Giovani LO CELSO with two goals in Real Betis 2-1 win against Villarreal


Giovani LO CELSO scored both goals for Real Betis in their 2-1 win against Villarreal.

It only took LO CELSO a few minutes into the match to score the first goal of the game. A lovely chip over the goalkeeper made it 1-0 and gave Betis the lead. However, LO CELSO wasn’t the only Argentine to score in the match with Ramiro FUNES MORI equalizing through a towering header to draw Villarreal level.

But as he has been doing all season, LO CELSO does what LO CELSO wants. A lovely curled shot from inside the penalty area re-gave Betis the lead and would prove to be the match winner.



  1. Personally, I would go with this formation 4-3-1-2 and lineup at the Copa (assuming everyone is fit..)

    ……….Romero (reliable)……….
    Saravia… Ota… Pezz……. Tag
    Pereyra….DM …….De Paul
    ………….Lo Celso…….
    ….Messi (slightly behind striker)

    I don’t view Paredes as a DM. Battaglia, if healthy can definitely fill this role. He was really impressive vs Brazil. Super aggressive, towering and intimidating.

    If DiMaria “has to start”, then I guess he can replace De Paul in this lineup. Pereyra is gritty, tough and fast. He posses excellent stamina to run and up down the flank and provide the necessary width. He’s also solid defensively. De Paul natural plays on the left. He’s a great passer and solid team defender.

    I imagine Messi slightly positioned behind Aguero to his right. With him combining with Lo Celso and feeding Aguero.

    Also, I think Acuna can be just as effective as Tag playing that LB position. He always plays well for the NT team to me.

  2. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is in hospital after being hit by a car while cycling on Tuesday morning.

    The former West Ham defender was cycling on the Balearic island when he was knocked off his bike and he is currently being treated in the university hospital near Palma, the Mallorcan capital.

  3. Lo celso is very special player
    But Argentina coaching team
    Must find solution.
    We all know Argentina re strong
    When It comes to attacking players there for we don’t Want him to play same position Playa his club for the nt.
    Personally I believe his best position
    Is 8 I think he more suited diamond
    Midfielder I mean I will play
    Leo paredes deep lying playmaker
    Not as destroyer as many of you
    Want I will put either side of him
    Palacios and Robert pereyer
    Because those players will be very
    Hard working players can olso
    Contribute both attacking and defending.
    I will put lo celso top of the diamond .
    *********** Leo paredes ***********
    **** pereyer_____________ palacios
    ___________ lo celso_________

    Messi___________ l… Martinez

    • The diamond idea is fine but Paredes isn’t a 5, he’s a regista, an Adres Pirlo or a Xavi Alonzo (not at their level but same style), he’d be very useful playing close to the defense where he can take the ball from the back and facilitate it forward like Gago used to do while having a true 5 next to him (e.g. Macherano or now Ascacibar) who does the dirty work.

      • maybe guido rodriguez or santiago ascaibar (whoever is betterin friendlies or training sessions) can be played alongside paredes in a 4 man midfield along with either exequiel palacios or pereyra( whoever is better as box to box midfielder) and giovani lo celso

      • I don’t think playing lo celso and paredes together without any proper DM would be wise…..lo celso is becoming more like a no. 10 day by day …’s not good for argentina

        • maybe with a proper dm like santiago ascibar or guido rodriguez and box to box midfielder like roberto pereyra or exequiel palacios there can be a 4 man midfield of paredes-guido or ascaibar(dm)-palacios or pereyra(box to box mid)-lo celso or there can also be a 3 man midfield of a Dm,box to box mid and paredes

        • Quote:
          “lo celso is becoming more like a no. 10 day by day …’s not good for argentina”

          Not necessarily, Celso has played as a CM, CAM and a FW this season and has done well in all positions, like Depaul and to a lesser extent A.Correa celso has shown versatility, which can be a good thing for Argentina if he is utilized properly that is.

        • but i dont want him to play FW in the betis team……versality is good….but he will get used to playing as a forward so when he will play for argentina then it will be a risk to play him as CM as he is not playing CM as regularly as he should be playing……..just for example see the venezuela match he was going so much ahead of messi time after time….we need good midfielders so messi doesnt hv to drop deep frequently

  4. Great season so far for Lo Celso but looks like he is transforming into a false 9. To be honest, we desperately need him as an 8 than a false 9. Dybala seems to be our False 9 in post Messi era.

  5. Chile U17 vs Argentina U17 : 0 – 2 (Matias Godoy – 2)

    Thank you, GOD…

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion! Go to the 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup!

    GOD bless…

  6. Batista is considering lisandro lopez for pan american tournament? Why? I know he had a great season but why not take someone who can play for argentina instead of a 36 year old.
    My pick for the three majors would be Gazzaniga, S.Druissi, A. Barboza

  7. Was good to see two best clubs, Racing and Defensa, facing each other at the final of the season (1:1). Two teams worth of themselves. Zaracho and Lisandro Martinez being outstanding.

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