Angel DI MARIA and Javier PASTORE score in PSG win


Angel DI MARIA and Javier PASTORE both scored for PSG.

The French league leaders have established a 12 point lead atop the Ligue 1 table following a 3-1 win against LOSC. Angel DI MARIA scored the first goal of the match in the 28th minute, a header into the net to give his team the lead.

The want-away midfielder doubled the Parisian’s advantage in the 49th minute after getting assisted by his compatriot DI MARIA. El flaco picked the ball up on the edge of the area and advanced a little before firing it into the back of the net. Interesting that both Argentinians are rumored to be leaving in the January transfer market.

Goals from Angel DI MARIA and Javier PASTORE

Javier PASTORE skill pass

PSG’s website described it as “Argentina Flavour”:
“There was a little of the Albiceleste in the Parc des Princes tonight. When the ‘MCN’ aren’t there to unlock an opposition defence, Paris can count on their Argentine duo Pastore and Di Maria to do the damage. Goal-scorer in the 28th minute, El Fideo then provided the assist for Flaco in the 49th!”


  1. I’ve seen a lot of Argentine talents go to Europe, and then at some stage start playing different roles than the one they really shone on earlier in their career and completely become transgender footballers, which is they are neither this or that. Like Lamela and now I’d add add Dybala to that list.
    Dybala was a cracking talent at Palermo, and then he did well in his first season at Juve. But this season, in order to seduce Dybala to stay, Juve gave him the no.10 shirt and made him believe he is the next Baggio. Sadly, the man is not a 10. and he has no qualities to do a Zidane or a Hazard. He has been pathetic for the past couple of month. It is laughable to see him come so deep and act like a playmaker. He loses the ball, he gets shoved off the ball easily and his game is dominated by backward or side passes almost consistently. He is at his best when he is playing in and around the opposition penalty area. That is where he has the talent to excel. If he is not scoring or creating he is useless, trying to do a Iniesta or a Hazard. You just can’t fake things like that. Sadly, Dybala himself has taken upon the conversion completely and his game going down the drain. Just for the record, Dybala was voted the worst forward of this season’s CL group stage. After a brilliant start in the Serie A, he has managed just 2 goals in 10 games, and 2 goals in 15 games in all competitions.

  2. This weekend sees the last weekend action for this year. I think it’ll be back in Feb after the break.
    Julian Carranza becomes the first player to score in Argentine Top division for a player born in the new millenium. He scored twice for Banfield.
    @ Gonzalo, this season sees fresh faces making the news. Argentinos’ youngster nico Gonzalez and Defensa’s Nico Fernandez have both impressed. Nicholas Gonzalez already has admirers from Europe. Another youngster from Velez Nazareno Bazan, has just been promoted to the senior squad but already there are rumours that he might go to Europe in January.

    • Hey Saant,

      I was just going to mention about Carranza. Indeed, the youngest (born 2000) who scored goal (actually twice) in league. Only 17 years old and our potentiall squad for next U-20 World Cup seems to be more and more attractive (Maxi Romero, Barco, Lovera, Rivas, Maroni (on radar of Inter), Chancalay, Carranza, Garre (manchester City), Colidio (Inter), Cabrera, Bazan…

      Actually there is 3 such talented Nicholas’ in Superliga: Nicolas Fernandez (Defensa), Nicholas Gonzalez (Argentinos) and last but not least Nicolas Dominguez (Velez). The third is outstanding central midfielder.

      I must to say, Velez and Argentinos have most talented players in league, in fact. Boca or River nowhere near at this point. Plentiful of youngster in Velez that are already starters. IMO Matias Vargas is talent No.1 in league. But there is much more to follow. What is important I think that the new gneration of Velez is not the midget kind of players we had always abundance. THey are mostly strong and tall. Argentinos not far behind.. Circa 10 young footballers to watch.

        • Yup, Nicolas Gimenez too.

          The only problem of Lovera is he has not enough playing time. But whenever he has is outstanding. Just last night he had very good minutes coming from bench.

          Hernan Toledo will emerge sooner or later I belive. One of our biggest talents in Europe IMO.

      • @ Gonzalo. Excited by the new talents. But can we agree that Velez’ talents don’t always come good in the long run. In the last batch, we had names like Lucas Romero, Allione, Toledo. All disaapeared or are disappearing. But, it could change. Velez have just appointed Gabriel Heinze. I liked Heinze as a player, and now he is one of the many new wave of young Argentine Coaches, who are promising much.
        And I’m disappointed that Maxi Romero has decided against moving to Stuttgart, and is instead signing for PSV (thanks to is agent Rolando Zarate). German league is producing a lot young players these days, and would have been a great place to learn, even it means he is getting little match action.
        From your list, Rivas and Lovera, after promising much last term, have had hardly any playing time, sadly.
        While it’s nice to hear many names who could turn out be good, it will be even better if we have just 2 or 3 players, who would turn out to be outstanding. I think we already have one from the Primera. Lautaro Martinez. He crossed for Licha to score and he scored from his own penalty miss rebound. He hit the post with a great shot. In the last 5 or six matches (including the Libertad elimination), he has hit the post atleast 5 or 6 times. Easily Argentina’s answer to Mbappe, Gabriel Jesus and other top youngsters in the world. Cristian has the potential to be in top category, but needs a little more brushing up.

        • Martinez may become outstanding striker (maybe he is already) but that will not makes difference for us in future if we will not hove outstanding midifielders (as our young defenders like Barboza, FOyth are also promising). We need great midfielders.

  3. Always liked Pastore a lot but whenever he plays for us he is rather inconsistent (Not a Surprise though) At this point if Lamela stays fit & perform well Lamela should be picked over Pastore. both r different type of players but Lamela offers more defensively too and more Strong physically & plays in a similar system as Sampolis

  4. lamela is back and todays spurs fans thoughts on his apperance off the bench.
    “lamela is a workaholic..we missed that in ther squad”
    “Great win that, lamela looked class when he came on”
    “Lovely little cameo from Lamela. That pass to Kane was perfect”

    great to see and im sure many of us will be watching his progress as he has a lot he could offer the n.t

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