Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA wear new Argentina home kit as AFA releases it


Argentina captain Lionel MESSI and star player Paulo DYBALA were among the players seen wearing the new national team kit.

We reported a number of times that the Argentina national team would be getting a new home kit for the 2019 Copa America and the official Argentina account have tweeted out a video with several players modeling the new shirt.

Lionel MESSI also released two pictures on his social media channels where he is seen promoting the new kit.

Lionel Messi Argentina
Lionel Messi wearing the new Argentina home kit.
Lionel Messi wearing the new Argentina


  1. The light Blue White Combo is really good, Unless the Designers really mess it up, 90 percent of the times it will look good, Hey but why are they not trying make the stripes Horizontal just for a change. its been long time the vertical Stripes have been going on, Have to say the World Cup Black kit was a breath of fresh air. Even if it was bad luck.

  2. to be honest i liked more the last world cup jersey than this one.
    i wonder why we change jersey so soon. only one year we use the last one.


    • That attack is doomed to fail. Something I would use on FIFA or some video game, not in reality.
      A front 4 containing 3 left footed players?
      And three of those players are used to having free roles in their clubs?

      It won’t work!
      Maybe a 4-4-2 could work with Messi and Lauturo up front, and Di Maria to the right, but Dybala would have to miss out.

      • While I am not sure about the attack-defence balance of this team against a strong opponent, selecting players according to their feet preferance is BS. There is no logic in it.
        Also just because barcelona is using 4-4-2 doesnt mean Argentina should use that formation

        • I would not set our attack like this (with Dybala on) against strongest teams but for Venezuela should be enough.

          In next friendly might be interesting too with attacking quartet like: Benedetto, Lanzini, Pity and one of De Paul/Pereyra/Zaracho/Lamela.

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