Sergio AGUERO misses penalty, retakes it, scores for Manchester City


Sergio AGUERO scored his first goal of the season for Manchester City in their 5-0 win against West Ham United.

Despite starting the game on the bench, AGUERO still managed to score but not without controversy. Manchester City’s all time leading goal scorer was brought on as a substitute and Pep GUARDIOLA’s team were awarded a penalty.

AGUERO took his penalty but had it saved. The referee called for VAR and found the goalkeeper was off his line before AGUERO took his shot. The penalty was taken again and this time the Argentina man made no mistake in dispatching and made it 4-0 for the visitors.

Manuel LANZINI started the match for West Ham while Nicolas OTAMENDI was an unused substitute.


  1. Agree with @csabalala…….paredes needs to play more for psg to get selected for argentina national team….
    The players who aren’t playing regularly for thier club shouldn’t be selected anymore.

  2. Guys ! One of these days we have got to stop responding to this POS whatever “lalala” guy is. Its clear that he is delusional. Just stop guys.

  3. Casalabalalala….
    None of the players who went to Real Madrid is a starter….. They will just warm the bench….
    Paqueta is all about showboating….
    Btw Everton who plays for local league was chosen over Neres, vini, rodrygo.. and was top scorer of copa….
    Looks like you dont watch your favourite team play so much…..
    So it doesn’t matter if the player plays for a big club if he is not a regular starter….
    A little congratulation for our team wining wouldn’t have hurt your ego.
    No one cares about you 24 hour research on Pan American..
    Cause we are Argentina Fans… We will enjoy our every win and support our every loss. Unlike you….


    Atlanta United-New York City FC with 7 argentines in the starting squads.

      • Tuchel was not satisfied with his defending skills, he wont play in DM pos, so Paredes need to overshadow at least 3 of Verratti, Ander Herrera, Draxler, Di Maria and Sarabia (Neymar) club.

        • Let’s see how it rolls out, at least give it a month’s time (4-5 rounds of matches) to settle down. After all, I’m not obsessed with him starting for PSG as long as he can keep his shape up for us in NT.

  5. “Pan American Games is low quality, similar to college football stuff”. And the reason is simple – Brazil didn’t/couldn’t participate??

    The fact is that since most teams are formed just 1-2 month ahead, it’s tough to devise strategies and implement the tactics. Only thing they can do is to adjust the self to fit into manager’s preferred style of play and the general approach to the game. So eventually what you will possibly get to see is ‘talents facing talents’. There is no pre-emptive strategy or special tactics based on the opponent’s game as there is little-to-no time to collect Intel or learn about them through the course of the tournament.

    So football would appear like a tussle between the strengths of both sides. In a way, it’s more like a throwback to the genesis – the purest form of the game, the one which is neither beautified nor uglified! So to brand it ‘poor’ for the very essence of it is way too insensible…

  6. Talents’ rating and their price tags will depend on how strong the nation’s economy is. Brazilian economy since the turn of the millenium has been on an ever-improving note whereas the case of Argentina is just the exact opposite. This phenomenon has not failed to reflect on football as it would not on any other domain for that matter. Brazilian clubs can hold their players from joining other clubs for any amount that is lesser than the desired value whereas Argentine clubs(Boca’s and River’s case could be different) are forced to sell their talents for peanuts in most cases. There is no scope for head to head comparison between the leagues as even a mid-level club like Atletico Paranaense from their top tier could match with that of River’s(possibly Argentina’s most affluent club in recent times). Going by this standard we shouldn’t be even discussing about top clubs there like Palmeiras, Santos, Gremio and other giants from Rio, Porto Alegre, São Paulo etc.

    River for one is extremely good at guarding their vital players. That’s why they are successfully able to thwart meagre bargains for players like Cristian Ferreira. I reckon his sell off clause would entail a minimum of €25 mil even at this stage. But the same could not be said about any of the other clubs. Even after Barco managed to chip in with his quality whenever and wherever required for Independiente’s 2017 Copa Sudamericana triumph, no better club than MLS’ Atlanta United came for him not because no other offer would have come but Independiente couldn’t resist any offer they would feel ‘reasonable’ and was forced to cede to the quickest offer that came in.

    So football these days is all about marketing. Marketing is all about how you showcase your brand and how strong you can stand for it. Argentine clubs simply can’t market because there are clubs that use the whole margin of a player’s sale to renovate their stadium!

    That said, the present tweaks do give scope for hope. With the present format of season calendar made similar to the European style and top 5-6 clubs acquiring little bit of immunity against ceding to one-sided silly bargains, there is a reason for a well-wisher to set hopes on…

    • “Talents’ rating and their price tags will depend on how strong the nation’s economy is. Brazilian economy since the turn of the millenium has been on an ever-improving note whereas the case of Argentina is just the exact opposite”

      That is truly valid point

    • Thanks for the words. That shows how infantile and misleading can be estimating players only upon market price what is Csabalala speciality.

  7. @Csabalala if Transfer fees makes anyone better than Hary Maguire is the best defender in the world, use brain it’s just about market and which club done better business while purchasing. Real value of footballer is how much actually paid, always top sportsperson are highest paid example messi, ronaldo, neymar etc lautaro is paid more than the player you have mentioned in real madrid bench warmer.

    • No one said it was very good or big competition But we saw third grade Argentina youth Did so well and the future of Argentina look A lot brighter in term the young players
      Coming through and the new project leading by scaloni… watch the space….Hate or love Argentina are only few Countries can start from zero still have few reasonable good young players.

  8. I am very surprised by Lamela’s altitude, so intensive and generous, always here to press and tackle. Glad to see that. I watched Tottenham’s game and try to guess how Pochettino will use Lo Celso. Seems to me that his initial system is a 4312 as last year. In the midfield, he used 1 regista(Winks)+2 box to box(Ndombele and Sissoko on each side). When thing didn’t go well, he moved Ndombele as DM, replaced the regista Winks by Ericssen the half 8, which was his last year formula. I don’t think he could fit in the formula with 1 regista+2 box to box. Maybe more in Ericssen’s role as half 8. Or in competition with Alli and Lamela for the 10 role. I don’t think he will be used as forward again because Pochettio likes to put a striker with a winger.

    • Lo celso will be as 8 and will flourish
      Under great manager remember
      He wanted desperately to have
      Lo celso in his team I can see
      Playing together (Ndombele Sissoko
      And lo celso in midfield as harry wink
      Nothing especial about him
      He is way overrated to me .

        • In the first place lamela and lo celso
          Don’t play same position second
          Lo celso a lot better than lamela
          Third lo celso will play more central
          Under poch is not logic the player
          Poch wanted so desperate to set
          On the bench unless he becomes
          Injury or out of form and hope that
          Doesn’t happen either…

          • Calling Ndombele overrated is example of your arrogance , he is a good player. I am a big admirer of lo celso but he often seems struggling with his right foot in PL he wont get as much space so he has to improve his right foot.
            Before copa america you said Pereyra should start all game ,he was the one of the worst player in the tournament , he is a finished player now became a bench warmer at wattford.

          • See that is your problem you so arrogant
            I wasn’t talking Ndombele I was talking harry wink .Read the sentence well mate before You make the judgement .
            Pereyer was injured and play
            Only one half whole copa how can
            You judge play only one half .
            Come on get it together

        • Csabalala
          We will see that I never seen anyone
          So unfair and unbalance when
          It comes to Argentina young
          Up come players you re so insane
          Let me tell you something csabalala
          There re so many gentlemen in here
          Whom have so much knowledge about arg football and can bring so much good statistics than you do. only God knows
          What will happen in the future but
          My knowledge in football lo celso is
          Proper baller and I believe he will
          Be great under pochettino.

          • The realistic opinion, Lo Celso will slowly learn PL-tempo and Eriksen role but very unlikely Spurs will play with these two together. i hope Real will buy Eriksen in some weeks.

  9. Congratulations to out team for winning the pan american trophy!
    Really impressed with Gaich, Urzi, Vanenzuela and with many others of course!

    But the most laughable thing is that instead we should talk about our youngsters who have showed pure talent and character, instead of giving gredit where gredit is due, Brazil has been put on the table! Yes Brazil, that couldn’t even finish among top 3 in order to participate in this tournament!

    I am reading about players such as Malcom whom Barcelona finally got rid of him and Vinicious who disapeared from Real starting eleven when Zidane took over.

    Gonzalo, don’t bother amigo, it hurts when the so called Brazilian wonderkids didn’t even qualify for the youth wc, didn’t even finish among top 3 in order to participate to this “weak” tournament and of course it hurts a lot that Argentina won proving actually that the talent as a matter of fact is somewhere else.

    Don’t bother amigo, just relax, enjoy and laugh with the horseshit that are being spreading around about the “Brazilian wonderkids”!

    • Actually I’m relaxed, bro. Little stunned how some people have no shame to keep always their anti-Argentina propagandy – even when we win. Just wonder how some people are masochistic when like to get more and more blows istead just sit quiet.

      • Those people couldnt resist to visit Argentina forum instead of Brazillian forum, so inside, they always admit we’re better. Otherwise, these clowns would be in Brazillian sites/forum instead typing in this page everyday.

      • “Little stunned how some people have no shame to keep always their anti-Argentina propagandy”

        Enough to read your comments after Ecuador game, when we reached WC, what did you do? Cry cry cry and blame who? Ofc Messi LOL or after France game (you were in Brazil forums under WC, and wating this moment whole tournament), comments under last Copas or under WC qualification, so yes you are the biggest two-faced so called fan.

          • Sorry who call Novillo NT-material is not argentina NT fan only the previous generations hater troll…first these defenders need to learn passing, all of their passing skills were panic long balls and clearences into no mans land, laughabla at NT-level, have to learn play and pass calm against pressing, not fuck the ball up where they stand. Cant take seriously…Colombatto, Gaich and so on…

          • If Otamendi was setting the bar pretty high that would be reasonable to create such standards of “perfect CB”. But the fact is Otamendi is mediocree now while his runs ahead put on more danger to our defence than opponent’s. He is unpredictable in that bad way. Novillo and Medina are gems. I didn’t saw them panicking much. I bet Otamendi can be replaced by one of our young CBs, even without much experience.

            From you it’s just same old story: our youngsters not enough good to herit NT. While last Copa proved you being wrong on this.

  10. Csabalala,

    I don’t know if anyone in here takes you seriously anymore.

    Someone said just few days ago you only critic all our youth teams. You answered “because they always lost”. Now they win, and you still do the same. Of course, as always, you did some ststistical research to find consolation for yourself, depreciate the win and spoil play of others, you bitter man.

    “hooray optimism is too early this tournament is way below than U20 WC quality”.

    This is not below the level man, there’s many players over 20 in the tournament. What teams od SA played in the tournamnet? Best teams of last U-20 SA Championship: Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay. How far was Ecuador U-20 team to play for gold on this year WC? Really not far. Finally they got bronze (Uruguay lost to the Ecuador in 1/8). Their team of PanAmerican Games was continuity of that U-20 + group of over 20yo players. How this is way below U-20 WC?

    “Tha gap is big between 18 and 20-23 years old players, would be like 4 or 5 zero…i remember when our A team played training matches against our U20 the results were same…kids against men”

    These are your words you wrote just 2 weeks ago or so. That suggest they are real level differences on various youth levels. Now you contradic yourself saying the U-23 tournament was way below U-20 WC.

    Yes, that players you’ve named never emerged. However that is past. But this current team case might be different.
    Now we have some name that are known for some time and on good, straight track to senior NT. Some of the players participated on 3-4 youth tournaments within just 1 year. And they are proving being senior NT contenders. Gaich was called up by Scaloni first. So don’t be surprised if he will be soon in his senior team. Medina, Vera, Urzi, Colombatto are here also for some time.

    • Why there are reasons for optimism? Because we won the tournament with B/C team on paper. Because we were scoring every game (except against Mexico) at least 3 goals. Because we won semifinal and final by 3 goals difference…

    • ” Now you contradic yourself saying the U-23 tournament was way below U-20 WC.”
      Where were the 23 years old players, neirly everly team came with their U20 squad….the average age of this tournament was below 21 years….contradict? On U20WC are at least 10-12 strong teams or even more, here 3 or 4…what the question? Yes this tournament was much stronger than U20WC….in Gonzalo’s dream world…

  11. Gaich would have stolen the headlines(deservedly though). But take nothing away from Carlos Valenzuela who despite initial stumbles came back strong to keep on improving match after match. Today he was just a treat to watch…

    Remember he is a third division player. He is a lot better than most ‘wunderkids’ who have found space on FM 2019 list at least. And to all the haters and pro-Brazil guys are not happy – Sir, it’s not a tourney that you boycotted, but the one you missed out after not able to finish in top three/four at Sudamericano Sub 20. You starman Rodrygo who played then is now at Real Madrid and you should be happy with that alone! And keep delving deep into your stats list to celebrate your wonderkids!!

    • Hope for quick promotion to top division for the boy. I didn’t expected he will be our second goalscorer but that is fact and fantastic example how real talents may be hidden deep under top leagues level. Former Bundesliga player, Nico Gonzalez, was just shadow of Argentina third division player.

    • Brazil players in this category: Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) Eder Militao (Real Madrid) Rodrygo (Real Madrid) Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) Richarlison (Everton) Neres (Ajax) two from the most wanted young guys all over Europe, Paqueta (Milan, PSG want him) Malcom (former Barcelona now Zenit player)+a lot more….and we have Lautaro from this talent category nobody more….and Thiago Almada one day….yes but we are the kings cause win an easy tournament…but dont be surprised if Brazil will win the Copas and Olympics not Argentina

      • Yes, of course we have only Lautaro and Almada in this category. What about:

        Vargas (Espanol)
        MacAllister (Boca)
        Foyth (Tottenham)
        Ferreira (River)
        Dominguez (Velez)
        Ascacibar (Stuttgart)
        Matias Zaracho (Racing)
        Ezequiel Palacios (River)
        Romero (Genoa)
        Robertone (Velez)
        Almendra (Boca)
        Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
        Marcos Senesi (San Lorenzo)
        Claudio Bravo (Banfield)
        Maxi Lovera (Rosario Central)
        Garre (City)
        Cristian Barrios (San Lorenzo)
        Gonzalo Montiel (River)
        Matias Pellegrini (Estudiantes)
        Juan Brunetta (Godoy)
        Federico Navarro (Talleres)
        De La Vega (Lanus)
        Matias Palacios (San Lorenzo)

        • How can you compare these guys with most wanted wonderkids?The worth of the names i’ve mentioned are over 50 million euros and most of them will be superstars, some world beaters, where are our players in big clubs?

          • Yes every elite club are stupid, rather buy overpriced brazilians and french players instead of much talented bargain argentine wonderkids from 10 millions euros, whats their logic? Lol…no they see our youngsters are far inferior, if not they race for them even without real youth career(Thiago Almada)

          • Btw you still dont apologize for my predictions of our Benfica players futures, just laugh at me, when ive said Lema-Conti wont play shit, and about Cervi-Salvio labile future. Man i can recognize if other players are better than ours unlike you. Grow up.

          • If the prices was real mirror of Argentina – Brazil worth then Brazil should be ahead of us for years while they are not. On this Copa we were only slightly below them being in rebuilding process to that.

          • Benfica players?

            LOL, you just picked some out of theme example trying save your face with all your deceitfull untenable arguments on Panamerican Games topic. WHat for this distracting theme?

            BTW you’ve already deleted Cervi and Conti? They are 25. ANd finally about which of the players I was struggling with you? About Cervi or Salvio – yes, but the rest?

            You live in your paranoic rivalization world where see antagonisms where there is not like in Almada’s case when you trying to insinutate he is more your’s why Vargas of mine.

          • But if you already picked off themes…

            What about mediocree Vargas last goal?

            I know Csabalala, I know – that was really hard week for you: with U-22 win, Gaich form and Vargas debut. It would be better for you keep silence over this.

        • Of course I missed here the players that won Panamerican Games the tournament where Brazil even didn’t qualifed.

        • “The worth of the names i’ve mentioned are over 50 million euros and most of them will be superstars”

          Most of them?! So certain. That’s more than Brazil fan. That’s Brazil fan with rose-tinted glasses.

          • What? Brazil fan LOL, Vinicius Junior 70 mill, Gabriel Jesus 70 mill, Eder Militao 50, Richarlison 50, Neres 45, Rodrygo 40, Malcom 40, Paqueta 35 mill…Lautaro 30 other argentines below 20…the word you dont know realistic…grow up kiddo, at least try…if you want to make even bigger foul from you, write in every other footbal forum that Vargas>Vinicius Junior and Valenzuela>Rodrygo and the whole football world will laugh at you…

  12. As an aberration, Mr. Csabalala decides to show up after our triumph! And as expected this time it is not to share any postivity but to imply these:

    1) Pan American Games is a sub standard tourney.

    2) 1995 batch won that edition all thanks to Pasarella calling the best players available, or else we’d have not won or possibly would have crashed out at the group stage.

    3) Look at the names of 2003 champion batch, no one reached anywhere in future. 2011 squad played finals and had few names here and there which he’d recall.

    4) Pont no.3 implies that this squad of the day is going to have a similar fate as although they have become champions, he’d expect them to wither away.

    5) Point no.2 is poised to suggest that only a star squad would be able to win the tournament.

    So he seems really caught between two stools. Against his hopes and insinuations here match after match, Arg won agaisnt all odds(confusions, denials, no senior player participation, most players from U21 category) and that too with a squad of naive players(even 3rd division/reserve players who are yet to have first minutes for their club).

    If Honduras had won today, he’d have commented “Even Honduras have better talents than Arg”.

    When we lost against Mexico, he was apparently over the moon!

    When we win, he says “Gaich dependency at this category? Let him come to Europe amd we’ll see him struggle against senior defenders”.

    Today to his dismay we won with Gaich not scoring or directly/indirectly involving in not more than 2 goals out of the four scored!!

  13. Our last U23 Panamerican champions squad from 2003: Ezequiel Lázaro, Juan Pablo Carrizo, Marcos Aguirre, Jesús Méndez, Oscar Roberto Cornejo, Gustavo Eberto, Franco Sanchírico, Franco Cángele, Joel Barbosa, Hugo Colace, Alexis Cabrera, Alejandro Alonso, Marcos Galarza, Osmar Ferreyra, Pablo Barzola, Walter García, Raúl Gorostegui, Maximiliano López, Jonathan Bottinelli and Emanuel Perrone….i bet even Gonzalo doesnt know half of these players (even for me there are 5 unknown players:Lazaro, Cornejo,Sanchirio, Galarza, and Forostegui)…
    some PD players, some not even and maybe one slighty NT-player Carrizo.

    Last finalist squad from 2011: David Achucarro, Esteban Andrada, Sergio Araujo, Ezequiel Cirigliano, Fernando Coniglio, Leonardo Ferreyra, Franco Fragapane, Leandro González Pirez, Michael Hoyos, Lucas Kruspzky, Matías Laba, Carlos Luque, Adrián Martínez, Hugo Nervo, Germán Pezzella, Rodrigo Rey, Alan Ruíz, Lucas Villafáñez. Bit stronger but same case with one regular NT-player Pezzella…hooray optimism is too early this tournament is way below than U20 WC quality.

    • The last really strong squad were 1995 champions boys (the last winners before 2003)… for argentine Games Passarella named a very strong squad: Carlos Bossio, Roberto Ayala, Rodolfo Arruabarrena, Javier Zanetti, Jorge Jimenez, Pablo Rotchen, Ariel Ortega, Roberto Monserrat, Sebastián Rambert, Marcelo Gallardo, Christian Bassedas, Javier Lavallen, Juan Pablo Sorín, Pablo Paz, Claudio Husain, Diego Cagna, Hernán Crespo, Guillermo Barros Schelotto…without prejudice former squad quality is stronger than 2003 team, much weaker than 95 or 96, 2004, 2008 Olympics squads and maybe on same level than 2011 Panamerican finalist team.

  14. I went to post office for 15 minutes and missed out 2 goals…. When I came back I have to squinted my eyes on the small streaming screen to make sure that 3-1 lead does not belong to the wrong blue/white stripes lol

  15. At some moment of the tournament Colombatto found himself perfectly simply on No.5 role instead being box-to-box who’s playing more on left. That was one of crucial moves of Batista IMO. Still Colombatto was contributing in attack.

    • He plays in defensive midfielder role in Seria B, not a big surprise, but lost his starting pos of late. In Cagliari or in Hellas Verona he could play Seria A football…

  16. Drop only Nico Gonzalez and play with the same team Olimpic Games qualifiers. Gonzalez was the only disappointment IMO.

  17. This team deserved to win the U20 WC.
    Future is bright for this team and without stating the obvious…..some of these players need and should be called up.

    4-1 is a crushing win, I don’t want ARGENTINA to barely win by 1, I want a smackdown from now on.

  18. Gaich is simply great, even without scoring. Being 1,9m he is becoming player who is comfortable on the ball even in full run

    • Even second divisions players like Colombatto, Valenzuela, Novillo shine. Necul just ascended 1st league with Arsenal Sarandi

  19. Lamela is a workhorse, the most hardworkwer argentine attacking player, and defensively the best too, Lanzini, Lo Celso, Angel Correa or de Paul are hardworkers too, but Erik is something else, non stop fighting, tackling and running.

  20. In footballing terms this is the worst year. Endless disappointments. Not seeing Bielsa’s Leeds in Premier League is obviously one of that. Somehow and somewhere we are cursed. Anyhow enjoy the new season.. football is Trance..

  21. Great game of Lanzini despite this 5-0. He’s almost the only one who can create danger. I like him in this left midfielder position, most of the time he stayed deep enough to ensure the transition. No matter what, he need to come back to the national team, as the left midfielder of 4312. I wasn’t even aware of Vargas’s transfer, can’t wait to see him with Espagnol, I bet that Europe will be crazy about him.

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