Angel DI MARIA and Paulo DYBALA linked to Barcelona


Both Angel DI MARIA and Paulo DYBALA are being linked to FC Barcelona.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride for Barcelona the past few weeks concerning Neymar’s potential transfer to PSG. However, it strongly appears as though the transfer will indeed happen and that could open the door for Angel DI MARIA and Paulo DYBALA to possibly join the Catalan club. Per reports, should NEYMAR join the French team, PSG would have to pay €222 million and also Angel DI MARIA in the transfer.

The other side of the coin is that if the transfer happens, Paulo DYBALA could be one of the players which the Barcelona board signs as a replacement. It is also possible that neither one of DI MARIA or DYBALA joins Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO in Barcelona but it’s also possible that one or even both join the team.


  1. Ponce just scored another goal for lille against rennes 🙂 i really like his overall gameplay and im sure he’ll develop well under the tutelage of Bielsa

    • So that was not his first in preaseason? Lack of time to follow of late. Yeah, I’m just going to wait and see what brings Bielsa to Ponce talent.

      • Nope 2nd gonzalo. The first was from a header from a set piece. Best part is the number that they’ve given him (9 ) which pretty much explains his role there.

  2. This is not going to happen. Juventus directors already said Paolo is not for sale.
    Juventus already sold many stars in the past years (Tevez, Vidal, Pogba etc.) and won’t do it again.
    Barca do not want Di Maria. Probably because of his Madrid past.
    Coutinho or Griezmann is more likely.

    • There is always a price, Barcelona already offered Juve just south of a 100Million and they said no but they’ll have more than double that once the deal goes through.
      Barcelona knows the kid’s value is on the rise so why not get him now.

  3. It is strange to see how those brazilians do well for their nt. Gabriel Jesus misses a lot of easy chances while playing for city.

  4. possible, possible possible. Good for Play station FIFA 2025 imaginary that even if happens not much to do with benefit of Argentina NT. Good for the people that naively believe Messi and DYbala in one team will brings fantastic understanding in NT that give us World Cup title at once.

    We need more concern about our midfield and team builded as a whole and not making another ‘fabulous’ configurations of forwards.

    Sorry, I forgot we have a silly season.

  5. Its a bird, its a bee, its a plane…….Messsssiiiii If you wanna be the man Chicken-head then you don’t join the man bye bye bye 😉

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