Gonzalo HIGUAIN: “RONALDO’s the best ever, by a big margin”


In an interview with The Guardian, Gonzalo HIGUAIN talks about his football idol, the finals with Argentina and more.

A polarizing figure in Argentinian football, with some who don’t forgive his misses in the final of tournaments and others who will defend him to the death, no matter what you think of HIGUAIN, some of his numbers are impressive. Over 100 goals for Real Madrid and a Serie A record breaking season with Napoli, it’s fair to say that many number 9’s in world football would love to have his numbers. In the interview, Gonzalo stated that the Brazilian RONALDO was his idol growing up.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN on his footballing idol

“I’ve watched two million of his goals. For me, he’s the best ever, by a big margin.”

If the missed chances for Argentina eat him up or if he feels cursed in the biggest games.

“No. I always believe that it’s beautiful to win important matches, but it’s also very important simply to reach those moments. I truly believe that. Juve have played two Champions League finals in three years. That is very difficult to do.”

On life:

“On a human level, I would prefer to be a good father to my child, when the time comes that I have one, and to be a good man. When you do good things outside in your life, then work will repay you. When you do bad things outside in your life, then it’s hard for your work to go well.

“Maybe there are one or two people who break that rule, OK. But if you are OK with yourself, if you carry a positive energy, eight times out of 10 that will go well. That’s why I think that the way we act on a human level is very important. And many times people don’t treat that like it’s an important thing. They treat work as being the more important thing than the way they are as humans.”

Despite being a key figure for Argentina the last few years, he has been left out of the recent national team squad.


  1. ———————Romero———————
    ———–Biglia————Maria ———-
    Salvio———–dybala —————-Papu


  2. Higuain might be good player in his own right, but i dont think he has skills nor guts to help Juvetus win CL or help secure WC for Argentina. He might be good against low level teams in Seria, but he wont certainly help in big games. He was awful against both barca and real madrid in CL(even against last year Barca) and on top off that he seems to be arrogant enough to admit that nor show any willingness to prove his critics wrong. He seems to get fat every day where as even players like Messi(who depend on skills) seems super fit. Hunger is most important to be successful in any kind of game be it personal game or sports, Higuain seems not have that.

    • Vietto is finished in Simeones plans, the guy is hopeless as CF in Atletico, Correa in the other hand effective like hell in 39 full matches playing time 18 goals and 15 assists, but always plays out of position, right midfielder, winger and now CF?

      • Stupid idea to place Vietto as CF while he was yet on U-20 Sudamericano horrible on the position.

        As far as Correa will play for team he may be still someone special in future for us.

  3. The best by a big margin? Ok it is his opinion and i respect it but there is a bit of exaggeration here!

    The best Brazilian ever maybe, but he was nowhere near to Maradona, either to Messi. Speaking about the greatest goalscorer of all time, that is Messi therefore Higuain maybe meant the greatest 9, but by a big margin?? This is laughable!

    I have witnessed Batistuta, Ronaldo and Van Basten and these three were the greatest ever in my opinion but if i was asked to pick one of the three, putting emotions aside, that would be the great Bati and i will explain why.

    Ronaldo was the best 9 when dribbling and having the ball on his feet, no doubt about that. But his shooting abilities, shooting technique and shooting accuracy were nowhere near the ones that Bati and Van basten used to have. Not even mention scoring by headers as Batistuta and Van basten were monsters on this department while Ronaldo was mediocre to say the least!

    Batistuta was an one man team when he was playing in fiorentina and he used to destroy all time best defences back then such as the great Milan and Juventus. His shooting accuracy was second to none as when he was getting opposite to the goalkeeper, it was almost sure that it would end to a goal! Apart his techinque, Bati had an extremely powerful shot, he could score from very long distances, something that cannot be said about Ronaldo.

    Batistuta was and still is the only 9 i have ever seen that was world class on free kicks. He combined the technique and swerve of Riquelme and the power of Roberto carlos.

    Those three 9s were the best, anyone can have his opinion and preference for his own reasons, but saying that Ronaldo was the best by a big margin is pure rubbish.

    • Haman, there is no need to express it better, I know exactly what I was going for. As for ‘’world class,’’ that is subjective, I never use the term ‘’world class’’ in any of my write ups because people tend to over use that terminology. Moreover, a national team doesn’t need every single player on the roster or starting XI to be ‘’world class.’’ Who decides when a player is ‘’world class’’ or not? The fans, coaches, media or team mates?
      Sir Alex Ferguson: ‘’I only had four world class players at Manchester United… Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo.’’ The Man United fans will most likely have a different take on who was ‘’world class’’ than Sir Alex. Now whose opinion would be more legitimate on this issue, Alex Ferguson or the Manchester United fan? Paul Scholes not long ago said Aguero was the only ‘’world class’’ player in the EPL. Again, the term ‘’world class’’ is subjective. A player having one good season then is sold for 2 billion to Arsenal the following season doesn’t make him ‘’world class’’, and this is the idea of being ”world class” for many football fans nowadays, not on how a player have stayed consistent at the top of world football for 6-8 years or more. Players were seen as a nobody in other leagues, but as soon as they move to England and do the same things they have been doing for years, it’s now seeing as ‘’world class’’ according to football fans especially the EPL centric ones.

      When Ramos won the world cup with Spain back in 2010 he wasn’t ‘’world class’’, and even to this day, I don’t see Ramos as a great defender, the thing with Ramos is that he has a fighting spirit and tend to score important goals which overshadow his deficiency in defense (Even pundits on ESPN agree with me on Sergio Ramos). I could say the same for Torres and a couple others from Spain 2010 team. Everyone on Italy 2006 wasn’t ‘’world class.’’ Everyone on the German team that won in 2014 wasn’t ‘’world class.’’ Greece won the Euros with a decent team and Portugal won the Euros with a decent team, both nations playing negative football.

      My point was, guys like Acuna are not the type of players that indicate to a world cup winning team or even a world cup finalist team. Acuna might be a good player in his own right but he just doesn’t come off as the world cup winning type. A ‘’world class’’ Argentina team failed to make it out of the group stage back in 2002. To put it in simple terms, Argentina players just doesn’t have the ‘’swag’’ or look of a world cup winning team except for 4-6 guys. The media teams are Germany, Brazil, Spain, Belgium etc. and the media player is Messi. Argentina playing style is often too ugly which comes off unattractive and not marketable. I said earlier, Tite can call up the worse player in the Brazilian league and that same player would look better for Brazil than the likes of Acuna, Paredes, Rigoni playing for Argentina.

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