Argentina friendly match against Israel in June


The Argentina National Team will play a friendly match against Israel in June.

We are just a few months away from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and things are beginning to take shape for Jorge SAMPAOLI’s men. While rumors of Paulo DYBALA getting left out of next month’s friendly matches broke out on Monday, other news officialy got announced as well. The team will play a match against Israel on June 9 in Tel Aviv.

Coach Jorge SAMAPOLI and his men will be based in Barcelona (while also training at FC Barcelona’s facilities) prior to flying off to Russia. SAMPAOLI wanted to stay based in Barcelona and play a friendly match at the Camp Nou, however there were change of plans and the team will make the 3 hour flight to Tel Aviv to play the match.

Argentina’s opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be on June 16 against Iceland, meaning the match comes exactly one week prior to their World Cup kick off.


  1. Dybala hasn’t been playing for Juve – dropped OK!
    Everybody should earn the spot.
    Romero plays five games all year – Not dropped.
    Dybala doesn’t play good for the NT team. – Dropped OK.
    He got his chance failed.
    Higuain, Biglia, Romero, Mercado, Rojo, di maria, funes Mori,…fail again and again to do something for us and still get chance after chance.
    Higuain hasn’t been called up to play qualifiers (hard part where it matters) now he will be called up for friendlies (where it doesn’t matter) now out of nowhere he is untouchable.
    Double standard is ridiculous.
    Biglia should be concerned about his performance not his wish to see Higuan as a starter. This kind of declarations breed divisions and affirm further that the NT team is a closed players club.
    Sampaoli hasn’t shown me anything yet. We are still a one man team with the greatest player of our time (sadly he has chosen friends over winning).
    I don’t have anything against Higuain unlike inconsistent Sampaoli, I think Higuain is better than Benedetto and should have been in the squad but he should never be UNTOUCHABLE and neither should be Biglia and some other who have unlimited arsenal of chances!!!!

    • Your argument against higuain is justified mayb biglia argument is also justified but to include Mercado rojo mori Romero is baffling.tell me how many goals scored against us in those 3 tournaments?? Very less actually Romero may not be a starter in club but always performs for nt and only good option fr goalkeeper we have see how awful rulli is for soceidad how awful marchesin was against Nigeria just accept it our midfield and even our strikers miss a lot in important games that’s our undoing even messi is not as ruthless as he is in Barcelona.and that’s because of pressure he is under for delivering in nt.he is human after all and I don’t think this selection messi has any role in are saying he is choosing his friend.let me tell you he is the one who want to win it badly and he don’t interfere in team selection its pure bullshit

      • do you know why our midfield is bad and we never create many chances?
        Do you know why we don’t get scored much?
        we need this defensive minded midfielders to cover for our defenders and goalkeeper because we don’t trust them in doing their job to defend.
        The coaches don’t trust them that is why they cover their A..
        Just look at 2010 when we played offensive we got demolished by Germany.
        We always field an unbalanced line up, either offensively or defensively just so we can play certain players to cover them up.
        Either way I am going to wait for the final selection and see, but if he does the same thing excluding certain players because of directions from others we will have sabotaged ourselves and cant’t fault anyone but ourselves.
        I admire Messi for his football talent, He is a one man team, it showed against Ecuador. It is sad if he never wins the World Cup. You can think of him as an angle who doesn’t interfere in the selection as much as you want. That’s your opinion, mines is different from yours. If we don’t win the world cup, I will not be disappointed because I have made my peace with this team to not expect from them much, because it is a corrupt team from top to the bottom and all the suffering through the years was self inflicted so we dont have to blame anyone but ourselves. childish, unjust corrupt behaviour breeds bad things and we engaged in such behaviour so we got what we deserved tears and pain. You can support that behaviour as much as you want because you are free to do so but please don’t come crying in the end because its ridiculous to expect from unjust justice. you did it to yourself and nobody is to be blamed.

  2. I think dybala is not that important our forward is ok we have messi aguero icardi dimaria correa Martinez apart from dybala people should care about our midfield and defence that’s the weak point I want to see paredes lanzini mammana tagliafico bustos perotti musacchio banega etc even lo Celso also may gets a call up as he is not doing good in big games but getting regular starting role in a club like psg

  3. Lautaro Martinez just scored a hattrick against Cruzeiro in his copa libertadores debut. Ive told you guys before that he is probably one of the most promising strikers in the world currently with his physicality, instinct and eye for goal. You can put him anywhere on the field and chances are he might still score.

  4. I like Dybala and truly believe he will make the 2018 world cup squad when its all said and done, but people need to be honest with themselves here. Maybe Dybala got drop because he hasn’t been effective recently? I mean, Dybala was average against Singapore (a game where he was filling in for Messi), average against Brazil (friendly), average against both Uruguay and Venezuela (WCQ’s) and finally, average against Nigeria a game where he was suppose to play the Messi role for Argentina.

    Gabriel Jesus = 13 Apps and 8 goals for Brazil.

    Dybala = 12 Apps and 0 goals for Argentina.

    With all the hype around Dybala then why is it that he has fail to put in a great performance for Argentina in his already 12 appearance? The guy couldn’t even impress against Singapore of all teams.





    5. PRACTISE 3241 AND 4411



  6. full circle.
    False prophet Sampaoli.
    Just read on Ole that Higuain is one of the untouchables.
    How is someone that you didn’t call for a year now untouchable?
    Sampaoli lied to us so far and now he is going full circle to the point where he started by banking on the group of friends.
    He played us like a politician.
    Reading Biglia’s interview showed me everything I need to know. Who the f is this guy? he is a scared wreck on the field every time he touches the ball. A medicore player and yet he finds his way on the team always even in a possession based choache’s team while being scared to hold possession. this medicore player has the nerve to declare he wants Higuain as the 9, his friend.Just shut up you medicore player you should never intervene in the coaches decisions you have done nothing for us, you will probably play the first game or second game and then the coach will see that you are a scared chump and ten he will want to sub you but there will be no alternative on the bench because your group of friends will have eliminated them. you will then do what you do best and cry like a little b…. because you were a chump and lost. Little by little I am gaining more respect for Ronaldo and losing respect for Messi. Ronaldo does everything to win wile Messi is concerned to play with his buddies.

    • One more thing ronaldo doesn’t care what system he is playing under & doesn’t bother to come midfield when he doesn’t get the ball for a while.He trusts his teammates & waits near the box and takes his chance.
      dybala is discarded already and now icardi will be the same cause baldie sampaoli likes young inexperienced striker from argentina league.

    • Biglia is an important player defensive duty so important yet so under appreciated he is slow but know his limitations he is actually performing really well lately for ac Milan sampaoli is a proven coach and a tournament coach give him a chance just selecting popular players from European club will not make a world cup winning team its not an easy job to make a world class team with so little time and I believe he is still trying things that’s not good regarding building chemistry but 2 friendlies will not build chemistry anyway so this friendlies maybe perfect time to experiment plus Argentina may play Spain in quarters so sampaoli playing it smart not going to open all cards so that Spain can’t and other countries can’t do their homework on Argentina I believe only positive of this unpredictable line up is other countries coaches still not sure how Argentina shape up and which player to expect so they get lesser time to get strategies but I want to see back4 in this friendlies we don’t have the players for a back 3 want to see likes of paredes lanzini banega mammana tagliafico bustos perotti icardi to get a call up

    • Well said mate.

      Sampaoli gas proven exactly the same as others. I also think we are going to see tge same group of players and same team except for some retirees like Demichellis.

      I don’t have any expectations for this world cup at all.

      • The same team that got us to three straight finals?! Why don’t you go to the Brasillian website… fan boys are better there … we bleed for argentina here.. and take your friends with you

    • Who is more proven than higuain at the #9 for us? As mad as I am that he got himsleve I great positions just to miss one in ones, he should be there! That’s a fact! Top 10 #9s in the world …and belittling Messi is blasphemy ! So if you have like ronaldo so much, it’s not a problem… just leave all your negative Argentine comments and go to his fan page…

  7. Sampaoli is like Maradona 2.0 calling up 100 players with no end in sight. It’s obvious that the Argentina national team is heading back to pre-Sabella years. Sampaoli just seems to call up players for the sake of calling them up then brushes them aside the next day. I still don’t get the reasoning on some of Sampaoli team decision as coach.

    There are too many uncertainties lingering over the head of the Argentina national team. This does not bold well for a team who actually consider itself as a world cup contender.

    Argentina should have had a solid A, B, and C team with players being fluctuating from one team to the other depending on the situation at hand. With this system, majority of the A team will be selected for major tournaments, but with the depth in quality, players from team B and C can fill in or challenge several players from the A team. This is what Germany, Spain, Brazil, and France currently has over Argentina. Argentina team selection nowadays goes by the ”next shiny” object instead of actually putting in a system where the players being selected can be a long term success for the national team.

  8. According to Michael Cox, in the last three World Cup central midfielders playing in left side made a great impact to win the trophy. Someone Perotta for Italy, Iniesta for Spain and Ozil for Germany. Pattern or not we should be trying Dybala in left if Messi gets the right which is sealed by God and Messi himself. To omit Dybala in such an important time will make him losing the interest and confidence. Feel Sampaoli drinks a lot and missing something. Our coaches suck. Disappointing.

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