Marcos Rojo joins Estudiantes de la Plata on loan from Manchester United


Marcos Rojo has joined Estudiantes de la Plata on loan.

Manchester United will have one less Argentine on the team as Rojo has went back to his boyhood club Estudiantes. He has joined them on loan until the end of the season.

Rojo hasn’t played many matches for United this season, playing only nine this year.


    • I am not an oldie hater per se. For example, I think a good case can be made for the inclusion of Papu Gomez and Garay. But for a player near his prime, at only 29 to return to his boyhood club Estudiantes is not a good sign. This is the same club Mascherano came back to after China. Don’t get me wrong, I love Primera and the young talent that comes out of there. Rojo has some attributes that could have made him a really good centre-back: pace, athleticism, strength in the air, but some some of the things he does on the pitch makes you scratch your head and even scream at the screen sometimes. His decision making can be really poor.

      It’ll be interesting to see what position he plays in. My guess is as a centre-back. Rojo is theoretically competing with other left-footed defenders like Licha Martinez, Kannemann who in my opinion are currently better than him. I would say even Jose Luis Palomino of Atalanta who is also left-footed is a better pick. Rojo would have to do really well to force his way into Scaloni’s team. As it stands right now I think Scaloni prefers Otamendi, Pezzella, Kannemann and Quarta.

      • Agree with everything. Papu certainly deserves a shot and Garays sudden absence is a mystery but both are still really good relative to their teammates.

        Rojo peaked in 2014 so i doubt hell make it back. You’re right though, he’d have to do incredibly well in order for that to happen.

    • Not an oldie hater or an oldie lover. If the player is in top form, and deserves to be called up, then they should be called up. If a player is in form, and has been called up many times, and plays poorly every chance they get with the NT, then you can debate it if there is a better choice. We should not disrupt the team because some players, AKA Angel DiMaria, will campaign EVERY chance they get to be on the NT. And as Copa is around the corner, just like clockwork this guy is opening his pie hole in front of any camera or news outlet he can find. My take is simple. If you are playing at a high enough level you will get your chance, But if you have to promote yourself than you probably know there may be a better choice. The guy needs to run for political office in Argentina. He will fit in perfectly with all the corrupt bureaucrats.

      • i get what you’re saying and di maria certainly deserves debate as he’s a frustrating player. I just see Di Maria in a different light than you so i’m more forgiving and personally, i think form trumps everything. If he’s killing it, id welcome him.

    • not an oldie hater as i still vouch for inclusion of papu gomez or garay. oldie or youngster main thing is he must be a regular in club .but if the player is being a bench warmer or not even featuring in the matchday squad u definitely cannot take him for NT despite the so called expierience factor the game is fast evolving each year n if a player dosnt get his regular play time surely he will falter when called up tats the example in rojo.but as eganche said a player in his prime age going back to estudiantes is not a good sign n it dosnt matter if he returns to good form im saying this with all due respect to primera

    • Non of us are ‘oldie haters’ or oldie/youth lovers, we simply try to use logic in deciding whether a player deserves to be called up or not because some of us are true albiceleste fans who support the history and the jersey and not individual players.
      If Rojo ‘kills it’ as you say then I’ll be happy for the guy because I will always be thankful for his fantastic performance in the WC and I always want Argentine players to do well, however that certainly does not mean the Rojo should rejoin the team because:

      1. He hasn’t performed for the NT since WC14
      2. His joke performance against Germany where he was directly involved in both of Germany’s goals
      3. He is an unused sub in THE WORST MAN U TEAM EVER! If he isn’t good enough to play for such a joke of a team how can anyone allow themselves to accept him into the Nation team?
      4. If he were to be called up, who would he replace? Would you have him as a LB ahead of Tagliafico and Acuna? Would you have him as a CB ahead of Otamendi, Pezzella, Quarta and possibly Licha Martinez?
      I don’t Otamendi anywhere near the NT but I would take him in a heartbeat ahead of Rojo.

      I said it before and I will repeat now, the WCQ are arduous and long and they need ‘all hands on deck’. Papu, Garay, Papu and Maria are all in great form and I would be perfectly ok with any of them (or all of them) being called up. Heck I would take Garay over Otamendi any day of the week and I also think that Banega, for now atleast, is in better form than Paredes. Papu and Maria shouldn’t start but they could be very useful coming off the bench.

      • > “None of us are oldie haters’ or oldie/youth lovers”

        There are many varying opinions on mundo and without question, there are oldie haters and there are youth lovers. Many are not but there are some.

        Totally agree with points 1 – 4 but i suppose for #4, if he’s doing well and scaloni likes what he sees in training and friendlies, i don’t see why his manu stint would have any bearing. Players can come back to form but youre right, age is not on his side and as of right now, given his past 4 year history and club status, there are better alternatives. (**I do really love his physical profile….6’2″, strong and pretty damn fast. Damn i wish he didn’t drop off years ago).

        Complete agreement with your last statement.

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