Joaquin CORREA steals point for Sevilla against Liverpool


Joaquin CORREA drew Sevilla level in their 2-2 draw against Liverpool.

The team from Merseyside made their return to the Champions League but it didn’t go exactly as planned. After falling behind to a goal, Liverpool drew level and then took the lead. With a 2-1 command on the game, the home side were awarded a penalty kick and a chance to put the match away. Up stepped the Brazilian FIRMINO but his penalty hit the post.

Fast forward to the second half and we get Joaquin CORREA running at the end of a ball in the Liverpool penalty area and he slots the ball passed the goalkeeper for Sevilla’s second of the match.

CORREA wasn’t the only man from Argentina to score in the Champions League this week with Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGUERO both finding the back of the net.

Joaquin CORREA


  1. KidultHood,

    our NT young player, Emiliano RIgoni, just scored against top European club, Vardar 😛 What do you think?

  2. Playing him as a cf would be oddest decision from Sampaoli for me so far. Although we don’t have many but Correa,Lanzini,Paredes and Ascaibar gives me hope for future un midfield they stay on course.

    • You can’t play with Correa as CF. He is too much with the ball while as No.9 you have not many touches in the game. Sometimes just very few.

    • I absolutely agree on this opinion and have been hoping for this change for such a long time. Correa could be the smartest player in our national team after messi. Even Dybala’s decision making doesnt seem to be better than him.

      • We should takes advantage also of his hight and physicall conditions. It’s better to have tall ones than short ones unless the short is much better on other abilities.

        Just like in Lanzini case I wonder also of Correa as box to box midfielder. He is a bit similar to Lucho Gonzalez.

        • He can track back very decently. Moreover he can play anywhere in the (advanced) midfield; left right or more centrally.

          I am wondering Why he was not used in place of Acosta?

          • I watched the whole game just now just to analyze 3 of them ( correa, banega, pizarro ). Trust me he is comparatively slow ( structured like Kaka ) but he would give defenders real headache with his trickery and overall play. His vision in the build up to the first goal was superb too. The way he delayed and invited escudero to make the run on the left was brilliant.

            Banega was fairly impressive too. I believe his place in argentina’s starting lineup is still vital to connect our midfield to the attackers.

          • I like Sampaoli for flexible mind. He always try to find best position for a player. Sometimes these are not good ideas – as it was with Correa as No.9. I will still repeat that Correa would be best as box-to box or AM/LM (once in Estudiantes). I think he could have play Lucho Gonzalez role with his height, long pace and dribling.

          • We can’t say we have not better midfielders as far as players like, Correa, Nacho or Papu Gomez were not given a chance.

          • That’s true gonzalo. Lucho was more of a hybrid central midfielder though. Used to love his overlap runs to the box as well as his decent defensive contributions. Correa is more of a hardworking finesse player. Different players imo.

  3. lets not forget “hes magic you know” (spurs chant to pocc) as his spurs won 3-1.

    for those who did not watch the game it reminded me of the n/t, dort played the super high line and simply got picked off via the counter attack and that was either by the quick long ball or speed down the wings yet dort have about 63% position but spurs the better chances by far because of the high line and pocc plan for that-quick long ball or speed.

    I don’t like the high line tactic my self at all unless one teams is playing against it..`

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