Congratulations to Cholo SIMEONE, Atleti Europa League Campeone!


He’s done it this time!

After being disappointed on two occasions in the UEFA Champions League Final, Diego SIMEONE and Atletico Madrid have redeemed themselves by clinching the Europa League title. They defeated Marseille 3-0 at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais.

This was the club’s third Europa League title in eight years. Impressive enough it was also El Cholo’s sixth trophy in eight major finals with Atleti. But on this occasion, he had to watch his team from the stands (alongside his children) after receiving a touchline ban during the semi-final. As such his assistant, German BURGOS took charge from the side-line and did a great job in executing every plan they’ve been working on for this final.

Angel CORREA started the game for Atleti and played until the 88th minute while Axel WERNER was on the bench. Lucas OCOMPOS started for Marseille but only lasted until the 55th minute.

A big congratulations to El Cholo, Mono BURGOS, Angel, Alex and also not forgetting Atleti’s goalkeeping coach Pablo VERCELLONE!


  1. El Cholo wants to be involved in his team and players everyday not ever few months…it is for this reason that he states that he is not ready for La Selection and rather be a Club coach. (Diego’s words not mine)

  2. I think when the rumors of him becoming coach started, he didn’t take the job for the exact reason Sampaoli is bending his back over.
    Although i was the one denying the friends club rumors and bullshit it seems more of a probabality now. The losers like Biglia, Higuain and other pathetics like Aguero can’t perform on the pitch so what they do is play nice lil politics behind the doors and keep Messi in their goodwill. Messi is not like Ronaldo or others he is a loyal family kinda guy to mainpulate these people is much easier.

    I don’t want start any bullshit but it seems more and more probable that Players like bustos, meza who were execllent in the friendlies are dropped/on the verge while flops like banega, masch, higuain, aguero, rojo keep playing and starting games.

    I think Simeone loves and admires messi but he won’t take the job unless most of these old losers retire or Messi himself stops playing.

    • I dont think thats it. I think simply, Cholo is young for a coach, he is at a great team and moment with winning momentum, he is making good money.. meanwhile the AFA was bankrupt, coaches for the NT unpaid and used like toilet paper, team on the verge of missing the WC, other than Messi and a few others the talent pool is weaker than usual in defense and central midfield which is the kind of playing Simeone relates to. Its a hot potato, he knew better and chose to wait it out, knowing he has decades to reconsider.

      I wanted cholo, preffer Sabellas no nonsense approach, but I respect Sampoali. He had much to loose and he took the risk. People like you complain about the circle of friends but fail to credit the fact that the group reached 3 finals, its extra hard to cut that formula, its not like they failed early like other gens. People like to hate on Biglia, Higuain, Kun, DiMaria, Masch, but the truth is they all play and start at elite clubs. They all break records both in the NT (goals, caps, etc) and for their leauges, they are not scraps, rhey are top shelf players that would walk into any other NT but the top 5. We are a top 5 team, and yes, this is the time for these players to give their last efforts, and start to move as bench players while youth moves in.. and it has, Locelso, Lanzini, Taglafico, etc.. its not like Sampa hasnt tried players and hasnt implemented then. He is benching Masch (most likely) who was MVP last WC.

      Relax people. Let the man work.

      • Great advice to the people who are badly talking, brother. Right now, we do not have world top defender or midfielder, what we have sam tried and decided to go with them.

  3. Simeone is having a great time at Atletico Madrid. Congratulations to El Cholo for his achievement. Hope one day he will be Arg coach ! His magic motivation can restore the mental problem in N/T

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