Mauro ICARDI scores twice for Inter in Serie A win


Mauro ICARDI scored twice for Inter in their 3-1 win against AS Roma.

It was the Mauro ICARDI show for Inter. The Argentinian number 9 scored two goals for Inter in their come from behind win. AS Roma took a 1-0 lead before the Inter captain levelled the scoring for his team. A few minutes later, the Inter hitman did it ago, scoring the winner before the Milan club added a third.

Mauro’s first goal

Mauro’s second goal

Lionel MESSI scored twice, Paulo DYBALA scored three times and now the new Argentina number 9 has scored twice as well. The three are expected to link-up for Argentina next week when they play Uruguay.


    • Hopefully this happens so that some folks can finally move on. In my personal opinion, Tagliafico is good enough to play in Europe, certainly at the very least at Newcastle or Malaga level if not Sevilla.

      • Tagliafico is not beast of attack but still improving in this regard for years while always great defender with big heart and that makes him enough good for Europe. As you’ve said at least for middle level clubs.

  1. Calleri and A.Correa also with goals. Actually Correa with golazo once again. Is he beginning to grow mentally? Looks to be in good form. 97 minutes in this season and 2 goals. Bauza preffered A. Correa but Sampaoli J.Correa. He fights to gets back his NT place.

      • I feel the same. I think J. Correa is more disciplined and team player. Also more versatile. WHile A.Correa more individuality, self reliant that likes keep the ball very much. Angelito is best in crowd, under pressure, when he have just a 1 second, not ot think but to do things intuitively.

  2. Ive been dreaming of this scary partnership on paper for more than a year now. Uruguay’s manager would be tearing his hair out after looking at his potential opponents. Each of these players are quite perfect in their positions.

  3. I have been waiting several years to see Dybala Icardi Messi frontline in action.This week the dream could become reality.

  4. All our strikers in great form. Come world cup all should be fit. The major danger as i see it is injury. Hope Barca and Juventus get knocked out of CL early. Fatigue at the end of the season could be another problem, luckily we have decent bench strength.

  5. Call me overhyped but after watching him in today’s game remind me of Bati. Nothing was happening for Inter than Icardi happened.I hope he does same stuff for NT. Magnificent 9

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