Emiliano MARTINEZ of Arsenal joins Getafe on loan


Emiliano MARTINEZ’s career at Arsenal takes yet another backstep.

Ever since joining Arsenal’s senior team back in 2012, the Argentinian goalkeeper has spent more time on loan than he has at his native club. In 2012, it was at Oxford United. In 2013-2014, it was Sheffield Wednesday. In 2015, Rotherham United along with Wolverhampton Wanderers. This season? A Spanish club who just got promoted back to Spain’s La Liga, Getafe.

The now 24 year old will spend the next year on loan in Madrid alongside fellow Argentinians Daniel DIAZ and Nicolas GOROSITO. Hopefully he’ll be able to establish himself as a starting number one. Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, here’s what MARTINEZ had to say:

Emiliano MARTINEZ on his career:

“I’ve always wanted to improve. It’s never enough for me. My kicking is good but I want to have the perfection of a goalkeeper, even on crosses. I know I’m good on crosses but I still do 50 crosses in training.

“Gerry (PEYTON) says, ‘Last one’, and I will do three more. I look what I can do and what I can improve with the other goalkeepers. I’m always trying to improve myself. If you want to play for Arsenal or be at the top level for many years, that’s what you need to do.

“It’s in my blood to train hard. When you’re not in the squad and you have to train the day after, sometimes it’s hard because you want to be involved in the team and you want to play. I always tell myself, ‘The chance will come and I won’t let it run’. That’s what keeps me going and motivated all the time.

“I came from nothing and I’m at Arsenal now, one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I’m never satisfied. I was third choice fighting for second spot, so maybe the season after I will fight for No 1. You always need to give more at Arsenal. It’s never enough and that’s what I try to do.”

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  1. I saw my first zenit game today, thank you Gonzalo foe the site… paredes and druissi played well.. I really enjoyed watching Druissi.. Mammana did okay, could be debut jitters but he gave up a pk (only goal) .. I wish Zenit would have been in champions league to see how our boys would do vs other high end European teams

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