Paulo DYBALA on playing for Argentina at a World Cup: “A dream come true”


Paulo DYBALA has stated that it’s all a dream come true and he would like to help Lionel MESSI and Argentina in winning the FIFA World Cup.

Speaking in an interview with Cadena 3, the Juventus star stated his desire in wanting to win the FIFA World Cup.

“The desire to help him (MESSI) achieve something that would be great for everyone is very big. We try to help him from wherever we are. We have the best player in the history of football on our side and the dream is very big. It’s everyone’s dream to be world champion.

“To train and to have the possibility of seeing MESSI every day is something incredible, because you learn a lot from his quality. Being world champion is everyone’s dream. It won’t be easy but we have the best player in history and we will do everything possible to get that done.”

The Argentina team - Forwards Lionel Messi Paulo Dybala
The Argentina team – Will we get to see Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala play together at the World Cup?

DYBALA also made it clear that he has no problems playing anywhere up front as he has played in all the attacking positions.

“I have played every where up front, be it at Instituto, Palermo or Juve. I don’t feel uncomfortable playing as a playmaker up front.”

While he is included in Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI’s World Cup squad, there were times where it was a doubt. Here’s what he had to say about the possibility of not being called to the World Cup:

“I always spoke to my family who tried to be calm with me. I always thought I’d be here and that the coach would call me up. Playing in a World Cup is one of the biggest desires you could have as a football player.

“Everything happened very quickly. It started in 2011 at Instituto and to think that in six years I would be in one of the most important clubs in the world and playing in a World Cup is something incredible and a dream come true. It represents a big number of kids who have fought for this dream and I am thankful that I got the chance.”


  1. Can someone please post a link to live stream the Haiti match…it’s not live in India it seems 😢

    • find in google tyc sports en vivo. after enter the website tyc sports television para todos.
      you can see in your country the game live there.

    • Check cr7 streaming.. most links will work in Mobile as well.. can choose commentary as well.. or try apps like Wow Sports.. but sometimes unstable.

  2. Whereas we play an easy game against Haiti, Croatia play Brazil. I hope Sampa send someone to watch that game. He could learn a lot about Croatia’s tactics.

    • Somebody will do that.but actually its not that important no team will play their cards in this yesterday France played more like their b team

      • Our line-up tonight will be very close to the eleven that start against Iceland. I think Croatia will do the same against Brazil.

    • I don’t think its a good idea to play tough teams now.

      These games are supposed to be like sparring games where you retain match fitness and try new tactics and players without risking anythig. But when you play a tough team, you are rarely able to do all that. Spain game testify that.

  3. As the WC approaches, I see more and more emotional based posts.

    1.There are too many fantasy line ups on Mundo;
    None of us here has Sampaoli’s ears to convince him which line up will win the World Cup. Therefore it’s a waste of having a petty argument over whose line up will win the World Cup. It’s your own fantasy vs someone else’s fantasy not Sampaoli’s reality. Rather discuss what can and cannnot be achieved with the selected squad, instead bring boring topics like Icardi is better than Higuain. Aguero is going to get injured again. None of you here can determine the future.

    2. The Messi idolizing.
    First and foremost if you’re on this forum because you like Messi over Argentina, then you’re on the wrong forum. Because you’ll never or yet to understand what it means to support Argentina. Some of us have been dealing with World Cup daggers. My first one was the 1990 final, we all support Messi but some love him because he is Argentine. I like players like Neymar, Iniesta, Salah, Lewandoski etc but I don’t feel excited or the same feeling by their goals like I feel for a Higuain, Aguero, Alario, Icardi, Dybala, Messi club goals. Yes I am convinced that there is an FC Amigos (club of friends) but that has nothing to do with Icardi’ s omission. Sampaoli even went to the extend of showing him the tape as to why he’ll be excluded. We all saw how green Icardi is for international football in the WCQs. I personally also didn’t want to see Banega, Biglia and Mascherano at the World Cup but I have no choice but to hope and pray that Sampaoli & Messi prove me wrong their selection.
    For the first time, I am going to watch the World Cup with no expectation for the team. I know Sampaoli is just trying to fix the damage done by Tata ( not giving new players a chance to compete in friendlies) and Bauza (substandard coach) with limited time. Success will be determined by Sampaoli’s leadership at the WC. I believe he is a tournament coach more than a league coach.
    I feel this can be either a good WC or another disaster.
    Enjoy the World Cup. Vamos Argentina Carajo!

  4. Probable starting 11 against Haiti
    Ansaldi Mercado Fazio tagli
    Bigli locelso
    Lanzini messi dimaria
    And sampaoli will change a lot in 2nd half.apparently sampaoli wanted to give all the players some minutes but in this type of matches only 6 players can be substituted.

  5. I think getting Messi to play with Dibala and Iguain together can be letal. Dibala and Iguain play together in Juventus and were most significant in winning the double in Italy. Iguain and Dibala know how to play together amazingly. Think about the possibility of having messy manage the center of the offense with these two players. I think that should be the strategy of Sampaoli.

  6. Perfect choice to play against Israel @ Jerusalem, the Holy Land of the Bible and the City of God. May the blessings of God be with Argentina to win the worldcup.

    • Jerusalem is the capital of both Palestine and Israel but neither claim is recognized internationally. Once upon a time, it was the home for all Palestinians who were expelled from their homes and farms to seek refuge exile in other countries. Israel as a country will be questionable considering the brutal invasion happened to Palestine and it’s people and all the kids who were killed last century. The media in Argentina is against such a match and some communities showed their solidarity with Palestinians, the poor homeless people who are victims of the Israeli-American scheme.

      No reference in the Bible says go kill all the women and kids and send the remaining protesters to exile. This is the line where sports, art or politics meet with real life events, rather history, and written in million books for upcoming generations to have a sense of the truth.

      Argentinians are aware that Israel controls the world economy and is one of the capitalism region in the world with a historic tendency to team up with US in order to plan for the fate of people in third countries.

      Unless players’ goal is to show solidarity with the Palestinian community, this match will be condemned by the public in the Middle East.

      • Israel is the God’s Promised land to Jews, who are victimsed & massacred all over the world. I am not a jew, but i am proud of them, their spirit to rise from ashes. Their science, technology, agriculture innovations all.. 7-8 Arab money bags united and tried to destroy Israel & to attempt the Genocide 2.0 of Jews.
        But Israel fought like a Lion & defeated 7_8 pigs. A great Country.

        • then my friend you should be proud too for Greeks. they create the western civilization and they don t treat nobody just because they massacred from Turkish muslims. and still till our days the Turkish muslims continue to treat them. i am proud for Israel too like you but i am proud more for Greeks and their civilization.

      • And No reference in Khuran saying to Kill non Muslims as well. Tell your Muslim Terrorists to stop killing people.

      • Jerusalem only for palistine people ..Israel forced to claim it..Israeli people is the most ruthless in the world they killed innocent baby and women of palistine..we hate zudizom

        • Jerusalem was from beginning of time Jewish. the muslim religion came after. the muslims don t have any right on Jerusalem. they just steal lands from others by killing people.

          • I don’t think this is the right platform to discuss political issues unless it is related ti. Argentina. Can we have some sane conversations related to football?

          • Please avoid politics in this forum. Some people have no shame to express hatred against a particular religion.

            Such hatred are everywhere on the internet and we come here to forget about all those things.

            So please don’t ruin this lovely comment forum.

            Let’s love each other irrespective of one’s religion, race, country, language etc.

  7. Sampaoli need to explore the possibility and find the new formation of Messi and Dybala partnership in front attack. With Meza and Pavon, Messi as false 9 is more leathal than Higuain up in front all alone. Although their playing time is so limited but with their high talents it is possible.

  8. If Mercado starts as a Centre back against Haiti that means Sampa picked him to be the third central defender. Our first back up to Otamendi and Fazio. However He is not that tall which is a concern.Sampa has seen Mercado in Seville closely but how many of you are comfortable seeing him as our third CB? On current form he should be better than Rojo atleast but Rojo has the tendency of returning to form when everyone writes him off( Rojo was a rock for ManUtd run to the final of Europa league 2017).

    • Mercado is not super tall but not short either.he performed poorly for sevilla this season.don’t know what to to see how ansaldi performs.rojo mayb our 3rd choice cb.just sampaoli doesn’t want to risk any injury in a meaningless that rojo is being selected I hope he finds his best that if Fazio or otamendi any of them not performs then sampaoli can drop that player and play rojo.

    • I agree with you. Should take Rojo ahead of Mercado. If clicked well we should cement the post in the place of Fazio…

      But i think, Sampoli’s plan is Mercado___RCB Backup & Rojo____LCB Back up.

      • Actually Fazio is quite good defensively plus height.problem is our best defender is otamendi who has problems in concentration and often committ mistakes in crucial can’t have a average defender as your leader.Fazio’s main problem is his snail like speed.if Argentina doesn’t play high defensive line Argentina will be solid.

  9. If Dybala and lo Celso are in the first eleven and play well, Argentina could win the World Cup. Because they can support messi very good.

    My first “11” for the World Cup

    I’m not sure about the goalkeeper yet ..but i chose Caballero, because he has some experience by big clubs.

    Mercado Fazio Otamendi Rojo
    ——-Banega lo Celos
    —–Dybala Messi Di Maria

    If they are all 100% fit. For me this squad have a lot of experience and are hungry and addition to that they have MESSI + Sampaoli

    • Bad starting 11.not dropping our 2nd best defender in tagliafico doesn’t make sense

    • Our minus point is midfield
      So strengthen it
      While our plus point is attack
      So must attack more and more

      We are eager to see a good transition between midfield & attack..Hope Sampaoli will surprise world

  10. I see Dybala stealing the show just like James Rodriguez did 4 years ago as an up-and-coming young talent.
    When is ARGENTINA playing the peaceful and humanitarian cough cough Israelis?

    • Since you asked:

      The game will take place on June 9 at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, in honour of Israel’s 70th Independence Day. Tickets for a 31,733 capacity stadium sold out within 20 minutes.

      • Havent commented in years
        But now i had to
        Honour and israel dont come together in the same phrase nd jurasalem is thd capital of palestine

        • Didn’t the public protest against Argentina playing Israel in a friendly game and that AFA cancelled the match due to respecting the public and Arab community in Argentina? What happened after that? Why Argentina selects Israel out of hundreds of national teams in the world?

          • They selected Israel because they believe that they will have the same experience that the Albiceleste had with Maradona year 86. Their last game a few days before the worldcup in Mexico was in Israel against the israeli national team. Argentina won 7:2 and won the cup a month later. I believe they think they want to copy that experience. I was at that game in Tel Aviv as a kid.

  11. Dybala will have a great rope to play. With God’s grace if we can reach Semi Finals. He will be the least wore out player in our squad.
    More over how many more teams can claim such a Luxury, of having a 100 million valued player with almost fresh leg, in semis. 😂😂.

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