Argentina’s 2017 Year in Review – By the numbers


The past 12 months were an absolutely roller coaster for the Argentina National Team and it’s time to look back at Argentina’s 2017 from a numbers perspective.

Argentina’s 2017 consisted of a total of 10 matches played. Here’s the breakdown in numbers:

Total coaches: 2

Edgardo BAUZA

Number of players who took part in matches: 50

Augustin MARCHESIN: 1
Alejandro GOMEZ: 4
Angel CORREA: 1
Angel DI MARIA: 10
Cristian PAVON: 2
Diego PEROTTI: 2
Eduardo SALVIO: 3
Emanuel MAMMANA: 2
Emiliano INSUA: 1
Emiliano RIGONI: 3
Emmanuel MAS: 1
Enzo PEREZ: 5
Ever BANEGA: 8
Facundo RONCAGLIA: 2
Federico FAZIO: 4
Fernando BELLUSCHI: 1
Fernando GAGO: 1
Gabriel MERCADO: 5
German PEZZELLA: 2
Giovani LO CELSO: 2
Gonzalo HIGUAIN: 2
Guido PIZARRO: 3
Ignacio FERNANDEZ: 1
Javier PASTORE: 2
Joaquin CORREA: 3
Jonathan MAIDANA: 1
Lautaro ACOSTA: 2
Leandro PAREDES: 2
Lionel MESSI: 7
Lucas ALARIO: 1
Lucas BIGLIA: 6
Lucas PRATTO: 1
Manuel LANZINI: 2
Marcos ACUNA: 7
Marcos ROJO: 2
Matias CARUZZO: 1
Mauro ICARDI: 3
Nahuel GUZMAN: 1
Nicolas OTAMENDI: 8
Paulo DYBALA: 6
Ramiro FUNES MORI: 1
Sergio AGUERO: 4
Sergio ROMERO: 8

Player with most matches:

Angel DI MARIA (10 appearances in 10 matches)

Argentina’s 2017 Match Record

World Cup Qualifying matches: 6
Friendly matches: 4
Matches won: 5
Matches drawn: 3
Matches lost: 2
Biggest win: 6-0 vs. Singapore
Biggest loss: 2-0 vs. Bolivia, 4-2 loss vs. Nigeria

Argentina World Cup Qualifying Match Record

Matches won in World Cup Qualifiers: 2
Matches drawn in World Cup Qualifiers: 3
Matches lost in World Cup Qualifiers: 1

Argentina Friendly Match Record

Matches won in Friendly matches: 3
Matches drawn in Friendly matches: 0
Matches lost in Friendly matches: 1

Argentina's 2017 Year in Review: Argentina sealed 2018 World Cup qualification vs. Ecuador
Argentina’s 2017 Year in Review: Argentina sealed 2018 World Cup qualification vs. Ecuador


Total goals scored: 15
Total goals let in: 8

Goals scored in World Cup Qualifiers: 5
Goals let in World Cup Qualifiers: 4
Goals scored in Friendly matches: 10
Goals let in Friendly matches: 4
Most goals scored in a match: 6
Most goals let in a match: 4

Argentina's 2017 Year in Review: The 6-0 victory vs. Singapore was Argentina's biggest scoreline of the year.
Argentina’s 2017 Year in Review: A 6-0 victory vs. Singapore was Argentina’s biggest scoreline of the year.

Argentina’s 2017 consisted of having 10 different goal scorers (11 if you count an own goal). The top scorer? Lionel MESSI. The top scorer in World Cup Qualifying? Lionel MESSI. Players to score more than one goal? Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGUERO.

Argentina Goal Scorers

Lionel MESSI – World Cup Qualifier, 4 goals (1 goal vs. Chile, 3 goals vs. Ecuador)
Sergio AGUERO – Friendly matches, 2 goals (1 goal vs. Russia, 1 goal vs. Nigeria)
Alejandro GOMEZ – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Singapore)
Angel DI MARIA – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Singapore)
Ever BANEGA – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Nigeria)
Federico FAZIO – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Singapore)
Gabriel MERCADO – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Brazil)
Joaquin CORREA – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Singapore)
Leandro PAREDES – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Singapore)
Lucas ALARIO – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Singapore)
Own goal – Friendly match, 1 goal (vs. Venezuela)

Argentina's 2017 Year in Review: Lionel Messi scored 4 goals for Argentina this year.
Argentina’s 2017 Year in Review: Lionel Messi scored 4 goals for Argentina this year.

We will be having our in depth Argentina 2017 Year in Review in the next few days where we will go in detail discussing all the changes which happened surrounding the Argentina National Team this past year.


    • Lets see sampaoli select him or not if he is in sampaoli plans then he would get a call up in march friendlies a good midfield is vital and so is defence

    • some nice el classio quotes
      “Before you laugh at the children that still believe Santa is Real, just remember that there are grown men that still believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is a better Footballer than Lionel Messi ”

      “Most Goals in 2017: Messi
      Most Assists in 2017: Messi
      Most chances created in 2017: Messi
      Most successful dribbles in 2017: Messi
      Most through balls in 2017: Messi
      Most key passes in 2017: Messi
      Most man of the match in 2017: Messi

      Ballon d’Or winner 2017: Ronaldo

      “Really sorry but if you think Cristiano #Ronaldo is a better player than Lionel #Messi, then please try a different sport because you clearly don’t understand football! It’s not even – or ever has been – a valid debate”

  1. Since many years Real-Barcelona rivlary has not been drawing any my attention. And all the Messi – Ronaldo rivalry too… But now, after that bragging words of Ronaldo after winning 5th Bd’Or it’s pure pleasure to see Messi and Barcelona so superior to Ronaldo what never was questinable for me. Hybris must be punish. Ronaldo’s decline.

  2. Paulinho of all people is forming a great partnership with messi in just few months playing together and none of our players
    who are playing with him for a decade can do that. Interesting.

    • We don’t have this kind of midfielder in Argentina team. Paulinho Vidal Naingolan are all same types of midfield player. They defend and attack at the same time. Do we have anyone like them? No.

      Banega? Gago? Biglia? No they don’t have that quality. The closest come to mind are Enzo & Parades. But let see whom Sampaoli trust in next friendlies. I really wish to have a player like them in our national team.

  3. hope this team will lineup in the world cup…

    my A TEAM










    we can interchange players from A team to A depends upon their form… 22 players over… extra one goalkeeper……. extra memebers…. who can make the 23…. marcado , rojo, rigoni, augusto fernandez , banega ,biglia,perotti, gomez,higuain,kranevitter

    • lanzini is argentina xavi and lo celso is argentina iniesta… soon world will know.. because of their control dribbling and agression thats why they are better midfielder than (pastore and banega- they are defensively week) thats why i think they will make argentina midfield strong… and good for the future also…

      • There is only one xavi and there is only one iniesta u cant compare some random player with them yes lo celso is talented and will be immense for Argentina but iniesta in his peak is something else

        • They have that potential… They can improve…. Both of them hardly loose the ball and defensive contribution is very good… Look at his passing success rate and tackling and chance creation… U will know in the world cup

  4. Juventus coach getting some sign of confidence in Higuain as he is showing some sign of excellence in his game.Higuain must be in world cup squad ahead of Martinez or someone else.Dybla is also getting back to form.

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