Juan Roman RIQUELME talks about Argentina national team coach Lionel SCALONI


Legendary Argentina and Boca Juniors figure Juan Roman RIQUELME was on Fox Sports where he discussed a number of topics, one of which was the Argentina national team coach.

RIQUELME, who retired twice from the Argentina team and played under the likes of Marcelo BIELSA and Jose PEKERMAN, gave his thoughts on two coaches who he used to play alongside with. Here’s what he had to say:

“BECACCECE, HEINZE and SCALONI who is with the Argentina national team. They are all young and starting up. Hopefully in a few years we’ll be able to say that they are great coaches. We have to leave them alone and have them build their careers.”


  1. Unfortunately Riquelme’s traditional 10 style never matched with Bielsa’s total football concept, which preferred half-winger playmaker, half-9 and technical central midfielder to a real playmaker.

  2. There’s no reason to replace manager, at least not at the moment. We conceided just one goal and that’s a late late goal against Brazil who fielded their big names. Colombia, Brazil and Mexico all will be in Copa so its a pretty good test for the team.

    If Copa proof to be a disaster , then yes but to replace Scolani before Copa is just plain stupid.

  3. Messi will be back to nt
    I also have suspicion that
    Scaloni will call back following
    Di Maria
    Hate or love those will be
    Copa squad … even rojo
    May have chance too..

  4. Tactics wise scaloni is 0% where team selection wise 100%, Argentina biggest reason in trophy draught is team selection be it beleisa or pekarman poor team selection cost need not to mention Sampaoli. If scaloni have black magic like Zidane then i don’t mind if he remains coach otherwise scaloni will turn another Maradona or batista

  5. From now on:
    We dont accept losing. If we lose than we are going to cry „cheating or luck“. We are not going to acknowledge loses. It will make us feel better. We must encourage our players when we are losing to interrupt the game and take the ball home, or else we gonna cry: cheat luck because we have some little bitches among us who make excuses like if, shoulda/coulda/woulda but didnt.

    • > If we lose than we are going to cry „cheating or luck“.

      > We must encourage our players when we are losing to interrupt the game and take the ball home, or else we gonna cry:

      > cheat luck because we have some little bitches among us who make excuses like if, shoulda/coulda/woulda but didnt.

      dude, i don’t think anyone understands what the hell you’re talking about lol

      i have my suspicions what it means but feel free to translate and i’ll gladly reply.

      • It means when a result doesnt fit your narrative you come up with excuses as causes/reasons like: luck, cheating and then you go on talking about what ifs.
        Every game someone make mistakes, so you can say about every game what if.
        What if Switzerland scored and dint hit the bar in 2014? What if Mascherano didnt tear his ass and robben scored? What if Vlaar‘s penalty when rolling back after it was saved crossed the line? It didnt it stopped st the line. Nusnces decide games qt the high level. Doing something thrice is not luck.

  6. Stan,
    You mindset is that of a 1st grader. My littlle nephew is one and when e loses e cries „cheating or luck“.
    He is 6. whats your excuse?
    Who said Zidane was a Genius coach?
    Noone can belittle his success.
    Just like Gallardo he had success during tournament competitions. He is young and soon will take over a team and will have success.
    You need help. If you need someone to talk I am here for you. Dont compete with me I got arguments for days. I am toying with you for fun. Losers cry while winners celebrate! Sore loser!

    Loew was shit manager and ended up becoming world champ. So was deschamps.

    • “If you need someone to talk I am here for you. Dont compete with me I got arguments for days.”
      You are in dream , get out of it . Argument lol , you dont have one only you have words neither you have brain.
      Toying me ,stop overestimating yourself for me you seem a statue of foolishness.
      You irritating philospher.Stop posting.

  7. Ummmmm…. who said that Solari was going to be a great manager again?
    We’re seeing the fall of Solari already, and unfortunately we’ll see Scaloni’s next summer when he realizes you can’t make 8 changes in a professional non-friendly game.

  8. Anybody remember Zinadine Zidane’s Real Madrid farewell game? They played against Villarreal and it was an entertaining match in which Riquelme bossed the midfield and at the end the legends (Riquelme & Zidane) hugged each other and exchanged shirts. It was obvious on Zidane’s face how he was happy playing against one of the best players ever played football in his last Madrid match.

    As they say, there are good players, great players and then there are the artists. Riquelme was one of those artists whom could be found in football pitches once in a blue moon.

  9. Juan Roman riquelme aimar
    ayala heinze and Martin demichelis
    Was all my favourite players
    Riquelme was always my
    Number 1 he was so unique
    He was proper old fashion
    Number 10 … onice pekerman said
    If he was Brazilian they will call him
    Riquelminho and will win bol d’or.
    That may be true..

  10. Riquelme’s football skill is beauty personified. Aimar and Riquelme will always be my favorite players.
    He seems also to be very smart.

    Many coaches have won the Copa Libertadores and ended up being really bad for us.
    The only coach I fully trust is Mauricio Pochettino (the guy who people called a failure after starting badly in CL, guess what he qualified!). I hope he becomes Man UTD (I am a supporter) coach.

    Scaloni, I will give a chance because the alternatives for me aren’t better. Only Gallardo comes into mind (who I have doubts) that is worth taking a look. I value and wanted Gareca but AFA didn’t want him.
    I don’t know if Scaloni will be the answer, but he has done a good job so far and should b supported.
    Some people are butthurt because they fear with him at the helm certain players won’t play. I doubt he will ignore Messi and some others.
    My advise to Scaloni would be “If you stop on your way home every time a dog barks you won’t ever get home” so do your thing and built a team for 2022.

    • I think Scaloni will grab at Messi like a drowning man catches at a straw. Scaloni’s team has shown little idea in terms of creating chances on its own. Dybala as a creative hub has failed so far. I highly doubt Scaloni will pass up the chance of having Messi’s genius.

      • nothing wrong with using Messi right.
        He is Argentinian you know.
        Every great coach has had great players.
        Saying Zidane was lucky is for me a delusional statement.
        he was Lucky 3 times?
        Can you calculate the chances of that happening?
        He put Casmeiro in the starting 11 (that was luck), strengthened the midfield, put Ronaldo into a position where he became a scoring machine. Made the right subs every time and changed so the game.
        Nothing lucky about that.
        Just give credit to one of the greatest players and great coach Zidane.
        He took over from Domenech in 2006 after 2 group games and was the defacto coach of that team where he took them to the final and if it werent for that incident he would had won that too.

        • Then what happened to zidane’s intelligence in la liga and copa de rey.
          He was clearly lucky to win 3 CL
          In 2016 lucky to get penalty against atletico madrid in final.
          In 2017 as if anyone who knows anything about football can say bayren munich had been robbed.
          In 2018 again juventus had been robbed in QF to get a penalty. I wont mention kaurius.
          You are king of baseless statement and wrong prediction.

          • Where is Gallardo‘s greatness in the Argentinian league?
            The truth is Zidane won and Gallardo won.
            That is what matters.
            Chelsea was screwed by referees against Barcelona and so was Arsenal.
            So Guardiola had luck?
            Or is it luck when it only fits you?
            You are embarrasing yourself.
            Your tiny brain cant comprehend that games in CL at knockout stages details and nuances decide the matches.
            You bring up Karius really?
            What can I say about this dumb statement?
            Look football is a game where the better side wins.
            Always the better side wins.
            After 90 minutes who has more goals – wins.
            Zidane didnt force liverpool to put in Karius! Real took adventage of Liverpools weaknesses and won. Every match someone makes mistakes so the other side takes adventage of it, some lack quality to take adventage so they lose. Luck is s word to make yourself feel better. Loser.

          • You are a brainless psychopath philospher.
            Football is a game in which luck is a major factor , i am still asking if zidane was genius where was his consistency in la liga and copa del rey, he himself mentioned his main objective was to win la liga and his biggest achievement was la liga 2016-17 beside having best squad in the world .
            Two best full backs, two best CB, world class midfielders and world class attackers.

          • League and Cups are different . The only reason Real has been struggling in La-liga for the last 10 years is because of Messi and Messi only!!!!

        • Zidane was actually lucky more than 3 times. Do you remember the 50-50 decisions or, contentious decisions going Madrid’s way every time? What’s the chances of happening that again? Can Zidane or, any coach in the world plan those last minute headers from Ramos or Bale? Zidane is obviously a good coach and he understands and reacts timely as well. But he was blessed with a goal machine like Ronaldo and incredible pace and quality all over the squad. Zidane’s most common reaction was to introduce pacy, wide players like Asensio, Vazquez(probably, i forgot his name) in the second half. They would stretch the game against tired opponents and Real Madrid took full advantage of Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema’s aerial ability to bring down quality ball around the box. Real Madrid got away with average performance far too many times. 15-20 mins blitz took RM past many teams because they had that quality on the bench.

          Zidane is a great man manager. He is a good coach too. But he relied on individual brilliance far too often. And he got away with it more often than not. He is lucky of course. Besides, would you rate his RM team higher than Guardiola’s Barca or, other famous teams in the history? I wouldn’t. As a record breaking CL winner, Zidane’s team should be compared against vintage Brazil, Barcelona, Netherlands or, Milan teams. I am not sure they are even the best Madrid side in the history.

          • I sm sorry but Ramos has scored countless headers when needed. That is a skill. Why didnt Real win 3 times with the other coaches? Zidane took Real in shambles. Boca won 3 titles in the last 4 years. Gallardo just like Zidane won big games at the biggest stages. Was Gallardo also lucky? Many people say he was! For me someone who wins 3 straight titles or 2 copas isnt lucky. Its a skill.

          • Heading the ball well is a skill. I dont know if scoring late goals can be labelled as a skill too. Anyway, if you are implying that Ramos scoring in the stoppage time was part of Zidane’s grand scheme, I dont know what to say.

            Real didn’t win 3 times with other coaches. True. But I am not saying Zidane is lucky because he won it 3 times. I am calling Zidane lucky because of the way he won it. Juventus were definitely the better team throughout the match. How could Zidane have planned to get a last minute penalty against Juventus? That was a 50-50 decision which the ref could have given in Juve’s favor. Howlers from Bayern and Liverpool keepers cant be Zidane’s plan. What about the offside calls that always went in Madrid’s favor?

            Winning multiple titles isnt luck. Thats right. But if you win multiple titles with so many controversial decisions going your way and with late goals from mostly individual brilliance, that cant be your tactics. That is your luck.

        • “He took over from Domenech in 2006 after 2 group games and was the defacto coach of that team where he took them to the final” – in Argentina NT, this is considered as cardinal crime and labelled as “Friends club”.

    • > Some people are butthurt because they fear with him at the helm certain players won’t play.

      Like who? Scaloni critiques are all worried about his tactics. Last few games were pretty shite attacking wise. Nothing do with omitting certain players.

        • Yeah, I criticize Scaloni for our shite attacking. Nothing to do with omitting players like you mention.

          Again, Who said they don’t like Scaloni because he’s omitting players?

        • @Ghostdeini
          “Scaloni is omitting players ” ridiculous does anybody think that scaloni has balls to omit messi or aguero neither he had authority , it was AFA’s instruction to scaloni of try new and young players .So nobody is critisizing scaloni to omit certain players , everybody talked about scaloni’s coaching ability which we havent seen yet.

  11. I mean….what the hell. He’s basically saying they stink as of right now but “perhaps” they will become good in a few years.

    I forget who said this here on Mundo but the NT isn’t some training ground. Couldn’t have been more right. Deep down I keep hoping to see headlines “gallardo taking over”. Wishful thinking I suppose so now training wheels will continue

    • Deep down I keep hoping to see headlines “gallardo taking over” – that’s what I have been doing for the last month 😂 If nothing else, I hope Scaloni brings luck, loads of luck! Thats the only way we’re going to break this trophy drought anyway. Zidane had it at Real Madrid. I hope by hook or, crook, Scaloni manages to get loads of luck too. Otherwise, we’ll be back to asking “why Scaloni?” like we did with “why Batista, Maradona, Tata, Bauza..?”

  12. I believe scaloni will succeed.just hope he dosnt select meza unless he is in top form for his club.and hope he can solve the goalkeeper crises. He shud give walter benitez the chance or maybe gazzaniga but paulo dosnt have much game time .

    • It kind off scared me that Meza would be turning into the current era version of Biglia. Always gets call up and playing time despite has almost zero contribution. Unless messing up the team play count as contribution.

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