Lionel MESSI: “Having a good World Cup is finishing in the top four”


Lionel MESSI spoke with TyC about several topics, from the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cup’s to retiring to Real Madrid to much, much more.

It’s not often that Lionel MESSI is outspoken, which is why when he gives an interview, more often than not, it’s an interesting one. The Argentina captain hung out with TyC and here’s what he had to say:

“Barcelona and Argentina are my two big loves. I don’t like to watch myself, not even old matches or old plays, but I feel it and I know that I’ve grown in a lot of aspects and that I’m incorporating new things.”

Lionel MESSI on the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

“Having a good World Cup is finishing in the top four, to be among the best four. At the very least, Argentina deserves to be there because of its history. Although it took a lot to get there, we have to get to it again.

“God decides what will happen, we will try to give our best and will try everything to get there as well as possible and try and win it. We all have to be well if we want to have a chance at the World Cup and it becomes more difficult every time. Here, any team can sit back and could beat you 1-0 on the counter.”

Lionel MESSI on the the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

“I would change the way I finished. Watching the video, I see I didn’t hit it properly. I would have shot it like that but with more of an instep. I would like to go back and to have another chance at it.”

Lionel Messi Argentina Germany
Lionel Messi during the 2014 FIFA World Cup final vs. Germany.

Lionel MESSI on Nicolas OTAMENDI:

“He’s one of the players that has grown the most in the past few years. With GUARDIOLA, he’s reached his maximum level and today is one of the best in the world. Having him with us is spectacular.”

Lionel MESSI on the Argentina National Team:

“I wish we were like Germany. They have another way to prepare, of letting people work, and of judging them and seeing what they do. In any part of the world, a National Team that reaches 3 finals is one that is valued. Here, we are considered “cold chested” (chokers/don’t feel the shirt) for not having won. I understand that society in Argentina is complicated and if we lose, those same people will ask for us not to be there anymore. When one enjoys playing, everything comes more natural.

“We want to win more than anyone after going to three finals and not winning any of them. It’s a weight that we carry ourselves and want to overcome. It’s a desire of all of us who have been in the National Team for this past decade. We don’t have an obligation to anyone.

“After saying that [retiring after the 2016 Copa America], I thought it wasn’t the right thing to do. It would be giving the wrong message to all the young people and all the people who fight for their dreams. Keep trying and keep fighting for what you want.”

Lionel Messi Argentina
Lionel Messi while playing with the Argentina National Team.

Lionel MESSI on Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI:

“Everything he does is done with intensity and he puts everything into his training sessions. Every day into his talks and the matches. He’s always at his maximum.”

Lionel MESSI on Brazil:

“Collectively, they are very good and arrive in great shape. They have very good players individually and as a team they are great. They close down well in the back, they HAve strong players and when they counter against you, they’re very fast with players like NEYMAR and COUTINHO. They know what they’re doing and they have a mechanism in their movements as a group.”

Lionel MESSI on Spain, Germany and France:

“Spain, for the players that they have and the way they play, are more attractive than Brazil. Germany’s always there and France have very good players, though many of them are young.”

Lionel MESSI on life after football:

“After finishing (retiring), I don’t know what I’ll do or what I’ll dedicate myself to.”

Lionel MESSI on Barcelona and other teams:

“I don’t have to go to another team to show something. I’m at the best team in the world, one of the best cities with my family settled in and my kids with their friends. I don’t need to move.”

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi inside his house.

Lionel MESSI on himself:

“I know that every year I fight to win everything. I challenge myself every year and I don’t need to go to another team to prove anything to anyone. One at times thinks of another league, like England but at the time of making a decision, leaving Barcelona is very difficult.

“I’m not interested in being the best of all time. Every time I start a year I try to improve personally, win everything, leave everything on the pitch every time I go out, give it all for my teammates and for myself. It does not change anything to be the best of all time.

“I always want to improve myself and I do not compete with anyone, because I do not play to be the best of all time but to improve myself year after year and to keep winning. The more titles you win at the end, the better. And obviously, winning with the national team would be the best because it was not given to us.”

Lionel Messi shirt
Lionel Messi’s shirt collection.

Lionel MESSI on Real Madrid:

“Madrid has something that only they have. They win playing badly. We have to be very superior to our rivals to win. I don’t compete with Cristiano RONALDO. It stimulates me to see Madrid in another final because I want to win the Champions League every year.”

Lionel MESSI on Luis SUAREZ:

“We live every day together and it’s a great friendship. He doesn’t just score, he gives you much more. He runs, he pressures… Sometimes we’ll be pressuring during a match and I’ll see him beside me and he’ll start to run. I’ll say to myself I have to go!”

Lionel MESSI on Andres INIESTA:

“We’ve practically spent our entire careers together and it was spectacular to live it with him.”


  1. No matter who’s playing but I always love Argentina what ever they earn results..I always back Argentina…
    So Sampoli can go…..





  2. Why we all are crying for missing players?? Btw I am supporting Argentina from 94. This is the first time I bought my Argentina’s jersey bkoz I think we have very good chance to win the World Cup inshaaallah. Guys we have a very dynamic squad so let’s hope for the best. don be like crying Brazilian fan. Thanks

  3. I found many of the comments in this particular post very disturbing but to each his own really.
    Apparently La Pulga sees something different in his buddy Kun as compared to previous years and I hope he’s right. I honestly hope he fully recovers and performs like he has done for years for ManCity and AM prior to that.
    World cup is a funny place, usually things happen very differently than one expects. Which includes players performing exceptional well while others who are expected to deliver, dont.
    I personally have no ill feelings toward Higuian, yes I wanted to choke him to death after all the misses but he is still here and chances are he’ll go to Russia and be as a starter as well but what gives me hope is his connection with Dybala and how that could be deadly if combined with Messi’s brilliance!
    This is a solid squad even though I would have loved to see Garay and Correa who was never mentioned for some strange reason, younger, faster and more creative than either DiMaria and Perorrti.
    Seems that my vacation time revolves around major tournaments that my beloved ARGENTINA plays in, like all 3 previous Copas, 2014 WC and this coming one is no exception. I extended my vacation by one week upfront so I dont miss their first game with Iceland …5 weeks in total, with 3 from my own pocket… fanaticism has no boundaries, I just hope that when I return to work on 7/16 that my head will be held high and not like before.

  4. Messi always wants to win like any player…no surprise here…but the real question for everyone here is this. Does anyone believe Higuain can score a winning goal for us in a decisive elimination match based on what you have seen so far? If the answer is no, then why is he on the team?

    Anyone believe in him? Anyone???

    • He becomes blind and can’t see where the goal is whenever he puts Argentina jersey on.

      Never EVER expect Higuain to score in a big game. He is useless!

    • If you base this by looking in the past……do you beliveve Messi can score a winning goal for us in a decisive elimination match in the world cup? How many goals in that category have you seen from Messi after three world cups? NONE!! ZERO! Higuain at least has two goals(if we count vs mexico in 2010)in that category after playing two world cups. I do not believe for a second that Higuain can score in a final, but there will be six other games if we go that far. After seeing Messi playing 4 finals for us I do not believe he will score in a final either.

  5. Today is a big day for Argentina football.messi playing a if he not get injured we are safe otherwise we are screwed

  6. I am most happy that he will continue even after the world cup.Messi is the core of this team player just need to take profit from him.If Mesdi plays besides you it becomes easy for teammates to play football

  7. Smart. Well said; right before the world cup.
    This takes the pressure off the team, the coach and himself .

    Honestly, even I hope they at least make it to the semi finals. 🙂

  8. So Papu Gomez created the 5th most chances in the big European leagues.

    And Sampaoli considers Centurion who managed an incredible 53 minutes game time during his half season at Genoa. I’m no master coach like Sampaoli, but I would one day like to see his logic in throwing Centurion in the mix. Hopefully time will prove my doubts wrong, will have to wait and see.

  9. So Papu Gomez created the 5th most chances in the big European leagues.

    And Sampaoli considers Centurion who managed an incredible 53 minutes game time during his half season at Genoa. I’m no master coach like Sampaoli, but I would one day like to see his logic in throwing Centurion in the mix. Hopefully time will prove my doubts wrong, will have to wait and see.

  10. I hope he continues win or lose the world cup. But i hope some other players dont. I know for sure Diego nor Messi are Gods because if they were to be we would be Champions all the time. To claim they are Gods, that is foolish. They are 2 of the greatest footballers, nothing more nothing less. As far as God is concerned – noone can prove Gods exists or dorsnt exist so stop calling people who believe foolish. It‘s your choice to believe or not so dont try to force them to believe what you believe. Thanks, talk about football because nobody wants to read your beliefs.

    • Likewise, stop shoving the concept of god down everyones face, and if you protest its your right to express your opionion, well so is others contrary one. If I choose to worship Leo as my god how is that any different from any other?


      • Believe what you want. just don’t be a hypocrite. don’t try to force your beliefs and go on religious forums to fight your faith wars. You can’t hurt anybody. Just don’t waste space with non football related comments. Thanks.

      • We don’t know God really exist but we know for sure Leo (Maradona or Pele) is not a god just human. That’s the difference.

        • Leo is human & nice person who unlike some of his fans accepts the will of the creator as he said himself above.
          but the other 2 gentlmen they are not just human but the worst kind of it.

    • It’s your choice to believe in a GOD or not.

      “Nobody wants to read your beliefs.” What are you the mind reader? you speak for everyone in the world?

      Take your high horses & put it under a pedestal, You have no right to tell anyone here what to beleive in and who to or what to write and not.

      • Ah cute of you. This is football forum. Why should we talk about religion? Those subjects have their own forums. You can believe whatever you want and I defended that. But this is not the place to talk about it. I can think for myself on that matter. My concern is to win the world cup. We are in here together to support Argentina and although we dont agree on certain matters regarding our team. We all have one common goal to win the world cup.

  11. I have a feelings too , that it will be Argentina’s Year.I want to share a interesting fact with you guys.I am from India ,and Cricket is the sports , though in my city it evenly poised between Cricket and football , as we have the biggest derby of asia. In cricket we had the undisputed best player for a decade ,Mr Tendulkar , but not the world cup , he finished as runners up, semifinalist while winning the best player award in world cup.At the end on his last world cup on his pick he won it on 2011 and seal him as all time great .And I m finding the resembles with leo messi, he will win this time and sealed his legacy.

    • I have thought about the same. Tendulkar was similar, the undisputed great of all time, but somehow did not win till the end. It almost felt he chokes on the biggest stage, similar to Messi. However, I will say that when we won at his last world cup, it was not him the others won the match and dedicated to him, players like Dhoni and Gambhir performed in the final. Similarly, if Messi has to win, others need to perform and contribute.

      Assuming you are from Kolkata. I have been a life time East Bengal supporter 🙂

      • No one can make it alone.Still he had 2 centuries against England and South Africa , a 95 on Semifinal.
        On 1986 WC final Maradona also hadValdano and Buruchaga .May be this time around leo will find some one , DYBALA may be to score a last minute winner like Gotze..

        Regarding your comment – “Assuming you are from Kolkata. I have been a life time East Bengal supporter ”

        Yes from the city of Joy ,
        But a life time East Bengal Enemy….
        I think you got the name of the club I support….:)

        • that is what I am saying, others have to contribute too. I am sure Messi will be the MOM in most of the matches, but for the some others have to step up.

          I know your team buddy :). I have been away from the country for 16 years, so not very sure how the teams do these days.

          • Argentina needs aguero in his peak power and also 1-2 midfielders to create then we can win otherwise quarterfinal exit

    • UII can clearly see Pavon nutmugs Ramos for Argentina’s second goal in the QF. An infuriated Ramos fists Pavon for Red card thus leaving Busquets run his ass off for the whole game. I don’t see any other team winning world cup except my beloved Argentina. Cup Adikum !! Cup Adikum!!

  12. Great interview!

    I hope this is our year this time. With Leo doing all the scoring, assisting, midfield and defense (stopping the opponent team from attacking lol) jobs we might win lol.

    Seriously speaking, its going to be decided by the other 10. Messi will always be Messi in any match against anybody. The cup will be won or lost depending on how the others do their job.


    True it is in the creator’s hands. We are hopeful he will make us happy.

        • Don’t be foolish, in this day in age, people believing in religion is being naive. If you think about it logical, hopefully you will get passed the stuff you were brainwashed with. If some person in the twentieth first century claimed the things that religious figures claimed, they would be seen as mental patients. So, please, knock off this “God decides”, god doesn’t decide squat.

          • Who made you God to say ” in this day in age, people believing in religion is being naive”.

            “If some person in the twentieth first century claimed the things that religious figures claimed, they would be seen as mental patients” – this is first step to claim hate to some groups of people – people who belive. There’s nothing rational in claiming arbitrary that: “in this day in age, people believing in religion is being naive”.

          • Don’t be foolish, in this day in age, people believing in religion is being naive. If you think about it logical.

            For me not believing the creator & believing a human like darwin is foolishness but to each his own.

      • God is the negative space of our understanding. Its a smaller concept every day as our wisdom of the real grows. One thing is to wonder at the awesome complexity and wonder of the universe, of life, or mind.. the other to project crude medieval abstractions on reality and to think it matters in such arbitrary play things such as futbol. D10s and Messiah! .. no one is perfect, but they come close.

        Vamos Argentina! let the world cup be a distraction from all the murdering done in this world over dogmatic beliefs!

        • God is dead for Nietzsche. Nietzsche is an existentialist who doesn’ believe in God. How can a person make an apparent contradictory statement about a diety that he believes doesn’t exist to begin with? His declaration about God’s death is to teach peoples that they should bear the consequence of their action than throwing it away to God or any other third person.

          Having said that freedom of Belief is unfettered right of peoples including not to. A player can be fanatic or dogmatic! it is up to him as long as it is working for him. I personally believe that Luck is the third element of success besides hard wotk and skill/ Knowladge. That luck could mean a blessing from God for some or a mere natural intervention for non believers. For instance Real Madrid and cristina ve inexplicablly been the lukiest one’s in grabbing undeserved trophies ‘n acclodes which is hard to explain????

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