Lionel MESSI double, Gio LO CELSO scores in Barcelona, Real Betis


Lionel MESSI scored twice for FC Barcelona while Gio LO CELSO scored for Real Betis as they got a 4-3 win against the league champions.

In his first match back from injury, MESSI was at it agaun scoring for fun. MESSI’s first goal came from the penalty spot, a well executed strike into the top corner of the net. His second was a tap in from close range.

Gio LO CELSO also scored, his was a shot which goalkeeper TER STEGEN tried to catch but it went through the hands of the German.


  1. Great, GREAT game, our boy Lio scored and dominated and our other boy Celso scored and performed! Honestly I could careless who won as long as our boys perform!
    Celso is starting to show consistency despite the fact that Betis are inconsistent with their game plans and performances; I hope Celso keeps this up and lives up to his considerable potential and show those morons in PSG what they’ve missed out on………..infact it would be even better if PSG get relegated from the CL (very possible) and end up in the europa league where they face Betis and Celso gets his “how about them apples” match against them.

    • Napoli – 6 Pts
      Liverpool – 6 Pts
      PSG – 5 Pts
      Red Star Belgrade – 4 Pts

      PSG get Liverpool at home. If Red Star Belgrade can beat Liverpool in their home, you can bet PSG will beat them in the Parc des Princes. Then they play Red Star Belgrade in a game they will most likely win as well with all the quality they have.

      Liverpool play PSG in the Parc de Princes then Napoli at Anfield, and Napoli showed everyone they play just as good away from home as well.

      So this idea of PSG being relegated is very unlikely. It’s more possible Liverpool gets relegated, of which I am hoping for, and Napoli with PSG advancing.

      • Yup…thats the reason for me too….
        Between howcome Lucas Querta suddenly in starting 11 without playing previous matches(or maybe he did and I didnt noticed)

    • To be honest having 2 argentine teams in the copa lib finals is a great thing but neither side interest me as much as Defensa or Velez or Estudiantes etc…..because I like teams that show heavy investment in youth, which may benefit the seleccion in the future. Then again this is River vs Boca in the copa lib final and pity, palacios and pavon are all playing so I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m not interested.
      I do look forward to the day where motiel, Balerdi, Alamandra etc…..are all starting.

  2. The BOSS is back and that’s how you dispatch a PK and Lo Celso is getting better and better and needs a FIFA 19 profile update LOL.

    Super KUN with a missile, so much for the best keeper in the world!

  3. Enzo Perez had a good game against Nigeria. But he was exhausted and playing an intense match against France in just five least against France Le Celso should have given a chance. We robbed him Precious World cup minutes.. not a fan of Higuain.. but Icardi work rate is lower than Higuain..modern game is all about real 9 playing as false 9.. but no body entertains like you can miss that chance Messi.. always painful..

  4. Messi should come back soon, he has a Lo Celso now in midfield. Its shivering to think Messi, Lo Celso and Palacios combining behind Icardi. Bring it on ….

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