good minutes. What about Battaglia, I think he is most interesting with regard to NT and somehow with time will push through to starting eleven of Sporting.

    • Lo Celso played good vs Roma, so mature, so creative, hardworker, neirly impossible to srteal the ball from him, I hope Barca will buy Verratti, Lo Celso can be easily his heir

  2. Sporting LIsbon and Zenit are leaders as for interesting in Argentines. Zenit already with Paredes and Driussi now want Rigoni. Before Pavon was their main goal.

    Sporting have already Alan Ruiz (new No.10 of the club), Battaglia, Acuna and Jonathan Silva who also is likely to play as starter. And Sporting still want Pity Martinez however Pity rather want win Copa Libertadores now.

  3. Does anyone know when the decision on the possible reversal of the Bolivia Chile game will be announced. The AFA made a plea more than a week ago.

  4. Better move for Foyth. Pochetino like Simeone is not the right coach for Argentine youngsters to develop. They are very European minded.
    Centurion already had a failed spell at Genoa. So, it’s a second chance for him. It’s the best move for him to leave Boca and South America. Despite his success at Boca, he always had some off field problems.
    Right time for Rigoni to move on as well.

  5. Not only Foyth to Europe.

    Centurion is very close Genoa. Roma and Milan also strongly interested.

    And Zenit made officiaal offer for Rigoni of Independiente.

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