Joaquin CORREA winner against AC Milan sends Lazio into Coppa Italia final


Joaquin CORREA scored the match winner for Lazio in their 1-0 win against AC Milan.

CORREA’s winner sent Lazio into the Coppa Italia final where they will play either Atalanta or Fiorentina. The Argentine scored off a lovely counter attack and it was his first goal of the competition.


  1. JOAQUIN CORREA is very fast ,tall and very good at one touch passing .He can be number 9 ,11,7 and FALSE 9 WHICH make him very adaptable to any tactics and formation.

    another underrestimated player is ocampos

    • Correa and Ocampos finishing are horrible, Correa scored 3 goals as striker in Serie A cmon, and in last 5 years 11 goals 8 assists vs Dybala 70 goals, 35 assists how can you compare these two? Yes Correa was good for nothing so far, this is is first season when shows some final product (in assists) but finishing is still very bad

  2. I watched every game joaquin correa played, i must say he is far far far more better than dybala.BUT those didnt follow J correa think it is a joke!

    A player’s ability is not only look at goal he scored . for dybala this season his performance is disastrous but last season he scored many goals for juventus .at that time his performance still didnt impress me .

  3. Watch full game between Lazio and Milan I was just spell bound that Jaquin correa just threat for any team.he played tremendously brilliant Vs Milan..his dribbling passes speed are awesome..I choose him ahead of Di Maria or anybody..he is absolute starter for Argentina National team.

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