Julian ALVAREZ clever free kick goal gives Argentina win against Colombia


Julian ALVAREZ scored for Argentina in their 1-0 win against Colombia.

After losing 2-1 against Ecuador in the Sudamericano, Argentina knew that a win against Colombia could go a long way in securing qualification to the U20 FIFA World Cup. A Julian ALVAREZ free kick, one which is a must see, was enough to give his country the three points.

Argentina play Venezuela on Monday.


  1. Mrinal i agree with you.Godin11 your logic is full of funny shit.
    Lot of Mundo people judge a young player just watching two or three match.if a young player just played 1,2 good matches.they are think that he is a national team material .After Spain and Nigeria match ,before the world cup,all Oldi heaters were praises Meza and pavon.and on that time they criticise aguero dimari . all were applaud with Meza Meza Meza Meza.all were praises with pavon Meza Pavon Meaza.But their performance was “A Big ZERO”.

  2. ……..garrinzza……….



    Messi……………lo celso…………….lanzini


  3. Sergio, Mamoun – we are talking about Defensa y Justicia youngsters wins (again 3 points last night) but you must notice also Talleres Cordoba which is build around kids as well. Look at their line up yesterday against Banfield of Crespo (3:1). Left Back Leonardo Godoy is worth of call up while Adrian Cubas is to me outstanding every game. He developed a lot being now something more than superb tackler. He is contributing in attack. I’m sure he will not end in Talleres even if his first trial in Europe was failed.

    • Gonzalo, to tell you the truth I haven’t even paid attention to Tallers since I’ve been mostly focused on Defensa and Velez but maybe I’m gonna start looking into Talleres.
      Speaking of Defensa, what a fantastic team they are and Beccacece is a potential future NT coach since he’s seen what not to do thanks to his torrid time working with Sampabaldie, I also see the Barboza-Martinez as the potential CB pair for the NT even though I think Martinez’s ball skill and passing is wasted on a CB position and should be either a LB or a midfielder.

      • “I also see the Barboza-Martinez as the potential CB pair for the NT even though I think Martinez’s ball skill and passing is wasted on a CB position and should be either a LB or a midfielder”

        Yeah, both Barboza and Martinez are impressive passers, especially Lisandro. I thought about him even as deep lying playmaker.

        • Is there a player who is more consistent than martinez in primera division? I think his height is the reason european clubs are reluctant in signing him.
          As for leonardo godoy, very quick player but being in Talleres is hurting his chances for getting selected to national team. I wish after copa mercado is discarded and thus RB spots become available.

          • I don’t think it’s problem for Godoy to be called up from Talleres. He was rumored already while his teammate Herrera picked by Scaloni.

          • Agree that Lisandro Martinez height might be a problem and for the reason he should play rather as LB (as he did in the beginning of current season) or DM.

          • He’s not tall but he’s strong in the air and that’s what counts but like I said he’s way too skillful to play as a CB, He’s a good LB also and I think he’d make a great midfielder.
            It should be noted that he’s only started turning heads this season so I’d like to see whether he continues like that till the end of the season or not, then we’d know whether he’s consistent or not, but thus far things are looking good.

  4. Venezuela beat Brazil 2:0 last night. Ecuador and Venezuela seems to be best on the tournament.
    Some people live in past, out-of date concepts when they are criticizing our team because they “can’t even beat Paraguay or Ecuador” let alone contend against European teams. Look at all the results of Sudamericano. The wins mostly by one goal difference.
    The reality is that all over the world and especially in South America the level is still more and more even and the more among youth teams where old divisions for giants like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and the rest are no more valid. So some people should actually first understand there’s no old hierarchy in South America so Argentina and Brazil are not obliged to win every game against other team than each other. We lost to Ecuador twice but on the other hand we beat Uruguay and Colombia.

    THis is not defence of the team because I have no pleasure watching the team myself. This is not good selection, not good team, not good coach. Nonetheless we need remember the rivalry in SUdamericano is extremely though.

    • All I want from them is to get the WC spot somehow. Then build new team with players like Almendra, Balerdi, Cristian Ferreira, Barreal, Barco, Garre, Lovera, Ayala included.

    • We beat Uruguay, lost to Ecuador but last night Ecuador – Uruguay 0:1. We see that’s all hardly predictable.

    • Totally agree with your opinion @gonzalo. The quality gap between all south american teams have inched closer by the year. Don’t expect to see Brazil and Argentina drubbing teams like bolivia and venezuela anymore in future.

      Also Brazil’s best player and their ONLY hope Rodrygo Goes got red carded in the 92nd min against Venezuela which means they will most probably suffer in their subsequent games too.
      Lets’s hope Argentina capitalizes on this and qualifies. Vamos !

  5. Aguero vs icardi debet
    First I’m glad they both
    Re Argentinean I couldn’t holding
    Myself back from this debet .
    Everyone here in mundo know
    Where I stand from Messi generation .
    Other way around I’m one of those
    Who wants new generation .
    However when comes to aguero
    And icardi who is better
    I will say aguero much better
    than icardi regardless his
    Achievement in the Nt. The man
    Changed man city history
    He scored the most important
    Goal in man city history against QPR
    In that goal one of the best
    English commentators call
    Martin Taylor scream in that goal
    He said as following
    Agueroooooo I swear you will
    Never see anything like this
    For me aguero is the most
    Underrated player in the world .

    Question is: do I want aguero
    To carry on playing Nt.
    The answer is simple for me
    I had enought of messi generation.
    I don’t any player from old guard

    Do i want icardi to be our number 9
    The answer is no for me cuz
    He is not mobile enough and
    Argentina can’t afford to have
    Too many luxcary players I mean
    We can’t have same lin up him
    And dybala.

    Question is: who do I want personally
    I want young lautaro Martinez to
    Be our number 9.

    • Friend your reasons are always funny.
      You dont want a player in the team simply because he has played many matches for the NT. Who is technically better player, who inform player, who does better fit in the national team is irrevelant to you.
      True icardi is not the ideal no 9 for NT neither simeone is big hope from lautaro
      But his problem is he is too slow even at 21 hope he devlops himself at inter.

      • @mrinal
        friend is not that they played so many
        Games for the Nt. But those players
        They reach thier limit in the Nt
        When you lose three finals in row
        Your mental is broke plus
        The pressure from Argentina media
        Is unbelievable they ‘re number one
        Enemy for the Nt.
        I read interview about di Maria
        A while ago talking about
        He has to see psychiatrist in oder
        to life in normal after lose those finals.

        My point is the Nt need new mentality to have that we need
        Young fresh players who can
        Play freely I mean without no

        Note: I’m not say any young player
        Can come and play for the Nt.
        No to play Argentina nt they
        Must be good they must have
        Qualities and strong sprite
        Example Diego simeone and
        Gabriel batistuta they have won
        Back to back copa and confederation Cup
        in young age Diego simeone
        Wasn’t world class midfielder
        But he was mently strong and
        Had strong sprite don’t get me
        Wrong he was good player too
        That is what we need to great again
        And that is exactly what afa is doing
        Now that is why ayala Samuel
        Scaloni aimar and palacent re there.
        Plus I can see Gaby heinze and beccacece one of them will be
        Argentina manager in near future.

        • Bro there is always pressure on the players when they are playing in the important tournament for the NT regardless of how many matches they have played for the NT.
          All those new players called for NT
          Meza was not bad in friendly against spain but chocked under pressure in important matches.
          Pavon was not bad in friendly against nigeria and russia but could not deliver under pressure in important matches.
          Armani he is ok with boca juniors but he was reason of argentina’s debacle in WC.
          Tagliafico playing good for ajax but didnt do anything for NT, he left mbappe to run freely on the flank mbappe was tagliafico’s man. Icardi missed many chances in WC qualifiers . How can we trust on these guys?
          Again it messi who scored a hattrick under enormous pressure against ecuador and dragged argentina to the WC.
          Either you are a blid haters of oldies or hypocrite.
          I am not saying to include all oldies but 6-7 players like messi,aguero,otamendi,romero,dimaria(sub),mercado(sub),banega (sub) should be called to NT for copa 2019.

          • Messi,Aguero,Di-Maria,Otamendi & Banega. Mercado will be a waste of position and time. He gets so nervous and doesn’t look comfortable under pressure or with ball.

          • Benega don’t need anymore because Argentina have penalty of replacement, there is no other better replacement for Romero Dimaria Otamendi so must be in the squad where messi and Aguero are world class and can’t leave world class player at home, Sampaoli left world class icardi for Russia and unused Dybala

    • Lautaro isn’t even 1% of Aguero and 5% of icardi not enough eligible to wear Argentina jersey, Lazio vs Inter match proves another choker like higuain

    • We all know that in terms of pure talent, of course Kun deserves his place. But in 4 years, he’ll be 34 and I don’t remember any WC champion with 2 attacking players over 32. So as long as Messi is here, may not need Kun anymore. I guess Scaloni share the same thought. It’s nothing against Kun but more for the future

      Me I like a lot old school 9 like Icardi, but never seen Messi playing with this kind of forward. I believe that Lautaro, Angel Correa and even Dybala may be better fit. Dybala for his finishing and shots, Correa for his dribbling and Lautaro has quality of both of them, he’ll be the key in 4 years.

      • 4year is long way to go, right now both icardi and Aguero are top5 striker in the world so both will be selected who knows new mbappe comes in 2022 form Argentina

      • having two 34+ attackers with messi and Aguero isnt the issue as they are not competing for the same position, at all. Id imagine Messi dropping back as he ages while Aguero will stick to #9.

        With this said, if Aguero is still inform and doing well, i would have no problem but to your point, 34 is certainly pushing it. 35 year old Klose did well in 2014 so perhaps Aguero will too but I honestly dont think hell last that long but well see.


        If anything, we are lucky to have so many options in Aguero, Icardi, Dybala, Martinez, Correa..etc.

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