Roberto PEREYRA scores Lionel MESSI type goal for Watford against Huddersfield


Roberto PEREYRA turned on the style for Watford in their 3-0 win against Huddersfield.

The former Juventus player scored a Lionel MESSI type goal which happened to be his fifth goal of the season. PEREYRA dribbled around several Huddersfield players before dispatching it passed the goalkeeper.

After having recently been called-up to the Argentina national team by coach Lionel SCALONI, PEREYRA’s excellent form to the start of the season continues.


  1. Rom.king ur lineup is exactly gud.but now scaloni and mgt trying to built a team with gud young unit. Messi aguro & dmaria passed 30. Thy already proved. I think thy r rested now. Thy will back in right time. Thy hve enough talent left for 1or 2 years.

    • Armani – saravia otamendi pazella Tagliafico – Lo Celso Parades Benega – Messi Aguero Pavon sub: Icardi, Batigala, Dimaria

  2. Anybody hve doubt on locelso, plz dnt be upset.He is just 22.No player can play consistantly good. Foam is important for every player in each game.
    Locelso is one of the most gifted central playmakr with good passing abilities and shows maturity against all opponents and he can defend and dribble as well.
    So dnt worry guys we have celso palacio asacabar and battaglia in middle . Thy need more games to prove wht thy are

    • Lo celso is very talanted , i still dont doubt his talent he just needs maturity in his game if he will be work under good coach like gardiola , mourinho, klopp or ancelloti he will be a star player for future.

  3. Can anyone tell me what is the return date of Jose Luis Gomez after knee injury.He and Sarvia would be good right back for Argentina.We need someone other than Taglafico for left back just like Ansaldi.Taglafico is good but I think we should also search for other.For 3 man midfield Banega Pereya and Palacio would be great and back ups are Lo celso Ascacibar and other.

  4. How can a coach pick Lanzini for a big tournent.He is talented. but physically weak. He cant keep his fitness for long time. He is less concentrated on his legs injury free..

  5. Someone is mentioning pity is an average plyr. Then who is a complete player. No one looks complete. Ys pity lacks speed. HE is not a winger. IN nt he is playin just as a left forward behind cntrl striker. He seems to be a big threat in pen.bx area.
    Possibility of all out attack of opponts can be reduced if he stays thr.he is a good dribblr and sharp in outside and good pk tkr plz dnt tell my opinion he is one of the best among 5 in arg.

    • Positions should never be guaranteed. Competition is needed and we have plenty of it. I do think he will be key for us though but if he isn’t playing well, someone should start

    • Celso is very talented but you’re correct in saying that he’s proving to be inconsistent however he’s only 22yrs and has alot of time to grow.
      The good news is that Argentina has several players who can play box to box such as palacios, pereyra, lanzini (if and when he recovers) and maybe even Acuna… Celso isn’t argentina’s last hope in that position.

      • Definitely is not arg last hope
        As always Argentina produce talents
        But the lad still very young
        We must give him time
        We can’t expect from him to play 100% in every game.. That is not
        How football work my pointview
        Yeah peryare is box to box midfielder
        He is very tricky as well I like him
        He is more versatile than most
        Our midfielders.lanzini I can’t wait
        To see him playing again he is
        Special talant in EPL they rate him

  6. Argentina start their new era. Scaloni does a pretty decent job in terms of fixing the defense and getting the best out of his youngsters.

    My only question with Scaloni is he does not seem to get enough respect from the stars like Messi. And we DO NEED some senior players back to combine with these youngsters. It is pretty much pure stupidity to expect these youngsters to win the Copa by themselves. And YES we are hungry for the trophy. We are rebuilding yes but let’s be balanced… we need the trophy more than ever.

    In 1991, Basile started the total rebuild, not calling up most of the 1986-1990 heroes that got them a World Cup and a WC silver medal, instead, he relied on the likes of Bati, Simeone, Redondo and the always reliable Sergio Goycochea. The result was pretty good: 2 Copas in 1991 and 1993.

    We were supposed to have a great tournament in 1994 as we looked extremely beautiful and deadly against Greece and Nigeria, only to have Maradona’s drug scandal ruined everything. Can you imagine a team of Redondo-Simeone-Maradona with Batigol-Caniggia-Balbo (AS Roma legend) up front?

    Today’s Argentina team is moving to the right direction after a complete mess. Some of the new comers play surprisingly well. I would say some pass the test and deserve to wear the Albiceleste jersey but some need to be replaced.

    These are the ones that I think need to be retained:
    1. All the starting defenders.

    Pezzella has been surprisingly good when we play a proper defense, not leaving too many holes. Otamendi is the same way. It is obvious that he was extremely poor in the WC only because Sampaoli did not know how to defend.

    I would not say Tagliafico is a super good left back but with our limited resources there, he is worth to retain. Although he is not that special in everything but he can do a bit of everything at least.

    Saravia has been good when given a chance, at least until we wait for Jose Luis Gomez to be back to his best after a long injury, he seems to be the answer.

    2. The midfielders. The new trio of Paredes, Lo Celso, and Palacios with Battaglia and Ascacibar among the rotation players have been pretty convincing. For me this is our biggest improvement. These 5 deserve to continue. These 5 have good work rates and are WILLING to defend.

    3. Upfront?

    I don’t see anything special among our new comers. Some of you rate Pity Martinez highly. I don’t.

    Why? First of all, he is a good PK taker and is not bad at set pieces yes. But he is being used as a left WINGER for the seleccion.

    Just like:
    A goalie must be good at reflex
    A central defender must be good at marking
    A striker must be good at finishing
    A midfielder must be good at passing
    A playmaker must be good at passing and vision

    A winger must be good in SPEED and dribbling and pace. Pity is not fast at all, he is average… (please stop convincing me that he is fast, you are not the only one who watch Pity Martinez).

    Pretty much all of the world best wingers are super speedy. They are: CR7, Neymar, Mbappe, Gareth Bale, and so on.

    Argentina is not England. Most of you would probably praise Argentina if in any WC, we have a full team of youngsters and go to as far as semi final like England in WC 2018. Look at the English media, they get so excited to see what their youngsters are able to achieve. Harry Maguire value jumped from $5 million to maybe at least $50 million euro after the WC and the English media are super excited about it.

    But we are Argentina…

    Brazil burn their own flags in 2014 when they got trashed 1-7 by Germany in the semis. Argentina is no different.

    We are not one of those developing futbol nations who would be happy by being semi finalists/QFist by just being a good young team who play beautiful futbol.

    Germany had long been criticized for not being able to win anything although they were almost always in semi finals at least in most major tournaments in the year of 2000’s. That is the mentality of a true champion: we will not settle for anything less than a major trophy!

    For me Pity is just average. A bit like Meza’s performance vs Spain. He looked good but I was one of very few who always questioned his ability when most of you thought of him as the next revelation before the WC started. The reason is simple: my eyes see differently.

    I do not watch if they are the man of the match or whatever. I watch their position and style of play. In Meza’s case, he is being used as an AM. So that means he needs to be good in:
    1. One on one
    2. Dribbling
    3. Creativity

    What I saw was just average…

    The same goes with Pity. You want to play left winger? OK. Do you have good speed? Do you have good pace? Remember we are Argentina, not a developing futbol nation. If the answer of them is “average”, that means he might not be good enough. Why? Because you can’t teach athleticism and speed. Once average is always average. Yes one can improve passing or shooting or dribbling but NOT speed or size. You can’t teach them.

    For me I agree with Sabella’s scouting. He tends to select players based on their SIZE not ability. At the moment he selected Fede Fernandez, Garay, Basanta, or Demichelis as his center backs of the WC. All of them are between 6’1-6’4 (184 cm-192 cm). That is why in the WC 2014, Argentina was among the best in aerial duel.

    The same with now, better scout new players based of their abilities instead of perfomance in their local club.

    Before Mbappe get to where he is today when he was just 17 or so for Monaco, I already saw something special in this kid. This kid is super speedy and super confident AND is being used at correct position: winger.

    A couple years later, he won the gold medal being his country most dangerous offensive threat.

    If you remember before the match of Argentina and France, I posted this:

    “I am worried about Mbappe”.

    OK now in my opinion, we need to call up these 3 seniors back for the Copa: Messi, Aguero, Di Maria.

    Otamendi and Romero are already there, so 5 combined with all the promising youngsters.

    Banega? Banega plays good but our midfield has been fixed and although Banega might be a bit superior OFFENSIVELY compared to the likes of Lo Celso or Paredes or Palacios but he is way worse defensively than any of them.

    The trio of Messi, Aguero, and Di Maria needs to return to have a chance to finally win the Copa.

    We already fix the defense and midfield, but the offense looks stagnant, so what needs to be fixed is very obvious: the attacking department. So let alone the defense and midifield and fix the offense.

    I want to talk about this one player that I am extremely disappointed with: Paulo Dybala.

    Sorry Dybala’s fans, but in his first 17 matches or so (don’t remember); he is worse than Carlos Tevez. This guy could not even have a good chance of scoring against the likes of Singapore or Irak. I saw a possession where it was 3 (Argentines) against 2 Iraqis. Messi would have easily scored in such situation, but Dybala just passed the ball to his teammate which resulted in a bad pass.

    I mean, Pele said Dybala is overrated, I always hoped that he was wrong. But we see nothing special in this kid when wearing abiceleste at all.

    Yes give him more chance, but again the biggest difference between Messi and Dybala is their speed and pace. Maybe Messi would play like the 23 year old Dybala when he turns 40 someday.

    Last but not least, I have a good expectation of this January’s WC u20.
    One player that I have a high expectation on is Benjamin Garre. Barca and Manchester city fought to win him. Unlike Pity or Meza, this guy gets a more complete package of skill to be our next best thing. You don’t get the attention of Guardiola, the man who got the best out of Messi, if you are not special.

    Messi was an unknown promising Barca B player who just got promoted to Barca senior team when he won the WC u20. Let’s see if Garre can be the same being a Manchester City junior player. Hope he is not another Iturbe or… sorry to say Dybala.

    Hope training everyday with Guardiola will improve him.

    • I don’t care who will be called for the November friendlies but I expect Messi, Aguero and Di Maria to be back for the Copa:

      1. Messi is Messi, if there is a time machine, every coach from the first time futbol was discovered until the end of futbol one day would love to have Messi in their starting line up. Enough said!

      2. Aguero. Very consistent and is improving performance wise when playing for Argentina since the Sampaoli era. Had he not got injured or rotated his place with the likes of Higuain or Benedetto, he would have scored a lot for us.

      3. Di Maria: I read an interview in France where Tuchel of PSG admits that he is a big fan of Di Maria since the Real Madrid day. That’s why Di Maria is the third most important player at the moment behind only Neymar and Mbappe. The guy is in fantastic form. He only plays good only when the coach trusts him fully.

      I would take these 3 for the copa with Dybala, Icardi, and Correa being the back ups.

      • It’s evident that our midfield is not able to provide any service what so ever to Icardi’s style of play.Aguero is the best Striker in the world right now and Messi is the best player. We need them for the copa!! However, I have to respectfully disagree on Dimaria. Dimaria has been very inconsistent for us. I don’t even remember when was the last time he put a good cross in the box. Him misplacing passes and losing posession have cost us enough. He seems to be more of a striker than a winger now and Definitely no Banega.

      • You may not think much of Pity but he played really well in the first 2 friendlies post 2018 WC and he’s been inform for River for 2 seasons now so, hence I think he’s done enough to earn another call a have a legit chance at owning a starting role instead of relying on an inconsistent Dimaria whose time has come and gone IMO. Heck with A.Correa, Cervi, Ocampos, Depaul, Lanzini (when he recovers hopefully) and even Lamela and Pavon (who play on the right but have shown that they can play left) there are now so many options that deserve a try before going back to the old well.
        Regarding Kun, I wouldn’t mind having him in copa but to be honest I don’t think he’d do much better that Icardi because Argentina’s new midfield still needs to gel and create chances for the forwards otherwise any striker whether be it kun or dybala or Icardi or even Messi would struggle.
        Now about Lio, I would love to see him back but only if and when Scaloni (or whoever) manages to assemble a legit team that can properly present the nation in 2022.

    • Mate I don’t think is fair that
      You compare pity to meza
      They re totally different players
      Pity Martinez is much complete
      And better player than meza..
      With all respect mate I don’t
      Talk about di Maria again I said
      What said about him plus he has
      A lot followers in here mundo
      I don’t want to offend anyway
      But personally I will take pity over
      Di Maria any day yes I know
      He only played one game against
      Guatemala but I started follow river
      Since I heard that Gallardo was link
      Argentina job to see his stlye of play
      Than I saw pity .. montiel .. palacios
      All of them impressed me
      But the players you talked about
      Had over 200 plus caps remember that..

    • You are the more angry for Pity Martinez because he was called up, unlike you predicted in some post before WC being so much convinced he will never play for NT. Ooops, you was wrong. And yes – Pity is fast.

      So far Pity had 2 good games so your critic about him is the more suspect and, out of point and coming from your personal problem with player that you think was so much “mine”.

      Di Maria?!

      You’ve said after Copa 2016 (poor for Di Maria) he will be still in good age in 2018. We saw how good he was. LOL

      So go better support your NBA teams

  7. And Modric is the Best player in the world according to F***ING Fifa. Sighsss..

    LOL… We are seeing it now. How Modric can impact a teams performance, poor.. I always beleave a player should be called best if he can be decisive to a team. Like Zidane, Ronaldinho, Riquelme, Ronaldo, Cr7, Maradona, Messi, Cannavaro, Neuer, Buffon, Kahn etc, Modric by noway is that player. Noway in that league either.

    Actually CR7 deserves to be the 2nd best in the world. Seeing how pathetic Real have been now. He has a fear factor in him just like Messi. We can’t deny that no matter how much we hate him.

    The other players r miles behind this 2 titans. Messi and Cr7

    • Real Madrid under Zidane, Ancelotti or even Mourinho never really suffered in Christiano absence. Many times they even played better without him.
      Christiano is no way no.2 in the world.
      The likes of Salah, hazard, Neymar, Griezman, de bruyne and many more are more effective for their teams

    • Modric has been decisive in many games. you cannot say he’s not an incredible player. This game speaks more about the team melting down than modric but since this was a world cup year, that holds the most weight+ real winning CL again. I don’t agree with criteria, but I’d rather modric win best player and Ballon Dor than next in line CR7

      • He is noway an incredible player. I may say even Kante is better than Modric.

        He’s just an average hard working midfielder. Which is great to have in a team. But noway the Best. Noway..

        Not creative enough,. Xavi and Iniesta were miles ahead of him. It’s sad that none of them didn’t win the Best player award. they had to share their prime time unfortunately with A phenomenon.

        • you say he’s not incredible but the only player that “may” be better is freaking Kante aka one the best midfielders in the world today? There can be more than 1 incredible player, you know.

          • Kante is a better player as per me. All I m saying is Modric is not that special of a player to win the Best player Award. Which he is not.

    • Cr7 is not even half as talented as Messi, its that crook Blatter, corrupt Fifa officials and soap opera English media portrayed him to be close to the level of Messi. But i have to agree even at this age he is 2nd best goal scorer .

      • Yuppp not even half talented as Messi. There is no comparison.

        But Cr7 have a fear factor which none of the likes of Hazard or Griezman or Neymar have. It’s true.

        He’s a machine. He scores goals too. A lot. It takes something incredible to be mentioned along with Messi. Trust me I hate Cr7 the most. But I hate average players like Modric or Hazard, Griezman etc been praised. I would rater accept that Cr7 is the 2nd best player.

  8. Another clean sheet by Walter benitez in Nice 1-0 win against bordex , most in form Argentine goalkeeper , should be given chance in the November friendly against Mexico

    • anyone can perform against farmers, Rulli even in bad form is the best Argentina GK and next is cotif u20 GK potaue

    • Benitez is a GK that should be watched but he’s still quite inconsistent, I’ve watched 3 of his games and he was world class in one, average in a another and horrible in the last, so like I said Walter has potential and could get really good but he needs to work on his consistency.
      The sad thing is that Argentina’s GK situation is so poor that I wouldn’t mind if Benitez got called up even if he still has plenty to prove.

    • While Romero got red after foul on Pussetto. He is cards prone player. Remember his red during Sudamericano in U-2o team.

    • De Paul is literally carrying Udinese! Truly amazing!
      His physicality and versatility can be quite an asset to the NT, not to mention his fantastic crosses and his outside the box shots. I would really like to see him play in a wide left attacking position against Mexico because he could be Argentina’s answer to perisic and supply Icardi (and the other strikers) with the necessary crosses.

  9. I think we will see less and less Argentina players will play in the top European clubs. Not because they don’t have the quality but more competition coming from very well developed training centers and more African players joining Europe at tender age, less European clubs will take the risk to sign an unknown player and give them time to get used to European football. I think it’s actually happening since a while. Look at Pity and Pavon, no offer from Europe so far.

  10. Even if u have all the Star players if there is a good System and a calm headed Coach to use each player. No team can win any Tournament.

    I don’t think Playing in Top European Club guarantee a Spot in NT. For example, Dybala and Icardi both r struggling to adapt to the NT (Even though they r playing in Top Clubs in Europe and they deserve more NT games too) whereas Argentine League players like Palacios and Pity already seems to be in the Groove, Saravia is another example.

    We have enough Talented players in Argentine League. Sooner or later most of them will move to Europe. Even if they don’t move also some may can bring something to the NT, Which some of the Top European Club players cant bring.

    Some part of it is true, But in general Europe is dominating the WC’s, So obviously the difference will be there. But we cant generalize it.

    • A team win tournament if it consists maximum number of world class player, tell a a team name who won the world cup even reach final without players playing at top clubs, I’m against scaloni because he failed to use icardi playing 30% position against top teams its coach duty to use world class player and you want to bench world class player for local league farmers

    • Completely agree that leagues shouldn’t be used as automatic qualifier.

      You also raise a good point about recent WCs. In general, there is a HIGH CORRELATION with WC success and players from top leagues.

      Just look at the last 3 world cups:

      2018: France – star studded from Real, Barca, PSG, Chelsea, United, Atletico, etc.

      2014: Germany – mostly Bayern, arsenal, etc

      2010: Spain – basically Real and Barca

      It’s a reality that players from top leagues will be coached by the best technical managers, train with best players, train in best facilities age equipment, access to best medical staff and physio, be exposed to toughest competition Europe and CL,etc.

      This is not say that players from outside top leagues wouldn’t perform great because there are many instances but if you apply “ceteris paribus”, players from top leagues will perform better in the long run.

  11. Best Argentina XI Armani/Romero Saravia Otamendi Pazella Tagliafico – benega/preyra/lanzini parades/batigala/ascaliber lo celso/palacio – Messi/Dybala Aguero/icardi pavon/dimaria/lamela

  12. @Romance

    to be consistent with your own standards you must to bring more names of farmers than only Pity or Meza: also Saravia (the guy who stopped Neymar), Montiel, Bustos, Palacios, Andrada, Herrera, Mammana (Russian league farmer), Franco, Tagliafico (Netherlands farmer league), Paredes (Russia farmer), Lo Celso (so recently also farmer French league with only one strong team), Battaglia, Cervi, Salvio, Acuna (all they are from farmer Portugal league), Kannemann and more to come…

    All they must be throwed out according to your standards because they are not players of top leagues.

    So now not many players left to play. You see how your categories lead to absurdal conclusions.

    • To win the World Cup you should have all the star players playing in a big league example look at France team they had stars all over the field players playing in farmer leagues belongs 2 theme like Russia courier Japan Mexico this is Argentina national team for the dignity who should produce more star players 2 even compete in world stage let’s forget about the world cup for copa we need star players you can make the difference…… I think is better to use players like Banega Di Maria aquaro who are performing in highest level playing palacios pity Martinez now want BA solution as I said we will be like Mexico national team

      • “we need star players you can make the difference……I think is better to use players like Banega Di Maria aquaro who are performing in highest level playing palacios pity Martinez now want BA solution as I said we will be like Mexico national team”

        “We need star players”
        Star players are not guarantee of quality on NT. How is that this star player like Di Maria may cross so poor as he is doing in NT? How is that? Is this your stars quality?
        Use threadbare stars without spirit for NT?

        Icardi Dybala are star players of famous clubs. Is this guarantee of difference so far?

        Some people want to talk about the same names just because they don’t know other alternatives. It’s all about fame. No wonder if site named as MUNDO albiceleste is only announcing the same top football names goals even if the names are not current NT players. As if the current NT squad was somehow not the proper one.

        What about Palacios and Pity. So far both played 2 good games. Palacios, Lo Celso and Pity were best one in first 2 friendlies. For some reason the farmer like Pity Martinez (and not other, more famous) got the penalty against Guatemala and executed so much unfalteringly. Maybe he is not so much player from nowhere if got the penalty…

        • Peru or Colombia played also best games against Guatemala or Iran but struggle against Brazil and Argentina reason is quality, simeone and Lautaro scored but icardi not so this logic icardi isn’t better than both who score almost every crucial game at club label, just an analysis little depth against iraq Argentina played with 65% position and against Brazil 35% how can icardi score if icardi played against Guatemala or Iraq where Argentina had 70% position then could have score 5goals in single game as they are farmers. Argentina offensively struggle against Colombia and Brazil, struggling in ball position if a player performance judged by NT performance against week team not club label then Peru or Mexico became world champion instead of Brazil or Argentina

          • So if star players of big clubs like Dybala or Icardi failed against real test game like Brazil so why you are talking about Pity Martinez or Palacios who even hadn’t played. Palacios and Pity having only 2 caps at least had some good performances so far unlike Dybala and Icardi who got so far much more minutes (against both stroner and weaker opponents) and never impressed.

            Do you undestand that? I’m not against Icardi or Dybala (they also deserves more minutes – though in next game it’s Lautaro’s turn). I’m against your stupid, impossible to defend logic that is looking for guilty always among the less famous players even if they did’nt participated in some events or even if the more famous gave less effects having more starts/minutes.

            Almost all the players from current squad deserves more minutes. Now especially Lautaro, Palacios, Pity.

    • top league can’t produce world class players, a young talent developed into world class playing in top league, cr7 or messi came from sporting and new oldways to Manchester United and Barcelona to become best in the world. U23 players from small league have huge potential we may see dejong from Ajax to become big. u23 players are local league are not farmers but above 24 are farmers. Lo Celso playing in top league la liga, cresers too as well as ascaliber, Tagliafico is playing out side top 5 but playing most prestigious UCL and this is the last season from him at ajax, man city and barca will buy tagliafico nex year. I’m against those who failed to achieve in professional football career and if anyone dream Argentina can win World Cup with farmers then Colombia or peru become world Champion, i read a article where said champion league playing 11 NT team only can win the world cup

      • “u23 players are local league are not farmers but above 24 are farmers. Lo Celso playing in top league la liga, cresers too as well as ascaliber, Tagliafico is playing out side top 5 but playing most prestigious UCL and this is the last season from him at ajax, man city and barca will buy tagliafico nex year”

        all that sounds always so much speciously. You even still didn’t answered how is that the over 23 player from farmer league like Saravia stopped Neymar. Your comments are not worth reading – the same thing over and over again. You need to stop prevaricate explanations and responsibility for your own queer, reiterated predictions like that of Icardi going to score or become captain (I’m not against Icardi BTW).

        I wonder others and wonder myself for referring to your comments becuase it’s always the same naive, absurdal and provocative/teasing stuff from you. Maybe you are some admin’s invention – stirrer to animate discussion when number of comments is dropping.

        • saravia played very good and if he continues then next season will go to Europe look Argentina don’t have any RB in Europe therefore have to try from local league if they are good very soon move to Europe as well as NT spot fixed but it will be called madness to drop world class player for local league farmers which cost Argentina during World cup. when Argentina were 4-1 down bring farmer meza instead of Dybala finally Aguero scored but its too late then meza missed last opportunity, world class player can make difference, Dimaria isn’t 2014 label still played best after Messi against France that’s why i want dimaria as pavon substitute

          • Against Brazil Argentina missed Messi or inform Dybala and Pavon or Dimaria and batigala parades pivot make makes lo celso alone if lanzini or benega was there even palacio Argentina could have beat Brazil, Brazil outclassed Argentina in midfield and icardi not got any service, playing good against Guatemala or iraq can make your team on right track but playing against Colombia or Mexico can where Brazil was too big. now Scaloni seriously thinking to bring back both Dimaria and benega plus Aguero after Colombia and Brazil performance

          • Saravia is 25 and he is still in local league playing good for NT. You have not explanation for that. He may or may not go to Europe – Europe thread no relevant here as he is doing good for NT not being in Europe.

            “but it will be called madness to drop world class player for local league farmers which cost Argentina during World cup”

            Mercado is such world class player. And he was dropped for Saravia. Saravia stopped Neymar. I doubt Mercado would have been the job so good.

            As you see your logic defective once again.

        • We weren’t losing 1:4 against France.

          Yes, of course. We lost against France because of Meza. He even didn’t started. So called class players – started.
          Always the same story for looking easy scapegoat. In WC final, Higuain missed, Messi missed, Palacio missed but people remember only Higuain. This is selective memory.

          • Higuain misses in big game nothing new be it Real or Argentina or Juve, real won ucl after higuain kicked out, Argentina will win if higuain not in the squad, CR7 knowns mentally weakness of higuain that’s why juve kicked out. Now masche n biglia retired so no chance for finished higuain in NT, icardi exclusion for higuain is the biggest crime in football, Rojo played better in no9 then higuain, I have huge expectation from Argentina in World cup but worst team selection cost in 2018 like in 2010

  13. @romance

    I changed my screen name back to ebo , since you felt trolled by the ‘farmer’ thing. You know it is teasing not trolling. You seem to take a joke.

    • thanks bro, farmer are a respectable profession like Engineer or Govt Officers and i respect farmers because of them we can live but since 2015 Dimaria played shit for NT because of playing farmer league against weeker opponent every week and i heard the farmer word in football then

  14. Romance i bet you never watch pity Martinez playing
    Weather he is farmer or not he is the best left attacking
    Player Argentina have in this moment time
    Personally I will start him over any player in that position
    He is really good but sometimes in life you don’t get
    what you deserve I mean pity should be playing epl
    He is that cliber player….

  15. Argentina team should select players from top league no matter low table club or mid table or table topper but should not select from farmer league in order to perform in big matches

  16. Pareyra played for mid table club in top league, he played with tougher opponent every week not farmers therefore must be in Argentina squad instead of local league farmers like pity,meza etc

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