Nicolas GAITAN off to Dalian YiFang in China


Nicolas GAITAN is off to join Dalian YiFang in China.

The Chinese transfer market hasn’t closed yet and Nicolas GAITAN of Atletico Madrid is the latest Argentine to make the trip to the Super League. Per Cesar Luis MERLO, the former Benfica man will be flying to China in the next few hours to complete a medical where he’ll sign a 3 year deal with the club. With Augusto FERNANDEZ and Javier MASCHERANO having already left to China in this transfer market, the Argentine international makes it a hattrick of Albiceleste players having left Spain for the Chinese Super League. The amount of the transfer remains unknown.

Now 30, GAITAN’s last match for the Argentina National Team came in a 2-2 draw against Venezuela in a South American World Cup Qualifier back in September 2016.


  1. The problem with Sevilla yesterday wasn’t merely about the players on the pitch it was down to Montella who should have adjust his team after the midweek exhausting UCL game against Manchester United. The players are tired and it’s obvious, yet Montella kept the exact same side that ran themselves into the ground against Manchester United to go up against a fresh Atletico Madrid team which result in Navas injuring himself. Sevilla/Montella needed to make at least 6-7 changes against Atletico Madrid including Banega and Mercardo who have been playing none stop football all season long. Being that Sevilla seems to not care about these La Liga games then it would have been wise for the coach to change his starting XI. Mercardo and Banega were tired and their turnovers against Atletico Madrid was a result of being fatigue and nothing else. This is the same Sevilla team that Atletico Madrid couldn’t win a game against over two legs during the COPA Del Rey a few weeks ago. Sevilla is simple a tournament team, they always knew winning La Liga is a long shot at the beginning of every season hence why they put all their effort and resources in the domestic and European club competition. Mercardo always reminds me of Gabriel Heinze both in terms of his character and defending style.

    This notion that Banega turnovers have result into goal against Argentina is myth to this day. Where are these Banega turnovers during the 2016 Copa America? Or the 2014 world cup? Oh, he wasn’t there! What about the 2015 Copa America, did a Banega turnover cost Argentina a goal? One mistake against Atletico Madrid yesterday doesn’t change the fact that Banega has been one of the most consistent midfield players throughout Europe this season. Some people are just waiting for player A or B to commit a mistake or have a bad game just so they can pounce on this same player.

    • Very True, We cant judge any player on the basis of a single match, Every body is Human (Apart from Messi) errors will occur. Any how its a fact that Banega is one of the very few quality Midfielders we have who can perform at the highest level like Champions League match and make a mark in a particular game even without scoring, How many Midfielders we have now who can do something like that ??Paredes?? Lo Celso?? Lanzini?? Bangea’s main problem is consistency while performing for NT, But how many players we have who has been performing consistently in all matches?? Everybody makes errors.

  2. Leandro Paredes vs. Celtic.

    “The touch is smoother than midnight velvet, the precision is deadlier than Philoctetes’ aim.”

    “In fact, we may not have seen such a performance since Xabi Alonso retired from his career last season. Dropping very deep Paredes always seemed to walk with his area of action concentrated mostly between his penalty box and the halfway line.

    Receiving and distributing passes he almost seemed to circle in an area no wider than ten metres. At times he dropped deep playing like an old school libero. That last trade is in particular significant as it allows Zenit to play with three in the back pushing up the two wing-backs in the 4-2-3-1 formation while Paredes complements a three-man defence.

    Watching those videos in particular one indeed gets the sense that Paredes is a special player. Comparable to the above-mentioned Alonso and Borussia Dortmund’s Julian Weigl the Argentine is almost like a cross between an artistic libero of the Franz Beckenbauer category and a modern deep-lying playmaker”

  3. I don’t understand why sampaoli not trying Mercado otamendi cb pair that would be more than solid and bustos tagliafico are the natural fullbacks and we are set in backline at least he should try it in march friendlies

  4. Lo Celso was again poor against Marseille he played more advanced position this time while diarra played as dm he is not ready and should not be called up by sampaoli for wc. was really hopeful regarding lo Celso but he dissapointed me big time he always plays badly in big games midfield concern for Argentina continues

    • I need to see the match as I don’t trust your opinions about our players anymore. One good game, tben he must be a NT starter at the WC. Then another bad game, he must not go to Russia.

      • He started 3 big games Madrid Lyon and Marseille all of them he failed now in wc we need players who can boss the midfield even in tough knockout matches we may face Spain in quarters Germany in semis and France or brazil in finals very tough fixtures with all of them has better squad than us we only have better forward line that too if our chemistry increase

  5. Did you guys watch the schoolboy errors that banega and mercado committed last night ? Both directly led to goals. This is the reason why banega should never be trusted in the center of our midfield. He has a reputation for giving away balls at dangerous places of the field. Rare mistake from mercado though.

      • I’ve seen Mascherano commit more school boy errors that have lead to goals than Banega.

        Both Mascherano and Banega will go to World Cup anyway.

          • To be fair to lucho Mascherano has been making some shocking errors when playing for Argentina especially when playing as a CB. The guy is well past his prime and should be a midfield sub AT MOST and must not be allowed anywhere near the defense because his decision making, lack of height and pace all mean that Argentina will suffer an early exit.
            Just because we respect a player’s past achievements doesn’t mean we should allow said player to compromise the team’s future.

        • You must understand the fact that he only commits those mistakes (mostly forced errors and less ‘comical’ imo) when he is deployed as a centreback. This is an unnatural position for him.

          Banega can have no excuses for being unbelievably sloppy in an important match like that.

          • Mercado played plenty of times as a central defender to be competent enough. In fact I often felt that he was a better centre-back than a right-back. This was just a silly error.

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