Gonzalo HIGUAIN out of Argentina team, ICARDI in


Hey everyone,

Here is the much anticipated SAMPAOLI list of players for the next 2 World Cup Qualifiers against Uruguay and Venezuela. The big news is that Gonzalo HIGUAIN has been dropped. That seems to be the biggest change. Here it is:


Gerónimo RULLI


Federico FAZIO
Nicolás PAREJA


Marcos ACUÑA
Eduardo SALVIO


Lionel MESSI
Joaquín CORREA

What do you guys think? In my opinions it’s a very good list. It’s a good blend of youth and experience. I think AGUERO needs to prove himself again and knows that if he doesn’t, he may be dropped as well.

Also, it has been confirmed today that the injuries of Joaquin CORREA and Gabriel MERCADO are not serious and they will recover in time to take part in these upcoming qualifiers.



  1. The highest point of this list is the Midfield. Best we’ve had in recent years

    Weakest point is an aging defense. Can’t trust Fazio in high line setting because of his lack of pace, but we can benefit from his height. Can’t trust Pareja against world class players like Suarez. Mascherano form has declined.

    The front line is good but haven’t really play that many together. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Anyways i hope we bring a better backline to the World Cup next year. That’s my only concern

  2. Great List of players, Sampaoli have tried Hiquian , Papu Gomes and given a chance to Icardi and calling back Kun. Sampaoli knows very well that the team strength should be on the his leathal attackers which unfortunately always did not performed well under Higuain and Kun when much needed. Otamendi and Fazio are fine except Mascherano which i think have passed his prime time. Keep the faith mid field are solid . time to bring the glory back again,

  3. Wow Sampaoli is amazing! Not a single fullback in his list. I think he is the only coach in the world who have balls to do that in critical games.

    However I don’t think it is going to be an issue Sampaoli knows very well the weakness and strength of the national team, he knows that in Argentina, he does not have any energetic fullbacks that can fit in his 3-4-3. He already tried with Tagliafico and Gomez and he may not be happy with their performance. However, on the other hand, he also has bunch of wingers with similar profile: technical, fast and can run for the 90 mins but not enough creative to play in attack. So why not converting them into fullbacks?

    I am quite confident on those 2 games. Even if Biglia not recovered in time, Maschereno can still play in midfield. In attack, probably he will start with Messi, Dybala and Aguero. Even though I really want to see Joaquin Correa. His profile is unique: powerful, fast and he can play forward or winger(left or right). His profile match with any player in attack.

    Here is my expected starting lineup: Otamendi,Maschereno,Mercado-Salvio,Banega,Biglia,Acuna-Messi,Dybala-Aguero

  4. So let me get this straight, “The squad doesn’t make a difference, the coach does?” Wow, then we should really watch out for Angola and South Korea if they hire a great coach…

    Players make a HUGE difference. Coaches can get the best out of them. But you need both to have a real chance to win. Please READ the things you are posting before you post them, otherwise go post on ESPN FC

  5. First of all, hats off to Sampaoli for having the balls to try to build a team by his way and especially for calling up Icardi, something that was not a brainer but still noone of our previous managers dared to do so. The only thing that worries me a bit is the defence but it seems that he will go with a back three which fits more Argentina’s traditional style of play which is attack.

    On another note, Dybala was offered by Juventus the legendary no.10, something that in my humble opinion is massive! This means that the Italian giants are seeing in Dybala their own future leader and are willing to build their team around him. Even the Italian and Juventus legend, Del Piero, is seeing Dybala as his successor in Juventus. Dybala may won’t play with Messi in Barcenona but i think that things are going better that way because he will take a role he deserves, being Juventus next legendary leader.

    Any news about the points deducted from Chile? I thought that they were going to announce the final decision on August’s early days.

  6. Jonathan Silva, Battaglia and Acuna – all started yesterday for Sporting. While Salvio and Cervi for Benfica. THe first with goal, Cervi good performance.

  7. Domestic names will added but where’s Papu Gomez?

    Hope Sampaoli will soon drop Aguero to take Benedetto.

    And also surprised by absence of Mammana.

  8. I’ve absolutely no complain so far with this list. Except I don’t trust the defense. Seems like Sampaoli likes slow defenders like Fazio and Maidana. Mercado and Mascherano might work for WCQ in S. America but their heights will not work with physically taller European players in the WC. Garay and Mussachio are better defenders and passers for that matter. I’m sure Sampa will improve his defense call But the inclusion of Paredes, Pizzaro and Augusto might be able to cover midfield better than Mascherano, Biglia and Banega. Icardi in, Higuain out, 👐 to Don Pablo. I hope Lanzini performs so well that he relegates Banega to a regular bench warmer.

    • Sabellista: “Higuain out, to Don Pablo”
      oooo aaaaaaaa rrrrrrrr Immmmmm coooooooommmmiiiinnnn ummmmmmm I meant its like xmas time seeing hig gone 🙂

  9. Squad selection doesn’t make that much difference anyways, we had most of these players in the last few qualifiers and we were horrible,the important thing is we have a great manager now let’s hope he makes a difference like Tite did with Brazil.

    • Yes this is what I have been saying since the days of Tata. Bozo, Tata and Sabella used the same players but the football was never the same. It’s about time Mundo people understand that line ups or personnel suggestions mean nothing without the right tactics.

  10. Hey petro I completely agreed with you within your comments but the only one thing I might not understand it is when you said higuain is better than aguero for me none of them is good for the national team because either aguero nor higuain doesn’t help Leo Messi at all . These players are just awarded as the biggest losers ever ,matter fact we need to renovate and reform the whole Argentina team and I am pretty sure and even optimistic that no other national team in the world lost three consecutive final in as many years than my beloved and my favorite national team Argentina. But as long as we keep bringing in aguero and higuain into this team it is just a wasting time or wash your hands and drying with the dust

    • Hi Fernando,

      I really do not know any other taller argentine forward or who can play physical ..other than what we have seen before by other coaches..who were just waste of time..

  11. Hello All,

    Team selection is good..not denying it. However my 2 cents on calling injured players or not fully fit players is not acceptable..Biglia, Mercado or Correa..

    The extent of injury is unknown until you take the field. I would have preferred Yacob instead of Biglia..this would have given the guy a confidence boost even if he was not in playing 11..

    Icardi should start and Higuain in bench would have been ideal. Most the forward are short and never going to be helpful in headers..so Higuain is a better choice than Aguero

  12. We wanted Icardi In, he’s IN, we wanted Pipita out and its about time he’s OUT.

    Unlike Higuain, I don’t believe Kun is damaged goods yet, close but not there yet and I hope he steps up for once in his life to help ARGENTINA win.

    Curious to see how well or bad Fazio plays.

  13. I am excited for the fact that there will be football. Summer is so boring.

    And I don’t care much about lists now. Whatever it is, we will play brilliant football. We have a world class manager afterall!

  14. Good to see Rulli & Icardi in the side…….



    .Achuna……………Biglia………….De Maria..

    Dybala…………..Messi…………Lanjini / Correa.


  15. Good list, a little surprised to see Pareja instead of Musacchio but I guess Sampaoli knows him well from his time at Sevilla. Pareja is a very good passer, including long balls which suits Sampa’s style.

    Pipa is gone which is great, hopefully Icardi will start. Pastore get’s another chance, if Sampaoli can’t bring the best out of him I guess nobody else can.

    We will probably see more names added from Argentine Primera such Pinola, J.L. Gomez, Tagliafico, etc.

  16. i already told guys if sampoli comes everything goes well for argentina…. our strenth is attack… so this world cup we are goint to attack the opponents…. like barca always do against real madrid if you defend against real madrid they will win like atletico madrid 2014/2016 juventus 2017 like we did against germany their strenth is attack their weekness defending so we have to attack if we want to win… this time it will going to happen






    its is posible against uruguay banega i think he is not eligible against uruguay and biglia injured two to three weeks

  17. He can go …..



  18. Icardi finally gets his chance.
    Looks like he will use 3 at the back but fazio is’nt good and masche is past it hopefully rojo returns.

    • Biglia could be replaced, they’re waiting to see his results. Banega is only suspended for one game, not two, he’ll play in the game vs Venezuela.

  19. the best list in after 2014 WC by a distance, very happy for kun who single handily won 2007 u20 WC, messi won 2005 u20 both will be the key for WC 2018 and under a good coach sampaoli it will be possible

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