Geronimo RULLI shines, Ramiro FUNES MORI blunder in Sociedad win over Villarreal


Geronimo RULLI had six saves and Ramiro FUNES MORI had one big blunder as Real Sociedad picked up a 2-1 win against Villarreal.

Two names back in the Argentina squad after missing out on the FIFA World Cup, Geronimo RULLI and Ramiro FUNES MORI both started (as well as Santiago CASERES who had an assist) both started for their respective clubs. It was the yellow submarines who opened the scoring with a Santiago CASERES assist and Gerard MORENO beat RULLI with a low shot.

Real Sociedad equalized before half time with a terrible back pass from Ramiro FUNES MORI as the ball fell to Willian JOSE who beat the goalkeeper to draw Sociedad level. Juanmi scored Sociedad’s second and the match winner with a shot from outside the area.

Should RULLI maintain this level of performance, there’s no reason why he can’t become Argentina’s undisputed starting goalkeeper. As for FUNES MORI, it wasn’t his best match but he has shown in the past with the Argentina National Team that he can be up to the task when asked upon.


  1. How can one compare Dybala to Messi?
    But now we need to restart Argentina national football team with those young guns…untill and unless they are given lots of chances they can’t make an impact..
    We need Aguero Messi Otamendi Banega etc for copa
    But we should eye 2022wc

  2. F. Vasquez is a very good addition to Argentina team, copa 2019 will be the first priority and Argentina have to work more on defense. I’m expecting Benega Vasquez and Parades Lo celso midfield, messi Aguero Dybala in attack and Rulli as GK.

    • Higuain is past and finished but Aguero is the best striker in the world not only Argentina best

  3. What a player leo parades is two assists and gòod free kick it was criminal that he didn’t go world cup but now is his time on national team

    • Farmers league performance hardly matters, whatever little chances parades got not upto the mark but i wish he has a great future

  4. Argentinians in the Premier League are flourishing! Very encouraging! Roberto Pereyra is on 🔥 for Watford! Didn’t score today but was still a menace throughout! Lamela has got an assist to his name! Aguero has got another hat trick!

    Funny enough the two starting CB for Argentina this World Cup have yet to start, those being Otamendi and Rojo! They need minutes in order to see if they’ll play, because there are other defenders capable of taking their place or their He national team.

    Messi carrying Barcelona on his back as usual! Two goals under his belt! We will see how Banega and Mercado do for Sevillano against Rayo Vallecano. Funes Mori I really really don’t want to see him playing for the National Team! We have better CB for the position.

    Dybala wasn’t that all impressive for Juve if I’m honest, along with Ronaldo. I’m sure he’ll step it up later though. Fazio stable enough for Roma. We’ll see how Icardi and Lautaro do together. We already have seen them in the preseason, but now is the real deal!

    Lots of promising starts for Argentinians! Di María is also doing well for PSG.

    I would keep Messi (duh) and Aguero for the Copa America! Aguero currently has more goals than Messi so darn this season in all competitions! They are playing too good to be left behind! Also considering Banega as well, doing good for Sevilla in Europa Qualifying, now it’s time for La Liga! Fazio debatable. Rulli off to a good start!


  5. Durusi 2 & parades 1 goal for zenit. Parades also scored stunning goal in midweek Europe league match.parades deserved big big team , he is best deeplying Argentine playmaker, can score different types of goals. Very unlucky to miss the world cup , he should the main man in our Argentine midfield no doubt about that.

  6. Romero is best for Argentina and more than that he is always consistent with his performance unlike some of the best and worst goalkeeper in the world

  7. Kun story with the NT is not over, not by a long shot, him and The boss of bosses will return to hopefully a much gifted and talented speedy and aggressive NT to show what always needed to be done…..WIN WHEN IT MATTERS.

  8. I just watched some video on YouTube of the last game of Leeds, trained by Bielsa. Incredible, really reminds me of Argentina team of 2004 when they won Olympics games with Delgado, Tevez, Kily Gonzalez and Lucho. They played possession football but fast with high intensity. Very pleasant to watch.

  9. Not impressed with Rulli, had high hopes for him but he is not up to snuff!
    We would like him to be but he is not there or close to it and unless Romero is not fully fit then he should never stand between the sticks. There is nothing wrong with having an older GK for your NT, not that 31 is OLD for one.

    Sure give him a shot in the friendlies but thats about it for now.

  10. Rulli Made some good saves but he was poor is judgement in some as well. He has to be consistent. The quality we are talking of is that of the best goalkeepers like cortousis, Nuer, der Stegen etc etc. His inconsistency within a game is his problem

  11. Regardless rulli should start because he play regular for his team week in week out
    Since is new project we must move on from over 30s our aim is now qatar .I said while this lad is good golie he can play with his feets the modern goalkeeper should be comfortable with feets to we all football move on from what he used years ago every team trying build up from the back that is it make sense rulli to be our main golie from now …hope stay fit and preform good ever week

    For funes mori he is good and fast but sometimes he loses his mind that his weakness.
    We should give him chance because you can bad player for one mistake or game.

    I saw some our mates in mundo quickly attacking salvio and acuna come on please those two guys they never play their possatio plus they didn’t play enough game like we all know the last 8 or 7 years we had choosen 11 for whatever reason can you how many times di maria, higuain masch.biglia.gago.aguero perform well and yet again they were consistently getting call.

    Personally I will leave salvio and acuna since we have better wingers than them I will put ahead of them……. Angel and joquein correa ganzlo martinez ,Povon…cervi ..lamela. but is not fair to criticise them just like that at the end of the day I will support anyone wears Argentina shirt even If I don’t like or don’t agree

  12. Rulli is the best Argentine GK in the world. Andrada and Romero the next.
    Funes Mori’s lack of playing time could be the reason for this blunder.
    Let Caseres grow in Villarreal. It’s not easy to get into the starting x1 of a new team.

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