Lucas BIGLIA to start over Leandro PAREDES


Hey everyone, some news involving Lucas BIGLIA and Leandro PAREDES.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to get really jittery here at work. I just want to go home, have a drink and get settled in for the big match tonight. Anyhow, I have an update!

News just came in that Lucas BIGLIA will replace Leandro PAREDES in the starting lineup tonight. BIGLIA gives the team more ball recovery. Therefore, to summarize, the final starting lineup could look like this:

Sergio ROMERO; Gabriel MERCADO, Nicolás OTAMENDI, Javier MASCHERANO, Marcos ACUNA; Lucas BIGLIA, Éver BANEGA; Ángel DI MARIA, Lionel MESSI, Alejandro GOMEZ; Darío BENEDETTO.

What do you guys think of this last minute change?

On another note there are 7 players that could miss the final match against Ecuador if they receive a yellow card today. They are: Sergio ROMERO, Nicolas OTAMENDI, Ever BANEGA, Marcos ACUNA, Angel DI MARIA, Paulo DYBALA and Lautaro ACOSTA.



  1. Muscherano’s horrendous back pass against Peru away…Messi’s friend Aguero’s penalty miss…Romero’s stupid goalkeeping whole WCQ …Messi’s stupid foul mouthing toward a referee (for nothing actually) hence few match banned…Loosing to Paraguay home…draw with Venezuela home..urggggghhhhh this is not a football team…circus

  2. Sampaoli must be blamed for three back to back goalless draw. ….

    Players are responsible but coach too…

    Look what is the subs tactics of sampaoli…lol

    Looks like sampaoli take charge to make us undefeated but with only draw and goal less draw….


    Sampaoli can’t handle too much pressure. ….

    There was chance for 4-5 goals but the creative tactics which we thought can see was missing. ..

    Speechless ….

    Vamos vamos
    Hope a win with big margin (keep calm and hope for best)

  3. When Gago was injured, why didn’t he bring on Parades, instead of Enzo

    Biglia is useless he’s the reason Messi comes too deep .

    If Biglia plays vs Ecuador, we are out.

    • I think Biglia is suspended for the final game due to yellow card accumulation.Ever Banega was not in form today and I think for the final game Paredes deserves his chance.According to me this should be our line up for the final game:
      Paredes-Enzo Perez
      Dybala-Messi-Papu Gomez
      This is the best possible line up to win the game.
      Note:If Mascherano is not fit then Pezzella should start.

  4. After a long time I am commenting on mundo. As an Argentinean fan its a really disappointing game, but I still have hope in this team. If Brazil,Columbia and Peru can beat Ecuador at Quito we too can. Yes, our goal scoring opportunities may not be the same as those!!! May be we are taking to last laps, who knows. Lets hope for the best…

    • Agree with you.. Ecudor will play an open game vs us as they are out now…So they wont put 10men behind the ball..& wht hpnd to dimaria?? Is he injured??

  5. Also,
    Please stop blaming Sampaoli. He is trying everything. The players are all weak mentally other than Messi, and Romero who saved our ass again today.
    If you watch objectively, they are SO SLOW in the midfield that they cannot develop a single opportunity. When you don’t score with our forwards it’s because there is nobody that can pass vertically. So what do they do, pass horizontally and backwards.
    Every team does the same thing. Clamp down on Messi. Until someone else can make a play, we will not score, let alone win. The only guy with a shot of that is Dybala. But today our best passer was Mascherano (pathetic I’m saying this) at least he had to courage to pass forward.

    • I like Sampaoli, but his Substitutes are not upto the mark…if Arg qualifies in world cup and in a crucial game if he substitutes like this , like pekerman did in 2006, we are done..

  6. Reading all the comments, its funny how mascherano didn’t get credit, only fanofargentina gave him credit, this guy is the best player argentina has, im not talking numbers, im talking performance but that’s what happens when you are a defender, honestly we are all lucky to have a defender like mascherano. We can still qualify and need a win and guys if we cant win on ecuador then as much as we want argentina to qualify we dont deserve to qualify if we dont get a win. Its bad enough that we are at this point. This is argentinaaaa we are talking about. I cant believe that we are a point where we are calculating what happens in the last game and we are also depending on the other teams results and the hugeee disappointment comes in when we know the potentional of our forwards and i say only forwards because as individuals they are world class, and our defence,gk and midfield are average for an international level if not less than average, simple as that. I dont even wanna get to the details of this and previous matches because you will never hear the end of it. And yes we don’t have any luck so the luck factor is not on our side but that is still NOT an excuse for argentina. Let’s hope things will be better for the next match that is all i can say.

  7. So frustrating, we cruise through Copa America all the way to the final and yet we can’t score a goal when it matters if our lives depended on it.

    I am not watching the last game, they better win but I am not going to be celebrating.

  8. I am as disappointed as anybody could be in this footballing world.

    As I stressed before, Nothing said here or anywhere else could change the outcome of any game so why bother really.

    The team played their hearts out, Gago was a mistake as I STRESSED the sec his name was mentioned for a possible call-up….the man is made out of glass that breaks if you look at it sideways.
    I feel bad for Sampoali because of the tremendous pressure he’s been under from the moment he took over, doesn’t justify the wacky personnel change but that is what we got.

    As always and NOW more than ever, LETS GO ARGENTINA forever.
    Have a little faith gentlemen and whatever is going to happen, will happen!

  9. We need to win next game anyhow. And if Peru and Colombia stay 0-0 than it is much better. We need 2 goals somehow. I don’t know how but we need goals

  10. No difference between sampaoli and Bauza. ….

    Gaga the heroin

    RIGONI the debutant hero

    Why not Dybala
    No paredes
    No icardi

    Messi also get more than one chance
    So I think we don’t deserve to qualify depending on other team. ……

    Subs used by coach is not up to the level…..

    Banega why substituted? ??????

    Paraguay win
    Colombia lost
    Chile win
    Everything messing…..









    RESULT IS SAME. ……..








    LINE UP NO TODAYs players PLEASE. ..even messi. .

    ——-Merchasin ——
    PEZELLA Fazio Mammana Casco
    Salvio di maria
    Messi Icardi

  11. It was a sad match.

    But the saddest is the 16 goals scored in qualifying only higher than Bolivia´s 14.

    Uruguay, with much less talent, playing defensively have scored 28.

    Brazil playing non-technically have scored 38.

    Possession football, certainly at the international level, is dead.

    Bring back Sabella. Bring back the right, the substance, not the optics.

    I liked the old stalwarts Mascherano and Messi today.

    But there’s always hope.

  12. I couldn’t believe that Sampaoli is a coward.
    Be like Ramos… fight till the end. I hate Ramos but he has this fighting character that is admired but Sampaoli gave up before the match itself.

  13. weak team… weak coach with no mental strength for Argentina… messi not the real messi for Argentina… what else… we don’t deserve a qualification even though i love Argentina.
    Its better we stay at home than let Germany and Chile beat us the 17th time.

    • Messi didn’t get any support from his teammates and he did his best to safe Argentina. He has created a few scoring chances and we all know how it ended up.

      • Offcourse, if we win we will qualify automatically…but my confidence with this team is bottom low, we need some luck ..we are ,missing it..we didn’t have any luck today..we had chances..

        we can get the 5th spot with a draw…and there are chances of 5th spot with a loss as well..

        • We had 20 chances in last 2 games. I don’t know it’s weird but i feel we will win next game. My instinct just telling me. I am 80% rely on my instinct. Don’t worry. We still have hope. Most important question is our boys needs to do better than that

  14. Sampaoli’s risky lineup and unnecessary substitutions paid off. Well played Benedetto. No wonder why you are playing your whole life in Argentina Primera Liga. Thanks guys for breaking many Argentine and non-Argentine peoples hearts along with me. Goodbye, everybody……….

  15. I said earlier today this formation sucked. Now we need help and it still may be too late. No skill or speed in midfield. Just a shitty no creative midfield. Only have a small chance to get lucky off a set piece. I would play this formation for a small chance off the players we the way, shitty call ups also.
    Mercado otamendi mammana
    Salvio Dybala acuna DiMaria
    messi icardi

    • This is the Team i’ve been shouting about. Dybala and Icardi are already world class. If we lose we lose with our best shot. Benedetto was a disaster.
      But if we beat Ecuador we qualify Automatically. Thanks to Paraguay for beating Columbia.
      We draw.. We still have a chance in play off depending on other results. Thx to Paraguay
      Its more straightforward now. We need a win, we in.

  16. You know what guys ? We are all angry but you know what and you guys might not like it but hey the truth hurts, is that honestly we dont deserve to qualify and i think if we do manage to qualify with this performance, we will be humiliated in the wc and exit from the group stages so idk what to say

  17. Guys if we beat Ecuador Argentina qualifys, Brazil will be good at least for a draw against Chile, imo they will win, Paulinho and Neymar Messis friends, i bet even Paraguay will not win against Venezuela, Ecuador is out and they lost their last 5 matches…

  18. Argentina is a corrupt country. Even a half arsed coach would not choose such a poor and an awkward line up for such an important match for Argentina. You can’t really be THIS wrong with your choices at this stage. Someone like Benedetto who is not even good enough to be called up for the NT starts ahead of Icardi and Dybala. I can’t believe this shit. Every coach who comes to manage Argentina make such unbelievably stupid choices that even a 20 years old newbie will not. Of all the subs he could make he introduce Gago! Well done Sampaoli and the Mafia behind this debacle. Mission accomplished!

  19. This is a sad day for Argentina. We’re gonna miss the WC.
    I cannot believe that a country with so many top players cannot score goals anymore. It is a disgrace.

    I’ll bet the match in Quito will be the last time we see Messi, Mascherano, Di Maria and Biglia in an Argentina shirt. They are not gonna play friendlies for the next 21 months.

    Terrible. Just plain terrible.

  20. When you try the same thing over and over again and expect different results. I mentioned earlier about the insanity to not play dybala and icardi…
    At least if you lose then you can say you lost with your best players. I have never seen such a frail team in any sport in my lif @Roy or whomever runs this site. Stop printing fucking articles about these slugs scoring for their local teams. 16 fucking goals in qualifiers is a joke

  21. Another miss by Benedetto! Someone please give me a chance to play for Argentina!! Things are getting out of control by the way. 20 minutes remaining…..

  22. I am sick of all of you, and your interpretations and
    Giving your own line ups. Bendetto ? Really. You guys are saying bigliais not good but what the thing that you are not getting and accepting is we dont have a good midfield, we are doomed . I have been supporting this team since i was a kid and i am not even argentine im lebanese. Even if we manage to qualify to the wc, we will be out in the group stages. What are you guys expecting. And please nobody comment with your positivity quotes, because the letter can be read from it’s title

  23. Sampaoli is getting things wrong for Argentina
    Don’t listen to mafia… Sampaoli needs to implement his own strategy
    He earlier called in new players but later chose to go with oldies… who are clueless, like they’ve always been

  24. Sort of agree the two chanes that Benedetto had, the twist and tutn but lost the ball and the header, think Aguero and Higuain will have slotted those home… oh my… why am I talking about them now? Guess I’m desperate liao.

  25. Too much negativity. You guys get impatient too fast. i know so far there is no goal, but there is a huge improvement in the play. one or two changes are desired and required. But you guys i cant believe are impatient within 45 minutes. there is a reason but common its always like this. dont get jittery so fast. NO offense though

  26. An intense game played in a stadium with great atmosphere.
    They work hard but there are no patterns. They just don’t know each other well enough. Hopefully the goal will come.
    It has to because with Chile in front we are now in 6th position and out of the WC.

  27. Sigh… fantastic crowd I must admit non-stop singing and cheering… passes were much faster and crisper… unfortunately, you start seeing Messi coming back as the match progress, not many gilt edged clear cut chances… goalkeeper not tested much…it’s starting to get worrying…

  28. Too early but if we play like this than we are not going Russia next year. Chile already 1-0 up. Can’t believe this happened to Argentina football

  29. Why the fuck every coach goes retard when coaching Argentina???? What the hell was Sampaoli thinking starting this retarded Benedetto ahead of Icardi and Dybala???!! Are you fuckin kidding me?? He’s horrible! Sub him off!!

  30. Woah the way argentina have been playing so far is amazing.never seen this kinda attitude. messi is getting ballas at the front sometimes too. still a lot to improve tho

  31. More balance to the midfield. Papu is the missing piece. Mean while, I still want to see Paredes in Banega’s place. Banega used to be good in the first half and falling in the second one. I hope Sampaoli will sub him for Paredes around 55th minutes or earlier, depends on the situation.

  32. Woow
    Man it might be another fucking dull midfield play. I am quite angry with sampa because he still couldn’t figure out his first XI. Biglia vs Ecuador could make sense but now he made the game easy for Peru. So many stuff i wanna say now but don’t wanna jinx the game and don’t wanna frustrate any of you guys. Anyway let’s pray

  33. I love Paredes very much but I was concerned about his defensive abilities. I am relieved that Biglia sill start.

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