Lionel Messi named best playmaker in the world by IFFHS


Lionel Messi has been named as statistically the best playmaker in the world.

Messi can do it all. He can pass, dribble, score, cross, assist. His accomplishments continue to grow and he can add one more accolade to his list.

Per a report by IFFHS, Lionel Messi is statistically the best playmaker in the world. Far ahead of number two, Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, Messi finished first with 299 points while De Bruyne had 85 points.


  1. There r no real playmakers in world football now? right. The game and tactics has changed a lot. Players like Riquelme, Aimar, Iniesta, Xavi, Pirlo etc etc type players r very rare nowadays. They r a luxury as far as managers r concerned. Players now can’t only be creative they have to do the defensive duties too(Bar Messi of course) .I can’t name any silky player nowadays like Riquelme or Iniesta. In Argentina it’s even harder to find an enganche. Reynoso may be.. I thought Paredes would be that player for us. But I have rarely seen creative play from him for us. Lo Celso too had to change his style to get into the eleven.

  2. Let’s enjoy his play while we can. Once in a lifetime player.We r lucky to live in his Era. It will take another miracle to happen to see a player like Messi. May be another 30 years. May be…

  3. The funny thing is none of the players in the list is a real 10. I still don’t see the best Messi when he plays as 10, actually so far Messi played his worst games when he played as enganche in a 4231 behind 2 pure DM. It’s just not his style. He likes dribbling and moving forward to the goal. When he doesn’t have the ball, he hates to run and ask for the ball. And playing too deep will kill him because he is naturally attracted by the goal.

    That’s why I think Trequartista(half Trequartista half false winger) is his best position. Ideally for him he can have creative players like Palacios and Paredes behind him so that he doesn’t need to go too deep.

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