Fernando REDONDO against Brazil in 1999


Fernando REDONDO against Brazil is a performance which should be seen by any Argentina fan or even any fan of the beautiful game.

In September 1999, Argentina and rivals Brazil played two friendly matches and they turned out to be very memorable games. The results were split, the first a 2-0 victory for Marcelo BIELSA’s Argentina (Juan Sebastian VERON and Hernan CRESPO the goalscorers) and the second a 4-2 win for the men in yellow. Both teams were fairly stacked with the starting XI being the following for Argentina’s 2-0 victory:


Roberto BONANO
Roberto AYALA
Nelson VIVAS
Fernando REDONDO
Juan Pablo SORIN
Juan Sebastian VERON
Claudio LOPEZ


Diego SIMEONE for Juan Sebastian VERON
Cristian “Kily” GONZALEZ for Claudio LOPEZ
Marcelo GALLARDO for Ariel ORTEGA
Eduardo BERIZZO for Hernan CRESPO


Antonio CARLOS
Roberto CARLOS



Looking at both teams, it’s fair to say both coaches had fielded strong line-ups. Brazil was just coming off a World Cup final loss with RONALDO in action, a world class defender in CAFU, the legendary RIVALDO and a young RONALDINHO. For the Albiceleste, you had Juan Sebastian VERON, Ariel ORTEGA, Hernan CRESPO, Roberto AYALA, Javier ZANETTI and the list goes on. I mean for a coach to have the luxury of having Diego SOMEONE on the bench, you know you’re spoiled for choices.

All about Fernando REDONDO:

However, there was one player in particular who put in a fantastic performance in the first match. One who out performed all the other stars. He’s won the Champions League three times (playing a pivotal part in two of them) and a Real Madrid legend. He was controversially left out of the 1998 World Cup by then coach Daniel PASSARELLA for refusing to cut his hair. Of course I’m talking about the one, the only, Fernando REDONDO. One of the classiest, most elegant, dominant midfielders the game has ever seen.

Yes, this match was a friendly match. But as we all know, there’s no such thing as a friendly match between Argentina and Brazil. Having recently watched this game a few months ago on a flight to London, it reminded me of how much of a strong team, how much of a strong midfield and how much of a strong player REDONDO was. Watching his performance back on Youtube earlier today, I felt compelled to have to share it with those who have never seen it or even those who have not seen it in a while.

Sadly, many fans around the world remember this legend for his wonderful move against Manchester United when he went passed Henning BERG as if he wasn’t even there when Real Madrid played Manchester United in the Champions League. For us, for Argentina fans, he’ll be the one that got away. The one that was never given a proper chance with his National Team. The prince who only played 29 matches for his country.

Argentina have since gone through many midfielders since REDONDO left. Javier MASCHERANO, Fernando GAGO and many others and while they all brought something to the National Team, no one was or is nearly as complete of a player as this legend. With that said, below is Fernando REDONDO’s performance against Brazil (as well as the highlights from the match), along with his trickery against Manchester United and a video compilation of his skills, goals and assists. Enjoy!

Fernando REDONDO against Brazil:

Argentina vs. Brazil, 1999

Fernando REDONDO’s move against Manchester United:

Fernando REDONDO video compilation:


  1. One of the finest central midfielders to ever play the game! He had the class of Aimar and the grit of Mascherano. Gago and Banega had shades of Redondo in them but the former was hampered by injuries while the latter by off-field antics and inconsistencies.
    The closest player to El principe that the albicelestes have now is Nacho Fernandez and even he’s no where near Redondo’s peak.

  2. Very thankful you played this video so everyone can see what a real midfielder looks like. Today, we only produce players that can hack and defend, like Masche or are glorified forwards playing midfield. Masche’s best day he wasn’t half as good as Redondo. It is a shame that the selfish piece of trailer park shit Pasarella denied the country his skills over a haircut. He wanted discipline and short hair exemplified that.
    The funny thing is Pasarella is an alcoholic. He tried to bribe Crespo. He destroyed River, and he is in a miserable place in life now. A truly sorry pathetic figure in life. Funny how life works. He judged players by the length of their hair. Those who judge the most have the most to hide.

  3. What a player… it would have been a different story if he had been in Messi’s era… atleast 2 more world cups in our pocket by now

  4. Redondo the great is an important player in Argentine history. He played well at USA 94 WC. It is important for AFA youth systems to learn the abilities the past greats. If Messi was born in another country, in his development stages, he would have been inhibited to develop his dribbling skills because he’d be forced to pass the ball but because he is Argentine, his earlier coaches at La Masia could allow him to dribble as much as possible because they could relate that to Maradona. Diego was the best dribbler in the world until Messi came to the scene.

  5. i was a massive fan of redondo, a great player and always will be.

    how ever i still part blame him for not cutting his hair and missing out in that w/c as his boss requested it.

    For Redondo it was more important for him to make a personal stand as opposed to doing what he was best at for his country and before any one asks yes it was a stupid rule by passarella but at the end of the day he is the boss and we have choices in life “tow the party line” or leave and as we know redondo choose him self over his country and the end result is we all lost as he was one of the best of the best at the time.

    • Imagine what if Sampa asked all the players that they have to shave their head to be in the squad. Wouldn’t that would be a SIGHT lol!

      • Mwh: it would be funny but as i said it was a stupid rule from passarella but if that is what your boss wants you either do it or move, at the end of the day we the Argentine football supporters were the big losers in a battle of egos but in saying that id shave it all off to be able to wear the blue and white in a game and trust me i look bad bald, kind of like a potato with little bit of hair.

  6. There are only 2 players in the last 40 years that I know of where the opponents can never guess whether a player will go straight, left, or right when dribbling the ball:

    Lionel Messi and Fernando Redondo

    And both of these players were/are in a different league compared to others in their generation.

  7. Allow me to disagree with you on this Gonzalo. Like you, he was and still is one of my favourite players and for me he was the best midfielder i have ever seen. I have never seen a midfielder with defensive attributes being at the same time extremely skillfull with the ball, like he was a very talented and sķillful 10. Moreover, Redondo was fast and physical and although the game has changed nowadays indeed, without necesserilly being developed in comarison to 90s and early 00s at least in my humble opinion, el principe would have made fun playing against the players of today since he was thriving against players of his era who were not only giants back then but they are already among the best players of hall of fame. You know them well as i do and therefore the players of today, including Biglia, cannot be compared to them and especially to el principe by any means but well this is just my opinion. The sad thing is that despite his phenomenal class he didn’t take many chances with our beloved team and he was not the only one! Remember el pajaro Claudio Caniggia? He is also one of my favourite players ever, extremely skillfull as well, very physical, lots of grit and one of the fastest players ever played the game, but he also missed out world cup 98 for the same reason, just because we tend to have morons on the helm!

    Vimal if Garay goes to Juventus it would have been wonderful for us.

    Dfox i am also being nostalgic when i remember those eras and sad at the same time regarding our current state, just before Sampaoli took over, but now i hope that we are on a good way, at least we have good signs after a long time, and i hope we return to the top where we belong.

    • waveride, ok my friend

      I must reconsider my statement below (although that was just speculation). Perhaps I forgot of how good he was while I’m not rewatching a lot of matches I was watching at that time as young man. Times of Redondo are the times of big names in Argentina football and big absence – names that almost never (except group stages in USA ’94) all been playing together in best formation we may field at the time. I think that times are most nostalgic, especially when we may phantasize what would be if Maradona, Batistuta, Caniggia, Redondo, Simeone, Balbo, Goycochea, Sensini, Ruggeri… all be there.

    • Agreed to Waver. El principe was something amazing. He was joy to watch. Gago gave me little bit hope in his early days but he fade away soon (Thanks to R.Madrid). This not comparison and please don’t misunderstand me but i see little shadow of El Principe in Paredes although they are not same. But Paredes ball distribution amaze me as El Principe

  8. Garay is closing in on a transfer to Juventus. This is a really good news for us and for him as they have analyzed their defence as their main weakness this season after bonucci’s exit to their local rival.

  9. I hate reminiscing ……….. I’d rather, We’d rather enjoy the present but the present is not being helpful ,…….lets hope it changes very soon.

    I could care less about Barcelona but the thought of Messi putting his club on his back with no real help is not very pleasant to say the least!!!

    • Plot twist..strong rumours going on that man city is ready to trigger his 250 mil pounds release clause before the transfer deadline !

  10. Probably the most elegant midfield Argentina ever produced. He played like a mix of Busquets and Iniesta. S much class and skill.

    Now we have Biglia though 😛

    • Agree. Redondo was my fav player once. But what was enough for ’90 years not necesarry would be enough for football of thesedays. Today Redondo couldn’t give us much more than Biglia.

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