Former Argentina national team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI confirmed to manage Santos


Former Argentina national team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has been named as the manager of Brazilian club Santos.

An official announcement was released by the club through their Twitter account confirming that SAMPAOLI would take over in 2019, his first job since stepping down as Argentina coach.

The deal will be finalized in person on the weekend.


  1. I hope sampoali have successful
    Job in Brazil.. everything happened
    To Argentina NT wasn’t his fault
    He was there wrong to time
    With old wrong players
    He been forced to take half
    Of the players that went
    World cup most of them wasn’t
    Suited his stlye of play.

    • Right…the old players forced him to make all those retarded decisions.

      The older players forced him to change tactics and players every game causing the team to lose all identity. Team was clueless due to all the changes.
      The old players forced him to call Fazio instead of Pezzella.
      The old players forced him to bench Lo Celso because you know, he nutmegged messi and that pissed messi off.
      The older players forced him to not take Paredes or Battaglia
      The old players forced him to play 3AT against Croatia when NO player ever played under that formation.
      The old players forced him bench our best #9 Aguero against France
      The old players forced him to play Meza because you know, he belongs to the club de amigos.
      The old players forced him to play super defensive against effin iceland because you know, thats a perfect strategy against a team thats parking the bus.
      The players forced him to neurotically pace up and down the pitch causing everyone to be more nervous
      The players forced him to not shake hands with opposing managers after games making the NT look awful.

      Overall, he was a shining example of a brilliant tactician and leader…..lets focus on everything that wasn’t his fault instead of talking about what actually went wrong. Lets continue with this revisionist narrative against the good for nothing selfish dictator “oldies.” Vamos.

      • forgot a good one..the slow ass CBs forced him to play high defensive line even though we were fucking raped by Spain…what a brilliant tactician but hey, it was the wrong timing though..its the players fault.

        (btw…these are just a few, the list goes on and on and on…)

        • Big man choripan
          how you doing bro
          I understand your frustration
          Same as me and all Argentina fans
          But reality is the half the
          squad went world
          Should haven’t gone
          If I give you the players
          Sampoali would pick
          If he was up to him internally
          ……………… Romero

          Mercado…. otamandi…. taglafiaco

          ……………… Banega ………

          Salvio…….. lanzini…………. acuna

          Messi…….. aguero ………. povon

          That is the team he had in my mind
          Before Romero and lanzini got injured
          He also wanted to take j correa
          Paredes kranevitter

          • Still frustrated, man, but i’m doing well. Lol. Hope youre doing well.

            If i were to put it a on scale, his decision making far outweighs player selection. There were fundamental issues with his managerial decision making that no player addition would have overcome. Just one example but I remember the Arg media going absolute bananas during the qualifiers at his constant player and formation changes. And he even continued through every game in the wc. For once i agree with them….no shit the team looked absolutely lost because he could not solidify an identity. In fact, he did the exact opposite and destroyed any identity we had. Nothing to with player selection. Like Ebo and dontbethatguy said below, i only blame players for not revolting earlier.

      • “Following Argentina’s woeful 3-0 defeat to Croatia, they had one foot out of the World Cup exit door.After that game, Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano called a meeting with Jorge Sampaoli and the rest of his staff.That is according to Argentine journalist Ariel Senosiain of TyC Sports and Ole columnist, who makes the revelation in his book Mundial es Historias.The situation was critical and the players wanted to see the coach so they called Sampaoli to an urgent meeting with two of his assistants, Sebastian Beccacece and Lionel Scaloni.The purpose of the meeting was clear, to make him see that the squad no longer trusted him.”We don’t get what you say, we don’t trust you anymore and we want to have an opinion,” was their argument.Sampaoli was surprised by that and responded by asking what it was they wanted an opinion on, to which the players replied ‘on everything’.Messi took to the floor and was also unhappy with Sampaoli asking him who he should bring on, a moment which was picked up by cameras.”You asked me 10 times which players you wanted me to see on and which ones I didn’t and I never gave you a name,” he said.AFA president Claudio Tapia witnessed the unusual situation and was already aware of what the players were going to say to the coach and told Sampaoli that he had to give in to them.”
        “Argentina había dado una imagen bochornosa ante Croacia (3-0), tenían un pie fuera del Mundial y los jugadores argentinos con Messi y Mascherano a la cabeza solicitan a Jorge Sampaoli y al resto de su cuerpo técnico una reunión, y así lo cuenta Ariel Senosiain, periodista argentino de TyC Sports y columnista de Olé, en su libro ‘Mundial es Historias’.La situación era crítica y los jugadores querían hacérselo ver al entrenador por lo que citaron a Sampaoli a una reunión urgente a la que acudió con dos de sus ayudantes, Sebastián Beccacece y Lionel Scaloni. La finalidad de la reunión era clara, hacerle ver que ya no confiaban en él. “No nos llega lo que decís. Ya no confiamos en vos. Queremos tener opinión”, a lo que Sampaoli respondió sorprendido: “¿Opinión en qué?”, la respuesta fue rotunda: “en todo”.

        Fue cuando Messi tomó la palabra y le recrimino que le preguntara a quién poner o no sobre el campo, “me preguntaste 10 veces a qué jugadores querías que pusiera y a cuáles no, y nunca te di un nombre. Decime adelante de todos si alguna vez te nombré a alguien”.Claudio Tapia, presidente de la AFA, estaba siendo testigo de la inusual situación y ya era conocedor de lo que los jugadores iban a transmitirle al seleccionador albiceleste por lo que solo le dijo tres palabras: “tenés que ceder”.La reunión, que en un primer momento parecía que iba a ser más dura y contundente de lo que terminó siendo, no llegó a mayores y se obtuvo como conclusión el consenso, que el técnico debía escuchar a los jugadores y que no se alterara. Sin embargo, uno de sus ayudantes, Sebastián Beccacece quiso renunciar, pero su intención fue frenada por su representante.”




          Straight to the point. Hit the nail on the head

        • “Fue cuando Messi tomó la palabra y le recrimino que le preguntara a quién poner o no sobre el campo, “me preguntaste 10 veces a qué jugadores querías que pusiera y a cuáles no, y nunca te di un nombre. Decime adelante de todos si alguna vez te nombré a alguien”.

          ¿Cómo puede Messi influir en el equipo y su selección si Messi admitió que nunca sugirió ni hizo referencia a nadie? Argentina fue 4º en su grupo, a punto de ser eliminado, ¿qué esperas, que Messi, Mascherano (¡¡Los Capitanes!!) se queden con los brazos cruzados? Te aseguro que si Romero hubiera estado allí, también habría reclamado a Sampaoli. Ronaldo, Suárez, Neymar, Thiago Silva, CUALQUIER jugador haría lo que hizo. No puedes culparlos por querer ganar.

    • 29 year old nacho should be called but 30 year ever banega should not be called.
      Because nacho is better player than banega, because nacho played good in one game against local club boca.

      • friend… relax Banega is
        Much better than this nacho
        Guy in fact there not better
        Midfielders in whole Europe
        Than Banega trust me he is one
        Of my favourite players but
        Going forward we have already
        Enough good young midfielders.
        Remember Nt comes first

      • You need help. Nothing against Banega. Boca Banega is probably top 10 favorite player of all time for me.
        Nacho is a great tem player and it is nice to have him in the team. I have called for him earlier.
        I am not and I repeat I am not against older players!!! Get this into your tiny brain. I am against players who I think would potentially destroy chemistry and arent team players.

  2. I want scaloni and tapia to somehow arrange a match against Israel in the next FIFA date , in the city of Jerusalem , be it or not , but Argentina must visit Jerusalem before the start of copa Brazil.
    Afa needs to arrange the match somehow and let the players stay there for at least 2days , they should visit the holy city before cops america starts , especially “messi “.
    I have always believed that football was connected to spirituality, and I still believe that .
    I remember maradona visiting it just before the WC 1986-and he won .
    Messi visited it in 2013 before WC 2014 – they came close .
    I think the isreal controversy really paid off for Argentina . the Argentina team was cursed right after the cancelled the match , the rest , everyone knows which is worse and worse.

    Just read this article below .

    I hope afa and tapia doesn’t make the mistake for second time , especially messi . he is the symbol of love and peace , he is the true hero for every children , above all – He is the messiah ” the saviour “.

  3. Ae a fierce critic of his before and during the world cup I wish him success because it was not everything his fault.
    Let’s see how he fares at his new job.

  4. I hope that I am mistaken but how a club as prestigious as Santos can hire someone like Sampaoli? I have been watching soccer for over 30 years I have never seen a more mediocre coach than Sampa. Ww have to be realistic. I didn’t expect miracle with that team but the way we went down from bad to worst to ridiculous its all Sampaoli fault. In training he puts a team but in games he gets confused.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Brazil??? Enjoy him lmao.

      I thought his next job would be somewhere in the middle of Pacific Ocean, too funny, Santos lol

  5. He made mistakes but he was forced to play old players who didn’t fit his style.
    The only time he played his style was 50 munites v croatia before willie fuckup the team was solid despite some of the players not commited to that style.
    Good luck to him.

    • “He made mistakes but he was forced to play old players who didn’t fit his style.”

      Then he should have switched tactics and played a style that suits his players that were ‘Forced upon him’
      a coach with one style is bound to fail. will become open book for other teams
      Again, Driving a Toyota like a Ferrari is plain stupid. Eventually the wheels will fall off, and fall off they did, with a BANG.
      I only can blame the players for not revolting against him.

      • “I only can blame the players for not revolting against him.”

        According to some reports, the players DID revolt against him after the 3-0 loss against Croatia, but by then it was WAY too late! Apparently the senior olayers took control and started calling the shots. The biggest evidence of this was Sampaoli asking Messi permission mid game if he should sub in Aguero.

        The players should’ve revolted after the 6-1 loss to Spain. If the Senior players like Messi, Mascherano had been calling the shots since then, Romero would’ve played in the World Cup, Banega would’ve started every games, Enzo would have never been called up, and maybe we would’ve finished first in the table, meaning we would’ve have an easy path to the final like Croatia did.

        Anyway… should’ve, could’ve, but in the end they didn’t, so time to move on!

  6. I love all the positive comments here supporting this legend. How he made Argentina into what they are today…Brilliant! The work of a genius like him, knowledge of football that Guardiola, Mourinho, Bielsa, Klopp, Sarri, Allegri all envy. The knowledge that only Sampaoli and Bauza have.
    The man who turn down the manager of the year award… what humility!

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