Lionel MESSI talks Argentina, Barcelona, Cristiano RONALDO, Sergio AGUERO, NEYMAR, much more


Lionel MESSI gave a lengthy interview with 947 FM Radio in Argentina where he discusses several topics.

From the subject of the Argentina national team, to Barcelona, to Cristiano RONALDO and much, much more. In regards to the Argentina national team, here’s what he had to say:

“This generation was mistreated. We don’t sell smoke. We are professionals and we want (to win). I want to win something with the Argentina national team. I will play in all the important things. A lot of people told me I won’t come back, family, friends… My son asked me “Why do they kill you in Argentina?”

“Realistically, there’s a lot of work to be done to be a power house. These kids have had very little matches with the Argentina team. You have to be patient and I have no doubt that we will be strong.”

About the new players in the Argentina team:

“The kids have to jump up and play with the Argentina national team, not with me. They are there for what they do every weeekend.

“I have a great relationship with all of them. I’m the new one and I have to adapt to them.

“With ICARDI, I think I had two matches with him but I don’t know what happened for him to say that the group was bad before. I don’t know what he meant. I never treated anyone badly.

“I don’t talk a lot. I play and that’s what I like.”

In regards to the best players in the world and Cristiano RONALDO:

“Today, NEYMAR, MBAPPE, SUAREZ, AGUERO. Today, they can be the best in the world. Cristiano, I take him out and put him with me, a part, ha. I swear to you, I am being honest.

“I miss Cristiano in Spain. It was nice to have him although it was difficult to see him lift titles. It would have been nice to still have him here.

“I have a lot of respect for Juventus. They are a great team and even mroe with Cristiano. Hopefully, we get to the final and after that, what happens, happens.”

About the support from fans and the media:

“I know that the majority support me. Every time I would go to Argentina, they would show me a lot of support. I know that it’s the minority who look for crap. I know that clearly.

“I generally change the two shirts I have in every match.

“Let them say what they want to say, let them talk, I have to play and that’s what I do.

“The number 10 shirt doesn’t weigh on me.”

On the missed chances in the final:

“Do you know the amount of times I’ve replayed the final and the chances we had? It would have been so different if we would have put some of them in.”

About missing Argentina’s match against Morocco:

“It became customary for people to say things about me, inventing… The truth is that I’ve had pain in my pubic area from before the December break and I would train a little, not play all of the matches.”

About playing a 5 man back line against Venezuela:

“It surprised me because the first few days, we had trained in a different way, but it’s the time to try things out. He (the coach) reached his own conclusions.”

About playing with Newell’s Old Boys:

“I’d like to play at Newell’s but it’s not easy going back to Argentina. I have to think of my family and the kids. It depends on them too.

“I’m from River? There,s nothing to see. I’m from Newell’s ever since I was a kid. I don’t know why they say that.”

On his relationship with Claudio TAPIA:

“With TAPIA (AFA president), I have a very good relationship from the first moment.”

On playing like Barcelona:

“Barcelona’s philosophy is their whole history. The Argentina national team does not have the players to play that way nor the time to train.”


“I’ve had a lot of monsters (great players) play alongside me but with SUAREZ there’s a friendship off the pitch.”

On his goal against Getafe being voted as the best in Barcelona history

“I would not have selected the goal against Getaf.e I’d have went with the goal against Madrid in the semi finals of the Champion League at the Bernabeu or the header against Manchester. I’d pick them for the moments.”

The following was translated by Juan G. ARANGO, make sure to follow him on Twitter:

About the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

“It was difficult to talk about the World Cup. There were many things that went wrong from the beginning. Not being able to win the first match, missing the penalty. The second match started out very even but after the first goal, things went south. We got disorganized. We qualified in the last match and then in the France match, it was 2-2 and they scored and we weren’t able to get it back together and then we had to start from behind. The World Cup started out badly. Qualifiers were difficult. It was all difficult.

“After the World Cup, I didn’t feel like talking. I wanted to be locked up and suffer on my own with my family. I wanted to get away from everything. Get away from the national team and look at things coldly. We’ve been mistreated for over a decade despite our achievements. This is despite not winning any trophies. We played three finals and to end this cycle this way.

“This generation had to deal with things that no other Argentina team had to deal with. So for people to say such crazy things and so many lies with a straight face, to be honest, I never saw that before. This group got to do great things. We played in a World Cup final… We played in two Copa America finals. It’s not easy to get to that point. The media is a mess. That’s why we brushed them aside and didn’t want to speak to them because if we didn’t take care of ourselves and strengthen one another, they’d keep attacking us.”

In regards to the friends club:

“The Club of Friends is something that I’ve heard for years. I was supposedly the one that made up the lineups, brought in the coaches and I virtually ran AFA. The Club of Friends happened to be the best at their clubs. It gets me upset to hear it.

“We did get together with Sampaoli because there were desperate times. If we did not and were eliminated in the first round, it would have been one of the greatest failures ever. We got together with Jorge SAMPAOLI like great teams do. That was it. It was normal.

“They also said my father had power within AFA. It’s just crazy. My family suffers. I have friends, family in Argentina that suffer because of all the things that the media say. Anyone says anything and people don’t question it. They actually believe it.

“Then I become the motherfucker while my dad runs AFA. It’s just crazy.

“We got to a point were just stopped caring about what people said. Maybe we should have come out sooner. But if we did, we’d be coming out every day to clarify. Every day something new came out. Every day people lied. Maybe we were wrong in not coming out.”


  1. 23 Man Squad
    GK: Rulli, Romero, Armani
    DEF: Tagliafico, Mercado, Otamendi, Pezella, Garay, Fyoth, Saravia, Kannemann
    MID: Banega, Dybala, Lo-Celso, Lanzini, Paredas, Di-Maria
    FWD: Messi, Augero, Icardi, Lautaro, Corerra, Pavon

    Starting XI: 4-4-2
    Starting with 4-4-2 would be best like


  2. Jonathan Silva is back for leganes after injury lay off (best left back after taglafico Argentina have right now). Hope scaloni will call him as a taglafico back up

    • Ascacibar and Paredes must be there. I feel like Ascacibar’s club form has not much to do with his NT utility. It was clear yet during his last NT game. Ascacibar was superb while his club performances in that time not that good.

      • Banega still better than Paredes. I will not be surprised if Scaloni call Banega and drop Paredes. Both in Copa..? no need I think.
        I like all of the mentioned players. But I think currently, Battaglia and Guido will be first two choices in DM position for Scaloni.

  3. Scaloni should clearly define the roles of each player and play their position them correctly..this is something he should learn as he progresses in his career as well..

  4. I personally dont like the inclusion of Di Maria in the team even though i believe he is the most talented among the available players in his position. Its not just Di Maria’s fitness issues that make me believe his presence wont be good for the team but also his attitude while playing for Argentina. Di Maria can ruin the entire team play always trying to over dribble and looking for acrobatic goals. Di Maria of psg is a much better player because he keeps the discipline there unlike the national team. Just try to watch Argentina vs Italy friendly match happend last year you can watch Di Maria ignoring Taliafico most of the times when Tagliafico making some good movements,Tried to score and ended up miserably while Higuain and Lazini where waiting for passes on few occassions in the same game. This game is just an example. For me the best thing for Copa 19 is to ignore Di Maria and call up an inform player who can play according to the playing style of the team and stay disciplined and deliver what the team or coach needs from you even if you are not as talented as Di Maria. It can be . Correa,Lanzini ( Both can be used in multiple positions based on formations and strategy),Pity,Ocampos,pavon any one who is in form. Finally @ Gonzalo iam not against calling up Matias Suarez i agree that he was good on the recent friendlies but i prefer one more player from the above mentioned on that position to be in the squad coz preforming in friendlies and tournament are diffrent. We still dont know how good will be Suarez in the highest level.

  5. Best 11: Rulli – Saravia Otamendi Pazella Tagliafifo – Lo celso parades (No5) Palacios – Messi Aguero/Icardi

      • Cricket e coach matter kore na team selection power o coach er thake na, cricket single player jitate pare but football team game. Question should be like
        Aguero= Suarez
        Lo celso= Arthur
        Otamendi= pique
        Romero= Tar stagen
        Who will be our Valverde

          • Sachine and Messi are criticized similar way for not wining world cup for country despite God of respective sports, World Cup will not be priceless if these two doesn’t lift it, Sachine did at last, messi also do it

  6. Adolfo Gaich is back to San Lorenzo squad today after beoken nose injury. To that Almiron has joined to the senior team 16 years old (2003 category) volante Luis Sequeira. Another 16 yo boy (2002 category), already well known, Matias Palacios is followed closer by Milan (he scored nice goal against Paraguay few days ago on U-17 Sudamericano).

    Though none of Gaich, Sequeira or Palacios was important part of San Lorenzo youth team that won Reserve League being far bester even comparing to second Boca Juniors (10 points of advantage). Only one lost during after 24 matches, impressive goals ratio 51:13. Stars of the team are Alexander Diaz (top goalscorer), another striker in Aguero/Lautaro mould and German Berterame. Also Pereyra from Argentina U-20 team had his contribution.

    San Lorenzo might be the leader on young talent contribution in years to come.

    • This is not hype. It’s just constatation of reality that is: the guy was surprisingly good. I feel the reality needs to be reminded because some apparently want to ignore the fact that some unpopular (as neither young nor European) played seems to be interesting option worth to continue with. We may have our own favourites like Di Maria, Pity, De Paul or Lanzini but it’s Matias Suarez who got the chance and so far took advantage of.

      BTW he is already a bit better than Meza because Meza was good only one game against Spain while Suarez already twice.

    • Suarez is 30year old so hype isn’t like that, meza is treated like bigger than messi as per with Maradona according to local league fans, but Suarez is really useful considering his age plus experience better than useless Dybala

    • Di Maria hype is going always year round just because he is shining for PSG (what is not really hard especially in French League), even if he is most of his games under-performing for NT or simply showing his health as now worth of tournaments level competition.

      • Do you have any better reliable option than Romero. Have you seen Acuna against Morocco , he was far better than tagliafico.
        I know you hate Di maria but only player who can replace him now is Pavon but not on his level so di maria is needed till copa 2019 then pavon. And plz no more pity.

        • sergio romero could be replaced by walter benitez of ogc nice but for that he needs to be called up for next friendlies or andrada of boca juniors even though he dosent play in europe but he is worth a try since sergio romero dosent play regularly he was a good gk (during WC 2014 AND COPA 2015,2016) but romero has to be replaced now

        • Di Maria? Putting aside wheter he is better or not than the other options with his fitness HE IS NOT WORTH TO TAKE HIM FOR ANY TOURNAMENT AS STARTER. He will not stay fit whole tournament if only Argentina is going there to be anywhere close semi/final. His muscles are weak.

          Why not continue with Matias Suarez? Was the only player (with Kannemann) who left positive impressions in both last friendlies. Seeing our left wing with his presence I feel we have some advantage from the start: he is tall an strong. Had some misplaced passes to Messi although as for their first play together it looked so much positive. Di Maria gives many more incorrect passes even after 10 years in NT.
          First of all what I see is the energy and pep Suarez has to offer.
          His game against Venezuela:

    • Read messi interview clearly, wanted to say that last generation is over with achievement reaching 3finals including World Cup after 24year, and also indirectly express anxiety to be the part of 2022 and try to adapt with new players, i don’t think Dimaria Romero aleeady past their best only aguero form cannot be ignored

    • @mrinal
      That is cheap accusations that
      I hate some players whenever
      I express my opinion I don’t want
      Talk di Maria history for the Nt
      I will have his position lanzini or
      Rebort peryer or even pity Martinez
      As Romero atleast Arg have goalkeepers
      Playing regular with thier clubs
      They should play ahead of him
      Come on acuna is good back up
      But taglafiaco has to starter and
      100% will be first 11 for copa
      And probably next few years

  7. Christian Romero highlights – this is called development, up-to U-20 World Cup foytch was miles ahead of Romero but now Christian Romero not only ahead of foyth but one of best aggressive defender of the world. Juventus, Inter Milan all are interested in him. It is very surprising scaloni didn’t called him yet…

    • Thats because he is always playing and thus improving unlike foyth (talent wise foyth is still ahead) romero should reduce his yellow card accumulation though we enough aggressive defenders already

    • I don’t think Foyth was ahead of Romero. ROmero outstood yet during U-20 Sudamericano (just the red cards) and was unexpected he didn’t get U-20 WC spot.

        • even nehuen perez,marcos senesi of san lorenzo and benjamin garay of real madrid are good future talents in cb position

      • cristian romero himself said in an interview that he prefers to play for Argentina NT and cristian romero might get called up for NT post Copa 2019 he could be a perfect replacement for otamendi and italy NT have enough decent defenders so most probably they wont need cristian romero which is a good thing for argentina NT

    • In Kanneman, Pezzella and Otamendi Argentina seems covered in the CB department, for Copa atleast.
      C.Romero is talented to be sure but to be honest he has alot of maturing to do, he’s still very reckless with his tackles and can be at times overzealous. Foyth has more talent for sure but unfortunately he’s not getting the necessary development at Tottenham and really needs to move to another club to get some playing time and the same goes for Balerdi.


    That’s the main fact…

  9. Pavon with a goal and an assist. Last 6 games (only 2 full games) he has 2 goals and 3 assists. Hope he back to his best and transferred to one of the best clubs in the world.

  10. Argentina needs a coach who knows how to build a team around Messi. Like Simeone or Pochettino. This man’s name deserved to be written on every trophies/cups in Football.

  11. Re-post : A fan’s message to King Leo

    Dear Lionel,

    I am heartbroken, and You probably know why. Perhaps the 2018 FIFA World Cup carried an overwhelming amount of expectation from all of us because when You lifted us to the main event with a hat-trick in the final qualifier, we felt now was the time when the world would finally kneel to us, to You.
    It was now or never for us and yet, we feel torn to pieces. We were already starved and dehydrated at the plight of Argentina Football Team when You burst into the scene, in 2006. You with your silky skills, the body feints, the ball glued to your left feet, You put seeds of hope inside our cracked, withered hearts.
    You had taken La Liga by storm already and club football was bubbling with excitement. A little of that rubbed on us too and we got excited. Even though the disappointments did not end, there was still hope, because we had you.
    2006, 2010, 2014, the heartbreaking Finals, we endured, we were shattered, but we got up, refusing to let our hopes die.
    We had one more final to look forward to. And so, this World Cup disappointment was the hardest to bear, because, in all this time, we had grown a little tired and annoyed. Tired of waiting, Leo and annoyed at the inability of the team to give us our moment of salvation. We are shattered because we feel things will never be right for us.
    But in all these, we forget how it feels to be You. We forget how it feels to win all your battles with Barcelona and yet nurse a hollowness deep inside.
    We do not know how it feels to win the FIFA Youth Championship and the Olympic Gold with Argentina and still be taunted for winning nothing for the country. We do not know how it feels to be diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency as a child and not have the money to pay for the treatment.
    We do not know how it feels to represent your country in four FIFA Tournament Finals and continuously end up on the losing team. We forget how hard it is to be Lionel Messi, the best player in the world.
    Yes, we are disappointed, but we forget how million times more disappointing it is for You to not achieve the one thing you crave for, the one thing you desire, perhaps even more than all of us – an International trophy with your beloved Argentina.
    Does a trophy alone define greatness? Or can it be defined by our actions too? When you are Red Carded in your debut for Argentina, leaving you in a pool of tears in the dressing room and yet you come back stronger, is that not greatness?
    When you are being offered the chance to represent Spain and better your chances of winning the World Cup playing around your club mates, but you decline and opt to represent your own country, to fight for glory among your own, is that not greatness? When you lead your country to three consecutive Finals, end up in the losing side, but still have the courage to keep trying, again and again, is that not greatness?
    When you stay loyal to the institution that you helped you out and paid for your life changing treatment as a child, even 18 years on, isn’t that a sign of greatness? When you have the FIFA Golden Ball, five Ballon D’ors and countless other trophies and yet continue to be humble in life, is that not greatness?
    When you marry the woman you have adored all your life and inspire the rest of the world to believe in true love, is that not greatness?
    A true great is someone who can be looked at as an example, who can inspire. Look around you, Leo. You have inspired a million kids to pick up the ball. In the land of our hearts barren for ages since Diego, you brought relief, you brought life.
    Maybe the future will be bright and someone will lift the trophy again for Argentina, yet maybe he will not be endeared to us as you are. Because with or without the fabled trophy, Leo, you mean the world to us.
    So cheer up, lift your chin and look to the skies. Feel our arms around you if you are lonely, find our shoulders to rest your weary head. It shall always be there, whenever you need a hand.
    If you are down, feel the warmth in our hearts for you. It shall never die, it shall never end. There is a Copa to prepare for, and there is never enough time. Arise, prepare, inspire a team, a nation and rally ahead. We are with you, in victory and in defeat, forever and after.

  12. He said he still want to win something with national team and play important games. This alone proof he still has the FIRE in him which is a good thing to hear.

  13. He is such a professional and well spoken. What he should really say is, in Barca, I play with Inieta, Alba, Dani Alves, Suarez, and Neymar and we win a lot. In NT, I play with Benedetto, Pavon, Acuna, and Lucas Biglia and they all suck.

    Even the GOAT needs to play with world class players to shine as bright. Not a bunch of guys that are more hype and love kicking the ball back and have no clue. This doesn’t even include the head case Sampaoli or the multiple championships Higuain simply shit away because of his choking.

    As odd as it feels it makes me feel sad about him in the NT. He has everything but what he wants the most he doesn’t.

    • Don’t feel bad for him, the guy has god like skill, is arguably the GOAT, has a lovely wife and beautiful healthy kids and millions of dollars. Personally all I want from him is to stay healthy and keep playing football as long as he can.

  14. The GOAT is really a fantastic human also!
    Nice words, nice attitude, he is an idol for all, in the field as well as out of the field!
    Love u boss! 💞🐐🇦🇷🇧🇩💪

      • It seems that the only one misled by my name is you. By the way how do you determine the gender of a name? If you cannot distinguish men and women from their names, better you don’t make any objectionable comments about them.

        • Gender always determine from name for example, Raj is the name of male where Simran is the name of female, Wanda defines gender of female where icardi defines male. Stop using Sandy name which misleads many like us

          • I don’t know whether your misplaced aggression arise out of excessive drinking or excessive glandular secretion but i have no business with you and I don’t need to respond to your foolish comments.

  15. Repost: I think the 70% scaloni of scaloni list for Copa will be like
    GK: Romero, Rulli, ???
    I put romero and rulli in confirmed GK list because both are the part of scaloni call up since taking over the coaching job after sampaoli and played 2 matches each of them and performed good. Our 3rd GK will be one of the from recent call up Armani, Andarda, Musso after evaluation
    DF: Montiel, Otamendi, Pazella, Kanemaan, Tagliafico, Acuna, ???, ???
    Out of 8 defenders 5 are certain according to me, two position most probably between marcado vs Sarvia and Foyth vs Other CB
    MF: LO Celso, Parades, Pareyra, (NO-5), ???, ???
    Out of 6 midfielder 3 are certain as well a pure no5. In no5 fight between Ascaliber vs Batigala vs Guido after evaluating their pervious NT performances and club form. The others two position is the thing scaloni in the dilemma to decide. Dimaria, Lanzini, ZARACHO, Palacios, Lamela, De Paul, Benega all of them fighting for the two spots. I think scaloni prefer Palacios ahead of others and remaining spot Dimaria vs ZARACHO(impressed scaloni), lamela/lanzini probably miss copa ticket.
    FW: Messi, Icardi, Lautaro, Corera, Aguero/suarez, Dybala/suarez
    Lautaro and messi are 100% in copa, icardi too unless something really bad happen and his condition not improved but most likely icardi deal with Inter problem solved within next 2 or 3 weeks also leave the club this summer for Real Madrid or Man utd. Corerra seems uncertain for copa before the match against morocco but seals his spot after match winning Goal. Out of 6 attackers messi, lautaro, icardi and corerra are certain. Now for remaining two spots fight between aguero vs suarez vs Dybala. Suarez is huge positive in march friendlies which can’t be ignored. Aguero having his best season and best Argentine striker at moment but considering 2022 it’s upto scaloni to include him or test unproven player in the tournament. Dybala is totally useless when NT matter, many one hates 2007-08 generation players for inconsistency but dybala never performed in NT shirt but can be considered for copa as messi back up still last part of the season is going to crucial for him.
    NOTE: I am giving the list of squad based on Scaloni call up not based on my choice otherwise i put aguero ahead of anyone

  16. “Hay que alentar hasta la muerte, porque a Argentina la quiero, porque es un sentimiento, la llevo en el corazón. Y no me importa lo que digan esos putos periodistas, la puta que los parió. Oh, oh, oh, oh… hay que alentar a la Selección.”


    not just his, I imagine all the players families went through the same shit



    Dear Messi, nice…fuck dem disgusting rats

    GOOD FOR YOU MESSI, being so honest and probably saying it as IT IS without holding back ANYTHING like many times in the past.

    People who often questioned his heart or desire or even appreciation for ARGENTINA is either misguided or just plain STUPID.

    He said it best, I dont talk much, I play And THAT IS WHAT I DO.

  19. All of us have drawback for Messi I think as he rightly said “I DON’T TALK A LOT” Argentina have to cop up with that and play good football… If we are searching for a leader who can speak a lot and motivate others we should turn to someone else… Messi is that good I really can’t imagine a team without him… There is a lot of difference when we gets the ball n others… he is definitely class apart the GOAT

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