Argentina U20 team make Sudamericano debut against Paraguay


The Argentina U20 team will make their Sudamericano (South American Youth Cup) debut against Paraguay on Sunday.

A few injuries to Fernando BATISTA’s team going into the tournament but it’s show time for the kids and they will look to get a full 3 points in their opening match. Argentina will wear their second kit, their black one, with the goalkeeper wearing the orange shirt.

Argentina and Paraguay kits for the match.

Here is the rumored eleven to start the match:

Manuel ROFFO

Facundo MURA

Nahuen PEREZ

Facundo MEDINA

Francisco ORTEGA


Santiago SOSA



Maximiliano ROMERO

Thiago ALMADA or Pedro DE LA VEGA


  1. LOL these guys cant beat paraguay and some people here thinks that they will give us WC in future.
    why balerdi, almendra,carranza,maxi lovera, barco is not in the listed squad above?

  2. we played good.
    i am not so disappointed from the performance of the kids.
    draw is not good result but we could had win.

    some idiotic choices outside opponents area cost us the win in this game.
    but they are kids. a lot of room for improve.
    well done kids.
    lets try better in next game.


    • De La Vega, Gaich, Maroni/Almada should start. Still I think we have not played that bad as for almost brand new team: only 2 players from COTIF tournament

      • yes i agree. our kids played good and they deserve to win
        but ok they made some fatal mistakes in the final third and we didn t win.

        yes the draw is not good result but on the other hand
        i can t make bad critic to our kids. they didn t play bad.

    • There is little more than the required individuality in final third….should have little more team play I think.
      Only disappointed due to opponents being paraguay

  3. In a moments better play than final result. I still think Gaich would be more usefull than Romero. He can exploit so good his 1,9 m.De La Vega should start next game.

  4. It really lacks Almendra – Pogba like CM. Insaurralde is not Almendra. De La Vega should in. Almada nice ball controll but lack of creative passes so far

  5. we play better. i believe we will win in end.
    Paraguay didn t show something we should afraid.


    let s push them harder on second half.

    • No doubt that will be though tournament. None of the favourites shioe so far.
      In our team there’s no continuity since COTIF tournament. Only 2 players of that tournament’s regular starting line up will start today. We have new coach. He took the team just month ago. Selection was questionable with 4 strikers included, blatant lack of depth in CB, wingers and CM. Captain Almendra, Barco, Ayala, Lovera, Garre are out. Many reasons to doubt. But still there’s a lot of exciting names. I think decisive will be Batista’s work and chemistry in central midfield – between Moreno, Sosa, Insaurralde.

      The team is real enigma

        • It would have been Barco’s yersey, i dont see the problem, he is the only enganche type player in this team, the most creative player with Almada. Moreno, Sosa, Insaurralde seem very defensive midfield Sosa and Insaurralde play as DM’s in their clubs, Moreno? he is a ZM right? 2 CF’s and Almada maybe in free role, the classic Bianchi system 4-3-1-2 with Riquelme. This would be more modern formation—DM Sosa/Insaurralde-ZM Almendra now Moreno-AM Barco now Maroni—Almada-CF-De la Vega

          • Moreno had played box-to-box together with Almendra around No.5 Ayala during COTIF. He looked to me less important of the trio but finally is the only on Sudamericano. Let’s see then. I thought Insaurralde will be the No.5 but it seems rather Sosa. Really cooperation of the CMs and CBs might be decisive.

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